Sad Conclusion to The Islander Roller Coaster on U Street

12th and U Street, NW

Back in February and then May we noted some drama at The Islander. For fans there is a sad update. Thanks to all who sent emails about the Washington Post article:

“Green said that after decades of serving up pineapple chicken, Caribbean kicker cocktails and Green’s Calypso Chicken, she is closing the Islander, eager to leave the stresses of running a restaurant in a changing neighborhood to someone else.”

Though the Post also notes:

“But there is a glimmer of hope that the spirit of the Islander may live on. As manager of the lounge, Darryl Green said he plans to take over and relocate the business to a more affordable place in the District.”

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  • Move it over to Northeast. This place would do awesome on H Street or Benning Road.

  • Move it east of the river. Plenty of room for more sitdown restaurants there, minimal competition, household income on the rise.

  • How sad. I wonder what sort of $7 PBR $20 small plate abomination will replace this neighborhood institution.

  • “eager to leave the stresses of running a restaurant in a changing neighborhood to someone else.”

    That’s progress, I guess. Hooray for developing neighborhoods in a manner that leaves only chain businesses, high-end fine dining, and cheeky mixologists in its wake.

    I can’t wait until the District looks exactly like Rockville. It’ll be great.

  • If you live in one of the near by apartments, or are dating someone who is, this is a BLESSING! Hopefully now there wont be people outside in their patio area yelling at 2am on a weekday……… and before people go all crazy with that comment …. I know I know… I live in a city and I picked where to live, etc etc etc…

    • My building has fought w/ them countless times over basic building maintenance and common courtesy.

      My only reservation is the new tenant – think can always get worse.

  • Thank god, this place gave me the worst food poisoning i have ever had.

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