“Did you know there is a National Park in DC with roller skating? Now you do.”

Samuel Dixon Photography

Thanks to Samuel Dixon Photography for sharing his great photos. You can check out the rest of the pictures at his site here.

Samuel Dixon Photography

From NPS:

“Take a spin at the only roller skating pavilion in a national park!


From June 10th until Labor Day 2015 Free skate rentals will be open seven days a week.

Weekdays: 11:00 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.
Weekends: 11:00 a.m. – 6:45 p.m.

Roller skates are free to check out with a valid I.D. Call (202) 472-3884 for availability.

Roller Skating

The skating pavilion is located at 1500 Anacostia Drive SE, Washington, D.C., near the DC-295 and Pennsylvania Ave. SE interchange. Via DC-295, exit onto eastbound Pennsylvania Ave. SE, take the first right onto Fairlawn Ave. SE, then the first right onto Nicholson Drive SE, right onto Anacostia Drive, then proceed to the parking area.

Metro: Exit at Potomac Ave. station on the Blue/Orange/Silver lines. Walk southeast along Pennsylvania Ave. SE, and cross the bridge. If crossing from the north side of the bridge, immediately after crossing the bridge, turn left to follow the trail to Anacostia Drive and continue straight to the right to the skating pavilion. If crossing the south side of the bridge, immediately after crossing the bridge, follow the path to the right to Anacostia Drive, then turn right on Anacostia Drive and continue straight to the skating pavilion.”

Samuel Dixon Photography

Samuel Dixon Photography

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  • This is a beautiful park! There’s a free arts festival around the roller skating pavilion in September called Figment – a great chance to skate, see the park, see some art, and lounge around for a day! http://dc.figmentproject.org/

  • Oooh, I wish I had known about this earlier. Maybe I’ll try to squeeze in a skate this weekend!

  • This a great park. I’d also recommend staying on the Green line a few more stops to Naylor Road for Temple Hills Skate Palace (formerly D’Lite Skate N Palace).

  • Ten years ago, when I was still playing Ultimate, this was our Fall and Spring weekend playing location, and it’s a hidden gem. Lots of parking and huge amounts of green space around the Pavilion.

  • Really stupid question, but I can I roller blade here (on my roller blades) or do you have rent roller skates?

    • I have the same question! Also, in general, does anyone have recommendation for good rollerblading spots? Finding ground smooth enough can be challenging…

    • Many of us skated on rollerblades at the last two FIGMENT DC events. Good times!

    • Yes, you can use inline skates there. The skates run by Washington Area Roadskaters used to stop there all the time and we’d do a few laps in the rink before continuing on the skate. If anyone is interested in skating, they still run regular weekly skates. Google them to find their website that has all the information.

  • justinbc

    Man, I used to love skating. My first “girlfriend” asked me out at a roller skating rink. The 80s were a trip.

    • I used to LOOOVE skating too! The 80s was serious about it indeed.

      Kinda don’t want to deal with the medical fallout from when I bust my ass in front of these kids….

      Very tempting nonetheless…

  • What is the actual name of the park?

  • Just went here last weekend. It was a blast! The DJ played awesome music (although a little loud) and I whirled around trying not to fall.

  • Old news! But I guess the secret is now out. I’ve been going there for years and so has DC Rollergirls. But if you want to see something really rad check out Anacostia Rollers and Friends when they do their Show on Skates.
    The next one is August 16th from 5:15 to 7. You’ll see the guy who showed me how to do the cartwheel on skates!

  • Great place but you may want to bring earplugs. When I kayak past there I find the music to be an acceptable volume on the river but imagine it would be unpleasantly loud closer up.

  • Man this was such a hidden gem in SE.

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