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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: very pleasant weather this morning
    Rant: everything hurts.
    Rant: I’m up to level 965 on Candy Crush. I think I need something better to do with my time?

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: Such a great catch up dinner with my friends last night (and delicious cheese.) Looking forward to meeting their baby!
    Rave: Seeing friends this weekend – good distraction
    Rave: Taking some power back – if I’m asked out, and I’m interested, I’ll go. Lack of answer is really an answer, I feel. It feels good. (But also: I’m sad)
    Rant: Why do I wait so long to do laundry?
    Rant: Gaining weight. This needs to stop. I was doing so well!
    Rave: I got a good night’s sleep last night, for the first time in a long time.

    • Additional rave: My friends who I had dinner with last night just had their baby girl! (I told the baby to please wait until mommy was done eating delicious cheese, and she listened!)

  • Q: Suggestions of favorite spots in the city to enjoy some sour beers this weekend. Off the top of my head, only Granville Moore’s, The Saloon, and Blue Jacket are coming to mind. Are there others I haven’t found?

  • Rave: long time reader, first time poster! Everything I know I learned here 🙂
    Question: Does anyone know of an organization that would use hotel sized toiletries? My stock is looking more like a hoard these days

  • Rant: We’ve gone over the fade/ghosting a bunch and everyone has their opinion on it. I think it’s wimpy, but I can see some of the reasons for it. What I don’t think is okay is canceling plans and asking to reschedule when you’re just going to pull the fade instead. Man up and tell the truth.
    Rave: I’ll get excited about someone else soon enough.
    Rave: off to New England for a lovely three day weekend with family and friends.

    • Ugh. Your rant makes me -so- angry. But I’m glad you have the clarity to realize rave #1, and hope that “soon enough” comes quickly.

    • Sorry about the ghost. Cancelling plans then not following up is really crappy. Just admit you’re not interested in going forward. And yes, you will move on soon enough. That’s the spirit!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Def wimpy. If you say you want to reschedule, then you have to at least send a text that says, “Sorry, this isn’t going to work.” A simple text isn’t difficult! But then, I hate conflict and I hate the phone so I’d rather be dumped by text or fax than having a long convo.
      Have fun in New England!

      • I have no problem with someone changing their mind. But I agree, you have to say it. Close your eyes, think of England, and press send.
        It’s not that hard.

        • Is “press send” a euphemism? 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          close your eyes, think of England, press send, then hid your phone under the sofa cushions so you don’t get an immediate response… or maybe that’s my avoidance of conflict. But people need to send the damn text!

        • hammers

          I imagine ghosters fall into camps. Some are sniviling little a-holes who can’t be bothered. Some are wimpy scardycats who are afraid of a little confrontation/hurting someone’s feelings. Some think that by not officially breaking ties they are leaving their options open. But I think all lack the maturity you would want in a relationship so —NEXT. :-/

    • Rave: Your resigned but optimistic reaction to the ghost.

    • Ghosting is such a cowardly thing to do. I’m sorry it happened to you, but glad that you’re staying optimistic.

    • Ghosting used to make me feel all the rage, and now, I just appreciate not having to worry about trying to fit someone in my life who is not interested. Also, I enjoy the chance to send a message to the tune of, “If this is how you conduct yourself, that’s cool, but certainly this is not the standard I set for myself. Take care.”

      • Aglets

        Oh that’s good. May I steal/paraphrase you?

        • Most certainly, please do!

        • I think it’s best to just let it go and not respond. I mean, I got the (lack of) message, loud and clear.
          If you’re pulling a fade how does getting that response affect you?

          • That was my stance for a long time, and I still don’t disagree with it. But, if there was some amount of (perceived) mutual interest with someone, and they decided to disappear that’s their choice. I don’t ever challenge it, but it’s also my choice to acknowledge to them that I’m aware of what they’ve done. It also seems to deter ghosters from sending one of those random messages down the road – the casual, “hey, what’s going on with you?” message.

  • This might be obvious to others, but I was wondering who has the right of way on the intersection of Vermont Ave and V Street right next to the gas station? There’s a clear crosswalk, but there’s also a traffic light for cars turning toward Florida Ave. When the light is green do cars still have to yield to pedestrians? There’s also not any DON’T WALK or WALK lights on the other side of the street for pedestrians to look at.

    • Pedestrian has the right of way.
      DC Driving Manual says:
      Yield to pedestrian in crosswalk

      • I think you are right that the pedestrian has the right of way but I don’t think your explanation is correct. I’m assuming COVA is thinking mainly about cars traveling north on Vermont and turning on Florida – but they are not turning on V where the crosswalk is so this has nothing to do with cars yielding on turns. I think technically the crosswalk across Vermont at V st is NOT part of the signaled intersection at Florida and Vermont; therefore cars headed both ways on Vermont should yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. The fact that there is no walk/don’t walk sign also makes me think this is true (and the “yield to pedestrians in crosswalk” sign that is displayed at V street for southbound traffic on Vermont).
        However, this crosswalk is so close to the signaled intersection that many drivers will miss it or think it’s part of the signaled intersection, and somewhat understandably so. I would use great caution crossing here on foot and probably yield to vehicle traffic, as I’d rather be unhurt than technically correct.

