Duffy’s is Coming Back!!

2106 Vermont Ave, NW

From an email:

Duffy’s Irish Pub, DC’s favorite wing spot and neighborhood pub, is reopening!

“Andy Duffy returns as general manager, promising the same tasty wings doused in his secret recipe, the same award-winning Fish and Chips, the coldest beer in town and, of course, the Nats on TV.

New owner Casey Callister has signed a lease for the old Vermont Street location, but he will entrust all operations to Duffy. Callister owns DC-based Garden Thieves Pictures, which has produced several successful independent documentaries including Ballou and Fagbug Nation. ”

I type this right now from the Dart Room in Duffy’s. We are almost ready to open the doors, but we need your help! ~ andy

Be a big part of the Duffy’s reopening, please view our campaign:

OK, I screwed up. I gave away too much free beer, put my customers first and paid my landlord every month, well almost every month. However, the Pub was just not making enough to cover all the debt that remained from the early years of Duffy’s. Eventually I had to close it down. It was the worst day of my life.

Broke as can be, I went to Florida , where the living is cheap and got a job waiting tables. But now I’ve had enough sun and sand. I have a great opportunity to reopen Duffy’s this fall. This campaign is just about asking for a little help to get one of DC’s best neighborhood bars back open again. I am not asking for donations, I am just asking for your advance patronage. Be a part of the rebirth of Duffy’s!

They are trying to raise and ambitious $150,000. Duffy’s closed after 8 years back in Nov. 2014.

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  • “I suck at managing bars, but give me $150K and I’ll use my Floridian table waiting skills this time around.”

    • This sounds like something only a person’s mother or closest friends could support. I guess he gets points for his utter honesty?

      • I’m not sure if I agree with that. Maybe if they didn’t have all those issues with the liquor license in the beginning, maybe they would still be around? Plus, new ownerships adds the potential for many more opportunities to improve.

        Honestly, I’m just glad to see an honest, down-to-earth neighborhood bar coming (back) to the U Street area.

        • palisades

          I’m pretty sure he would have rather said he was having permit problems than say he’s horrible with money and can’t correctly manage a restaurant. Everyone understands permits and zoning and regulations in this city are a pain.

    • You’re probably the same moron who sprayed the graffiti all over the place. Honestly, go to hell.

    • Before I opened this item, I knew the first comment would be an anonymous threadshit. Isn’t it exhausting being so nasty?

      • palisades

        Because you were thinking the same thing? lol.

        • No, I just know this site attracts a lot of people who enjoy other people’s misfortune and hate anyone who tries to do something different.

          • Hate people that do something different? What’s so different here? A guy ran a business into the ground, bailed on his friends and the city to Florida, realized Florida sucks and comes back asking for a handout.

  • Thank God! The entire area has been under siege by a storm of hoity toity joints moving in. The return of Duffy’s will help restore some balance!

  • Duffy’s was a great casual bar and one of the first businesses that helped revive the U street neighborhood. I hope it re-opens soon and wish Andy the best of luck.

  • “I screwed up. I gave away too much free beer”

    Not sure if he’s just being tongue-in-cheek, but If I’ve learned nothing from “Bar Rescue”, I’ve learned that this is truly downfall of many of bar. Bartenders are continually giving away the store. Every time a friend claims to have “the hookup” with a certain bartender in town, I try to refuse to participate. I hate overpriced drinks as much as anyone but I’m not trying to run people out of business.

  • Best. Wings. In. Town.

    Please be open in time for football season!

  • “So, I admit I have zero business management skills and I went bankrupt the last time I ran this SAME bar leaving some creditors in the lurch, but I went to Florida, had my “cocktails” moment and now, only 10 months after closing, want to reopen with 150K of someone elses money”

    No thanks.

    • Donations come with tangible rewards (food, wing sauce etc). Not really charity. It’s a tough business and Duffys paid the price for being one of the first new spots in the area. Wish them the best of luck on the comeback tour in a market Duffys helped establish. And can you really put a price on the good karma this will clearly bring the Nats? Long live Duffy, the Last Barman Poet!

      • The “tangibles” essentially equate free beer/food… which he admits was the problem the first time around. So how is that changing anything?

  • I hope they come back but these types of campaigns are ridiculous. I’ll happily support them if they get up and running. Just like I did before. But plunking down money now – too much risk.

    • justinbc

      With a lot of campaigns you don’t actually pay out anything unless the goal is totally funded, however this one they take whatever is raised regardless of whether the goal is met. Make sure you read closely before funding any of these schemes.

  • Egad

    Great news! In a world of gimmicks and small plates, this was always a nice, unpretentious option.

  • I’m confused, is it opening regardless if they get the 150K?

  • I’m surprised they are re-opening. With both Duffy’s and the old bar on the second floor empty, I figured the building owner was trying to make a deal with the corner lot that just sold. And the auto garage around the corner on V St. If the red house on the left of the picture could be packaged together, it would make a very large lot. Interesting plot twist.

  • Will my Groupon still be good? Seriously – I bought a groupon before they closed.

    • Doubtful. The new Duffy’s is probably a completely different legal entity. You have a claim against a separate, insolvent legal entity.

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