“This disgusting product is for sale at Mark’s market at Shepherd St and 14th St, NW”

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“Dear PoPville,

This disgusting product is for sale at Mark’s market at Shepherd St and 14th st nw. Would love if people could share and voice their concerns when they see these violent images in their local stores. Thanks!”

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  • FDA has recommended not purchasing or using this, it contains unlabeled/unregulated Viagra.

  • Wait, straight men want their ladies’ genitals to burst into flame? Heteros are so weird.

  • I fail to see what’s wrong here. Some people like it rough. The packaging doesn’t really indicate anything that might be abusive or illegal, between two consenting adults.

    • The packaging says:
      “To hurt it. To kill it.”
      “It” in this situation is the woman. If you don’t see what’s wrong with that, you’re beyond help.

      • “Kill it” or “killing it” is definitely slang for having sex. It does not literally mean murdering anyone.

        You can be offended by this if you want, but who has the time to offended by things of such little significance?

      • Not flattering to women either way, but I’m pretty sure the “it” being referring to is something a bit more specific than the woman.

      • Yeah, I’m pretty sure the “it” here is in fact the woman

    • i’m gonna go ahead and just point out that anything that purports to set her nether-regions on fire is probably not something she consented to

      • ….OR perhaps it’s referring to that really warm/hot sensation one would feel in that region prior to an orgasm? Yeesh. Yes, a sexual performance drug is really advertising itself as a drug that will make men literally go and set fire to the genital region of women. Lighten up!!

      • I think it’s the burning sensation she feels the next day after boning a creep who would take such a lame pill. 😡

        • Do you know how many men take Viagra without a prescription? I think you might be pretty surprised. Men are idiots. Some of them actually think that this stuff will help them. Maybe it does, or maybe its a placebo, or maybe its a nasty drug that will screw them up. But that does not mean that guys who take it are walking test subjects for the latest and greatest antibiotic to cure STIs, nor does it mean that women who sleep men who use things like this are “loose” or going to catch something. Talk about slut shaming. Why do you care what CONSENTING adults do??

          • 1. It was a joke: crotch on fire = burning sensation. Chill out and have a hot dog.
            2. I give exactly zero f#cks if men want to use legitimate erectile dysfunction pills. Lots of men use them and lots do not. I have exactly no opinion on what they put in their body.
            3. Slut shaming? Really? How the heck did you jump to that conclusion?
            4. Why don’t you care that pills are being sold OTC that are either (1.) blatantly fraudulent w/r/t effectiveness or (2.) untested and potential harmful?
            5. If a guy is willing to risk his health by taking some bunk pill, what other liberties is he taking with his health?!? I feel that any potential partner should be concerned about that.
            Ugh, I’m dumber for having just read and responded to your message. Why do I bother….

  • Exact same thing is for sale front and center at the register at the BP on 9th Street NW between N and O Streets next to the City Market at O. I always wondered who would buy such a thing.

  • Don’t shop there then. They have the freedom to sell what whatever products they wish as long as it is legal.

    • …That is the point of this post. This person is not demanding it be removed or claiming it should not be allowed to be sold. They are asking people to instigate change.

      • No! Love it or leave it! Discussion is not allowed! Change is not allowed. (I am being sarcastic, if that’s not obvious.)

    • Sure, and shoppers have the freedom to lodge complaints and encourage others to do the same.

    • I appreciate the info since it lets me know not to shop there, as well. But there is also nothing wrong with letting a store owner know you think something they sell is totally offensive beyond silently not shopping there.

  • I mean, it’s a little creepy but pretty low on my list of “things I wish the corner store wouldn’t sell”.

    • So, then, what is high on your list of things you wish the corner store wouldn’t sell?

      • Aglets

        Uh…..synthetic drugs for starters.

        • +10,000
          A market two blocks away from me got busted for selling khat – the chewable, opiate-like plant used to hype up child soldiers in war torn parts of Africa.

          • You’re kind of ignorant. Qat or khat occupies a space in North African/Arab gulf states similar to tobacco – it’s used recreationally, not to incite children into a warrior frenzy. Also, you realize that opiates don’t hype people up, right? They chill people out. Lots of places in DC sell it because it has a place in the Ethiopian community/culture?