    • In general, pedestrians always have the right of way…so please don’t just barrel through them haha!
      If you have a green right turn signal, though, anywhere that would have a ped signal would be showing “DON’T WALK” so pedestrians shouldn’t be going. But yeah…we all know they will anyway.

    • “When the light is green do cars still have to yield to pedestrians?”
      Since the alternative (not yielding to pedestrians) means hitting the pedestrian, yes. Cars have to yield to pedestrians. Always. Even when the pedestrian is in the wrong.
      (Though wasn’t there someone on here a while ago who advocated hitting pedestrians who disobeyed traffic signals . . . ?)

      • Might be me, but what I said was that if I had to choose between hitting a ped who was in the wrong or causing an accident, I’d hit the ped. I’ve had it happen once 10 years ago. My options were brake & pray (I thought she’d jump back, so I didn’t think I’d hit her) or pull into another travel lane and get hit with no guarantee the ped wouldn’t have been hit too. I chose to brake and pray. I absolutely advocate self-preservation.
        Outside of this incident, I have managed to avoid all the peds & bikers who jaywalk & run lights, so no, I wasn’t advocating hitting someone when you can avoid it safely.

        • Because hitting a ped wouldn’t be an acc- I mean crash?

        • Come on, y’all, do we really have to have this discussion again?

        • As perverted and utterly selfish as this is, you’re better off hitting the errant pedestrian due to DC’s contributory negligence law. If you swerve and hit a car in the other lane, the blame is entirely on you (from a legal/financial perspective). You’ll take much less of a financial hit if you hit the thoughtless pedestrian.

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rant (really just a bummer, not a rant): Wife going out of town for girls weekend.
    Super Rave: Father/daughter time!!
    Rave: I have a little song I sing about father daughter time – my daughter professes to have it, abd clamps my hand over my mouth when I sing it, but she gets a big grin on her face when I start.
    Rave: Lots of stuff planned – Adventure Park, Six Flags (she loves the Sky Coaster – kid has no fear), Medium Rare. Maybe I’ll try to throw a vegetable in her – but maybe not.
    Rave: It’s great hearing your kid say, when she’s getting ready to spend the weekend with you, “Mommy, Daddy and I are going to have ALL the fun.”
    Rant: Can’t get the booking agent for the place we ski over Christmas break to call me back.

    • I love this post so much <3

    • One of my fondest childhood memories is a daughter/dad date that I had for either my ninth or tenth birthday. Your daughter will remember these things for a long, long time. Have a blast together this weekend!

      • Thank you (to everyone), and this in particular is nice to hear. (I always wonder if these weekends will mean as much to her later on as they do to me – I think so, but never sure. I know she loves them, though.)
        On a related note, I’m always puzzled (and a little sad) when I hear about people who insist on doing everything as a family. Don’t get me wrong, family time is great, and incredibly important, but so is one-on-one parent/kid time, couple time, and alone time. I have a couple of friends who won’t do anything unless it is as a family. Parents don’t go out alone (other than one anniversary dinner a year), one parent never goes out with friends, much less out of town for the weekend, one parent never does anything with the kids one-on-one on the weekends. I know people do what works for them, but it just strikes me as a lost opportunity.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I loved having alone time with a parent. In kindergarten I had lunch ever day with my just my dad (sunny side up eggs and toast). Loved it. I also had mother daughter dates with my mom and loved those. And I loved monday nights, family dinner night with dessert. There are so many different ways to enjoy time with each memeber of the family.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Your posts are brining up all my fond memories of my childhood. I’m sitting at my desk just smiling. Thanks!

        • One on one time is essential. I don’t get much since I am a single mom, but I try to make time with each kid as much as possible. On the same note, one thing that I think my BF and I have really done right is making sure that each other’s kids get enough parent-kid time and not doing absolutely everything together as one, blended, pretending to be super happy family.

        • I completely agree with you — I think having alone time with a parent is so precious and important. I have three sisters and divorced parents, so the one on one was really rare. But I have always valued it so much.

        • I have those friends too, and my husband is a hardcore introvert and never goes out, so when we get the kids all together, I end up the third wheel to the other parents. I tend to gravitate to single parents for this reason.
          It’s nice that they want to spend all their time together. Really nice, no sarcasm. But it can be awkward for people who don’t have a partner, whether they’re single, or just married to a antisocial workaholic.

