Triple Shooting at Piney Branch Road and Missouri Avenue, NW Last Night – Arrest Made, Gun Recovered


@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“4D Shooting-2259 hrs, 5900 block of Georgia Ave, NW. 1 suspect in custody.”

From MPD:

“On Wednesday, July 29th at around 11:00PM, at Piney Branch Road and Missouri Avenue, NW, three people were shot, each sustaining non-life threatening injuries. While in the area, MPD officers observed a subject running with what appeared to be a gun. The subject running was captured and recovered was a firearm.”

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  • The bus stop right there always has people out of their mind on something hanging out. I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s still so scary to think of.

  • This isn’t the first time dozens of bullets have flown on this corner. It always mind-boggles me the amount of violent crime that takes place within a one block radius of a major police station. Then again, I don’t have the mind of a criminal.

  • Two blocks from the police department.

      • HaileUnlikely

        The traffic and noise of Georgia Avenue makes for a formidable barrier up there. The police station is a block down Missouri and across Georgia – the “across Georgia” part may as well place it on another planet.

  • jim_ed

    Apparently 65 shots were fired? Jesus. They can’t raze and redevelop that corner quick enough. ALWAYS people out there selling drugs or using drugs, and its covered in garbage all the time.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Just out of curiosity, where did you get this information (65 shots)?

      • jim_ed

        My wife said thats what she heard on the news (NBC) this morning. I drove by it on my way to work, and there were many dozens of the little evidence placards out, which makes me think it isn’t far off from 65.

        • Yes, NBC News is saying they counted 65 placards and bullet casings. SIXTY. FIVE. And only one gun recovered? Check the storm drains. Something doesn’t add up. Terrifying.

  • I *think* I may have heard some of the gunshots, and I definitely heard all the cop cars and ambulances that went flying up GA Ave. I knew based on the speed and numbers of sirens that I was going to wake up with a report like this. Insanity.

  • I live on Colorado and Georgia – several of our neighbors heard the shots, one of them was a witness. This is not the first time this has happened, that alleyway behind Apples and Missouri Market is a major hot spot. And it’s doubly embarrassing that Ward 4 DCPD is right there.

    The Ward 4 liaison from the mayor’s office was out last night around 1AM and we got a chance to speak with him and a couple of the cops. The shots were fired toward the corner in front of Apples – that’s an area teeming with people; it’s amazing no bystanders were hit given the barrage of bullets that were fired.

    • For real, 11pm is not that late at night and there are still plenty of people buzzing about at the McDonald’s, Walmart, bus stops, etc. Thank goodness no one was killed. Borderline amazing, actually.

  • Glad to see all of the MPD community meetings organized by Nadeau and Todd are having an impact. I’m tired of community meetings. Nothing ever changes. The changes need to start with MPD leadership and tactics.

  • Complain about MPD all you want – but if you want to see the other side of the problem, follow this case and see what charges the DA actually files (and what the perp gets).

  • Missouri avenue (when I say missouri I mean that corner and behind that market store) has always had shootouts. What actually bothers me is that you guys finally pay attention. It’s astounding how folks move into the neighborhood from other states to these urban areas and have the audacity to say they need to raze or redevelop an area that has crime. Hello you should have stayed where you was at. If you are so concerned about your community, go to that corner and get to know those corner boys, speak to them and smile. I will guarantee you you will have a better understanding of yo surroundings. And when people fire shots at dat corner it’s most likely directed at the corner boys from da neighborhood not you. Also from another perspective, how u think they feel dat there always shootouts, always police, people like you who always call the police, and their neighbors moving with their neighborhood changing in front of them.

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