          • Uh, while qat is indeed not some horrible terrible thing and has a place in many cultures, it is in fact widely used by warlords to control the child armies by turning them basically into zombies, then hyping them up and giving them guns when the time comes.

      • Cigarettes

  • I really do respect your desire and right to stage a protest when there’s something in your community you think doesn’t belong there. Retailers are market-sensitive, and protests can convey something about what the market wants.

    One tricky thing: you might inadvertently trigger different market signals. I had no idea this product existed, much less where it was available for sale. By highlighting the product for boycott and protest, you might end up having driven customers to it. And that would mean the market would be receiving cash (the ultimate market signal) for the product.

    Another comment: I actually think the product label is hilarious. It doesn’t advocate harm or murder, but it uses the language metaphorically to refer to really great sex. That’s not an inherently bad thing. That happens in our language all the time. That doesn’t mean people are thinking violent thoughts or will indulge violent impulses. Grownups are grownups; they can handle metaphor as metaphor.

    • burritosinstereo

      I hope you voice those same sentiments publicly, and often, because it will make it a lot easier for women like me to know to stay away from people like you.

    • Sometimes, I buy things just because humorless activists tell me not to. I had never set foot in Chick Fil A, for example, until people staged protests around a food truck(!), because of the owner’s views on gay marriage. I am in favor of gay marriage, but it bothers me a great deal that people are no longer allowed to express unsavory opinions without a mob calling for their head.

  • Some of the stores along 14th also have synthetic marijuana behind the counter, which is more disgusting considering its harmful effects.

  • Also available, and prominently displayed at DC Market in Bloomingdale

    • Haha, yup. I love going there just to laugh at this when I see it. I think the sheer absurdity of bad taste and decision-making (who buys this stud?) trumps perceived violence here.

  • i really want to visit the www site, but i suppose i probably shouldn’t while at work.

  • lol oh the confusion that gentrification causes

    This is not about “hurting” women. It’s about increased sexual performance. Some of the urban slang regarding high level sexual performance is couched in aggressive language. When the package says “kill it” it’s referring to performing sexual intercourse on a vagina very very well. When a guy says he wants to “beat the p***y up” he’s not referring to literally beating the woman up, he’s saying he wants to please her very very well.

    • I agree with you that I think this particular item is likely harmless, but I think it’s silly to excuse the blatantly violent discourse as completely harmless. The general discourse of sex as violence does a lot of harm to both men and women.

    • 1. I am a white person who lives in a gentrifying area and I even got this.
      2. Your explanation is hilarious and I have been giggling at my desk. Thank you.

    • And there goes lunch!

    • Ok, so I’m a white female. I consider myself a feminist. If some random guy told me he wanted to “beat/set fire to/destroy my pussy” I would be furious and perhaps feel threatened. However, if my partner said this to me, in the right context, it would be a panty dropper. It is completely acceptable within the bounds of a healthy, consensual relationship for people to speak this way to each other and for women to actually want it. That doesn’t make us any less about women’s issues or any of that.

    • What’s up with performing sexual intercourse on a vagina?! Lol is there not a woman attached to that vagina?

    • Then the slang is also gross.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ” referring to performing sexual intercourse on a vagina very very well” I hope that vagina is attached to an actual person. Women are more than just vaginas.

  • If you can’t see that this product is being marketed via misogyny you are all without help.

    • If you can’t see that your definition of misogyny is not the universal definition of misogyny, then you are without help.

    • Yes, it’s misogynistic. And my BF tying me up every now and then is probably misogynistic too. There are people that would tell you that a girl going down on a guy is misogynistic. So what? Who is it to you if two, consenting adults employ what you may view as misogynistic techniques to get off?

  • “Sex with a grudge” “One to hurt it” “Two to kill it”

    The graphic first shows a man with an erection standing over a woman who appears to be crawling away. The graphic then shows the man in a victory pose standing over a woman on her back with flames coming from her vagina.

    I honestly do not see how ANY adult (or child) could look at this product and perceive it to be anything but violent and disgusting. I’m legitimately surprised at the amount of people on here defending the product or it’s message. Rape culture is alive and well on POP.

