From the Forum – Legality of “free” marijuana with a t-shirt purchase?

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Legality of “free” marijuana with a t-shirt purchase?

“This evening I was walking out of the stores in DC USA in Columbia Heights and a man was soliciting t-shirt purchases, saying, “Free bag of marijuana with the purchase of a t-shirt.” I was under the impression that this is an illegal/ill-advised attempt to circumvent the laws prohibiting sale of pot. Anyone have some insight into this?

This is the second time that I’ve seen this individual outside of the shopping complex, and he seemed to be affiliated with DC Cannabis. Any advice on how to report this kind of activity and have it taken seriously?”

Ed. Note: How much was the shirt?!?!

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  • Anonomnom

    Why report it? Given that the city government and police department are pro-legalization, I doubt there will be much of a chance of this getting taken seriously.

  • Andy Harris, is that you?

  • Years ago, I represented student frat clients who offered “free beer” if only you’d buy a beer cup full of popcorn.

    Didn’t work then, and it is hard to imagine it working now.

  • Shirt cost $285. Shirt was a small, bag was a large.

  • Report it? Calm down, Barney Fife. I mean, yes, annoying and illegal. So are jaywalking, minor traffic infractions, an expired meter, etc. I recommend doing what you (hopefully!) do with all those things – Think about it for the two seconds it takes to realize doesnt affect you, then go on with your life.

  • why on earth would you report this?!?!

    • It’s flouting the law. And there are way too many unpermitted street vendors hawking merchandise in the vicinity of DCUSA.
      It’s too bad Andy Harris had to get in the District’s way. If it weren’t for his interference, we could have dispensaries like other states do and a properly regulated — and taxed — system.

      • I only have a problem with flouting the law when the flouting is actually harmful or unfair in some way. Just being illegal isn’t enough to make something wrong.

  • This is not legal. But the police don’t care. The administration completely botched legalization, unfortunately this sh*tshow is going to continue until someone fixes it.

    • Well yeah–given that the congress specifically forbid the DC council from spending any money to implement an orderly system of legalization, we’re left with the text of the ballot measure as the entirety of regulation. This sh**show will continue until a couple of days after the congress agrees to let DC pass its own regulations on pot, without their ridiculous meddling.

  • Welp, we’ve found us a square.


  • Unlicensed and unpermitted street vendors always bug me because I doubt they are remitting sales taxes to the government. But reporting them seems excessive, especially when the product is something that can be legally sold only under limited circumstances (i.e., medical marijuana).

  • But the children tho!

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