Today’s Rental is a 2 bed/1 bath for $2300 in Glover Park

3901 Tunlaw Road Northwest

This rental is located at 3901 Tunlaw Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“Great 2 BR, 1 Ba unit in Winchester Fulton. Renovated kitchen with gas cooking and separate eating area. Refinished parquet floors. Living room and large dining area. Renovated bath and 2 large bedrooms. Ceiling fans and through the wall units. Roof deck. Close to Wisconsin Avenue and shopping, restaurants and transportation. Street Parking . Available September 1st.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,300/Mo.

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  • The dust buster on the sink pic really nails this listing.

  • Why is Glover Park so expensive? It seems like all of the disadvantages of the suburbs with few of the advantages of the city. At least when you’re paying this kind of money to live in Shaw or Columbia Heights, you’re getting a convenient location with good transit.

    • maxwell smart

      Personally between Glover Park and Shaw/Columbia Heights, I would choose Glover Park. It’s a quieter area of town but still very close to Georgetown, Dupont, etc. You are close to the trails/Rock Creek Park and I think you can get more space for the same price.

      • You say that like Georgetown is a place worth going to. With the sole exception of Pinstripes, there’s nothing there you can’t get cheaper and more conveniently elsewhere in the DC area.

        • It’s worth going there if that’s where you work. Just saying.

          • I live close by, and am moving to Shaw /U street when my lease is up this Fall.

            Glover Park is fine. My big issue is that a car is mandatory in this area and well, if you have to have one, youd probably be better off anyways in Virginia for tax reasons.

        • I have to say, I am always puzzled by these “not convenient” statements. Might not be convenient for you, but Georgetown is most definitely convenient for the people who live nearby and like to be able to walk to virtually every amenity imaginable (i.e., retail, restaurants, bars, parks…not to mention one of the most beautiful and historic residential neighborhoods in the country).

          • The problem people have is with the quality of the amenities, not the quantity. There is a widespread perception that restaurants and bars in Georgetown tend to be expensive and not very good (and full of tourists).

        • I never understand the gtown hate. It is always packed so some people must go there. Columbia Heights might be a better commute, but aren’t the neighborhood amenities less in demand?

    • Huh? Glover park is walkable, has great bus lines, and has virtually no crime. Shaw and Columbia heights have the metro, but I don’t like walking around either neighborhood after dark so they both lose every advantage for me that they would otherwise have because of the metro. I would pay more to live in glover park than shaw or Columbia heights.

    • Having lived in the MD suburbs without a car, I would MUCH rather live in Glover Park. I consider having grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops within walking distance to be advantages of living in a city, and GP has those on Wisconsin Ave. I have also found apartments in GP to frequently be cheaper than the neighborhoods you mentioned, and GP has lower crime rates. While GP does not have a metro station, many neighborhoods in DC do not, and the bus service is pretty good (D1/D2, plus the 30 buses and Circulator on Wisconsin).

    • The problem is, these days you can’t pay that kind of money and live in Shaw or Columbia Heights. Rents on a reasonably renovated 2 br seem to start around 2.7-2.8k these days. Glover Park isn’t super appealing, but it’s not a bad commute to downtown (the buses work pretty well, even if there’s no metro), and it does have the basic commercial you need on Wisconsin….

  • Clutter, clutter everywhere. Good grief.

    • For the love of Zeus, people! You do NOT need so many cooking instruments. You have two hands, so you can get by with two cooking items. Wash them if you need to. But I seriously doubt anyone needs a full set of wood AND a full set of nylon cooking utensils! How can anyone live like in that CHAOS!

  • Oddly, for most places, the bedrooms look decent sized, but not the LR and kitchen. I’m sure someone will complain about the lack of “central air” and no one really likes parquet flooring. Actually not a bad deal if you can accept the odd layout.

  • I used to live in Glover – love the area – and this strikes me as a bad deal. The place is dated and for the same, or just a little more, I’ve seen 2 bd/2 ba with central air, larger living rooms, etc. The reference to street parking being available might be a little optimistic. Plenty of row houses with no parking and 4 residents each with their own cars means street parking in that neighborhood is tight. When I lived there, it could take me 30+ minutes some nights to find parking.

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