    I’ve complained at two corner stores in my neighborhood that carry this product and they’ve taken it down permanently. If you think it’s cute and funny and harmless, I don’t know what to say to you.

    • I’m offended by you screen name. It suggests having intercourse with Frederic Chopin, who has been dead since 1849. How DARE you promote necrophilia on POP? I am mortally offended and suggest that you be banned. /sarcasm font off/

    • Again, you are invading another culture’s space and making them change things in order to fit YOUR sensibilities. Those that this product is being marketed to know exactly what is being said/conveyed. YOU don’t. That’s YOUR problem.

      • HaileUnlikely

        “Complaining” = “making them change things?” That has all the merit of claiming that I “made” the liquor store near my house carry my favorite beer because asked the owner for it instead of just keeping my trap shut and picking from among the existing selection.

      • Cultural relativism is a serious, potentially catastrophic mistake. Some cultures are, in whole or in part, inferior to others, and this seems to be one of those cases.

    • The first graphic could also be seen as a woman engaged in a consensual act of sex in a position that is pretty darn common, with the second image showing a visual representation of a woman being sexually satisfied. Also, if we want to talk about rape, most rape that occurs has very little to do with sexually gratification and satisfaction, particularly when it comes to the victim. This product is for men to please their women. So isn’t that actually the opposite of rape culture?

    • Really think this is disgusting too but in the first pic I didn’t take that as her crawling away but rather in a particular position. In the second pic is she smiling? Still don’t get all the flames though. Are there flames on her bum in the first pic. I still hope I never run into a guy who takes this stuff…

    • Boy you have an active imagination. Keep complaining. I’m sure it’ll do a lot of good. And clearly “I don’t know what to say to you” isn’t true, because it seems you have a lot to say about this.

    • “appears to be crawling away”. Wow. To say that you’re grasping at straws here would be an understatement.

  • Also Am confused as to why it’s called sex with a grudge, if in fact the man wants to please her.

      • It amazes me how people don’t realize that different things please different people. For educational value, you might want to look at a site like fetlife (NSFW) to get a handle on the breadth of activities that get people off.

        • Wooo….anonther PoP’villager on FL! 😉
          I’m sure there’s probably a few more lurking the shadows…

  • I can’t tell from the picture but is it a condom or medication? if it’s a condom then yeah, it’s pretty offensive because it indicates to me that it’s meant to inflict pain on a women by burning her vagina/anus during sex. The label does say “sex with a grudge.”

    But if it’s medication and intended to change a man’s ejaculate to something that burns a woman, then won’t that hurt the man as well?

    This is either bad marketing or I’m getting old.

  • Given the FDA warning that it actually contains bootleg Viagra, can we get two consenting adult volunteers (or one, but it’s not the same) to see what is or is not “set on fire” after this product is used? All politics aside, curious minds want to know. Take one for the team!

  • Aside from the issues of the stick figures/name/tag line… can we all agree that corner stores shouldnt be selling products to uninformed consumers that could potentially be very harmful, were almost certainly not produced with anything approaching good manufacturing practices, and are made by a complete unknown.

    Who would ingest something with such unknown provenance into their body that is supposed to alter the function of their genitalia. Personally, I value mine too much to take such risks.

    • The same products are sold in a variety of different “boutiques”. Just different packaging and marketing. The imagery is indeed offensive, but I’d say the marketing probably works. Same product, but different ages and demos.

  • so the front of the box says “take your sexual performance to the next level”…….which leads me to believe it’s some kind of, hmmmmm, performance enhancing supplement? I also interpreted the stick figure art to suggest that stick figure man had just made really good barry-white-playing-in-the-background-love to the stick figure woman and her p#&&* is just feeling really, really good.

    what I don’t get is the whole “sex with a grudge” bit – everything but the “grudge” indicates its a product for a man to “better please a woman?” but the grudge bit suggests something more misogynistic might be going on?

    chock it up to really bad marketing???

    • They say “grudge” only to create the acronym S.W.A.G. because swag is a pop culture buzz word, I took it as he just had sex with a ginger. Because ginger girls are fire crotches due to the red pubic hairs at least that’s the word on the street.

  • I would just like to say, that while I think this product is quite disturbing, I don’t think its presence on this blog is justification for the insults people are hurling at each other just for having different opinions. Thanks!

  • And there’s a place for all the NIMBYs who are easily offended, scared, bothered, or whatever from products like these, people that they find too “edgy”, bars and restaurants opening up a rooftop or street dining, buildings with no parking, and pop ups……its called suburbia! OMG they’re selling sex products, OMG they’re playing music on a rooftop, OMG they’re adding a level on top of their row house……people…stop trying to block everything!!

  • If there is a list of classic PoP threads, this one has to be at or near the top.

  • I’m not offended by this. But you know what they say, different strokes for different folks.

  • “Sex with a grudge” to me implies some sort of violence. Whether the packaging connotes consensual violence is up to you, but fact is that the pills are very clearly marketed to men — just looking at the triumphant erect stick figure and the product being called “Swag”. So if the product is intended to be used consensually, it’s really not being marketed that way.. The marketing is saying “your pleasure as a man is the only thing that matters when you have sec”, and that’s a fundamentally chauvinist paradigm. Even if we accept the notion that some women like violent sex.
    I also have to address the curious posts above about

    “He’s saying he wants to please her very very well….”
    Yup, I’m sure when a guy says he wants to beat that p***y up, his main concern is the woman’s pleasure! I mean, I know that as a gay man, when I say I’m gonna tear a guy’s a** open, I’m really just doing him a favor.

  • Before you pass judgement:
    1st “it” is the p*ssy, not the woman.
    2nd the p*ssy is on fire, not the woman.
    3rd the woman with the fiery p*ssy is smiling.
    4th “killed that p*ssy” is probably an expression I heard for the first time over 20 years ago.
    5th Lil Wayne “beat that p*ssy like Emmett Till” people were mad, he said he wanted people to know about Emmett Till.
    6th this product is for guys who suck in the sack, the idea is that this will make their pathetic member noticeable to the woman/women in their life who are underwhelmed. I think the idea is this: sex is had, she sighs, looks forlorn, a dim light bulb appears over the half-wit half-member guy, to the corner store! I’ll show her! I’ll be back with SWAG and then she’ll see! (notice the acronym works perfectly in this scenario).
    7th some women like it to hurt, Madonna wrote a really popular song about it, I’m sure you would hate.
    8th spice (synthetic marijuana) is sold all over the place and actually puts people in the hospital, the stickwoman with the metaphorically fiery p*ssy is smiling, not real, and will be fine because her p*ssy is only metaphorically on fire.
    9th go back to 16th century Massachusetts and burn a witch.
    10th Think of the children! The ones with tiny junks unable to please their horny teenage girlfriends! They need SWAG!

  • This is priceless. The only thing better than the packaging is the website. From the first page:
    There’s this chick that’s let’s say you’ve been after for a while. Finally she decides (the ball is always in her court in the beginning) to let you hit it. You’ve been saying to yourself and bragging to your boys that you’re gonna kill it when you get up in it. DON’T FRONT, WE ALL DO IT!!! So you take her to dinner, a movie, or maybe she just calls and says stop thru. We know what “stop thru” means, “Aww shit, I’m about to hit it!!!”

    So you make a pit stop, pick a 36pack of Magnums (damn playa, that’s how you rolling?) and start having a conversation with what I will refer to as your “Man’s En Nem” (your dick gentlemen, your dick) mentally while doing 20 miles over the speed limit to get to her house.

  • Please organize a neighborhood protest immediately. Somebody needs to show the elderly, limited English speaking Korean couple who run Mark’s Market the error of their ways. They just messed with the wrong stroller mom.

  • Whoa this post is so wrong! That elderly couple who runs Marks Market is so sweet! I’ve lived near that market for years, seriously what is wrong with folks trying to hurt their business?! This is bullying and wrong. Everyone needs to calm down and get off the internets for a bit. Ugh you guys. Just no.

  • I don’t think one can reasonably say that the product is disgusting; the marketing perhaps. Similar products are heavily advertised during family oriented sporting events like the superbowl and nascar…

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