        • “I always wonder if these weekends will mean as much to her later on as they do to me”
          They do/will. I’m an only child, so we tended to do just about everything as a family together since it was pretty easy to do so, but I loved the occasional daddy-daughter dinners/weekends (and mommy-daughter outings as well). The dynamic is completely different. I even love them now, when I bought my first condo my dad came down by himself for the weekend to help me with a few things and it was great having the time to spend with just him exploring my new neighborhood.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My dad used to sing a song my great grandfather (or maybe just grandfather) wrote. It’s a silly bed time song called “Lumpty” paired with a piggy back ride. Eventually “bedtime” became “lumptying”. It’s my second favorite family song (“Sombrero” being absolute fave).
      father daughter time is awesome, you two will have all the fun!

    • I love this post too! My mom used to work weekends, so I have a lot of fond memories of dad only time.
      I do remember that I was bummed he didn’t know how to braid my hair. If only there had been youtube then.
      Have a great time!

    • Love this! This is so adorable. On one of our father-daughter days when I was little, my dad gave in to my incessant begging at the pet store and let me bring a little dwarf hamster home, colorful cage and all. My mom was furious when she found out! Needless to say, that little hamster got relocated to my dad’s office at work for the next two months and he would whisk us away to his office to play with little hamiturd… Still one of my fondest memories to this day! Have tons of fun this weekend!!

  • Rave: Found a second job posting this morning that I’m interested in!
    Rave: I know three people at that organization and it sounds like a great place to work. I’ve been watching job postings for that company for several months now…
    Rant: Apparently they may be going for an internal hire. Sigh.
    Rant: I hate cover letters with a fiery passion.

    • Yes, writing those cover letters is so time consuming. Often it seems like they never get read – HR people and headhunters call me up and ask me the exact questions I’ve anticipated and and answered in my cover letters. What have I done in my time off? Why did I leave my last position? Is the distance a problem for me (when I’ve written I’d be happier to move myself closer to the job.)

      You pretty much know that they are going to make their decision based on the experience and education detailed on the resume anyway. But for most jobs, you also know you need to write a cover letter, even if you don’t have any information like the answers to the questions above to add. Rehashing what’s on the resume is useless, even when you try to spin it as being applicable to other jobs, and saying how enthusiastic you are about the potential job and company is useless – of course you will say that, even if you aren’t, but you need a job, are considering this one a possibility, because, duh, you are taking the time to apply.

      From the point of view of a person who has participated in hiring, I do like cover letters – they are useful to show whether a person can write the language smoothly and correctly, which is especially useful for entry-level hiring – you’d be surprised (maybe not) by how many lawyers who went to decent law schools never learned that basics of English grammar. I’d had friends who went to lousy public schools as kids who fall into that category, but for a job that involves writing constantly for a high level audience, you do need to be able to write well.

      Off to see if I can get three of them done today. Drafted a nice one for a midnight deadline fed job application last night. Sooooooo tired of them….

    • From a hiring perspective, cover letters are great. I’m looking for a couple things:
      1. proof that your writing is up to par (not too many junk words “deeply interested,” “profoundly passionate,” “highly qualified.” I know this is somewhat a personal preference, but less is more;)
      2. Proof that you read the job description. Be explicit about which experiences on your resume line up with the qualifications I’m looking for; where you lack the experience, address that. Offer a comparable qualification, or a plan for getting what your future employer needs.
      3. Some glimmer of personality and genuine interest in the work.
      I encourage you to write each letter separately. Copy-and-paste is so very obvious. If an applicant didn’t take the application seriously, why should I take their candidacy seriously?
      But from a job hunting perspective, I’m with you. Cover letters are the worst.

      • Oh, I absolutely write different letters for different jobs – which is why it’s such a pain and takes so long! And it’s tricky writing to the qualifications in the job posting but not repeating what is in your resume too much, while also fitting in why you want to work for the specific organization… I can certainly see why companies like them and why they are helpful to screen out candidates, but just such a headache. Ah well!

      • Yep, I write separate ones, which IS why they take so long.

        Oddly, I sometimes have gotten referred for fed jobs when I applied at 5 to midnight on the closing day and had no time to write a cover letter. And other times have gotten interviews with writing the barest and briefest of cover letters – which leads me to believe some hiring people just don’t want to read them.

  • Rave: Roomie bf is insanely polite & a good cook.
    Rant: OTR withheld part of my refund without any sort of notice. Now I get to appeal penalties by fax.
    Rave: Fun weekend planned.

    • gotryit

      FYI, I went through a similar situation (OTR withheld my 2013 taxes without saying why). I highly recommend going to the OTR office (4th St SW I think). They were very professional, and were able to correct things with a couple of trips. It sucks, but it’s probably the easiest way through it.

      • I went there multiple times. The last left me wanting because they put it under review, but the person I spoke with did not even give me her name to follow up. After a week of nothing & a 30 minute call, I need to fax them the appeal in hopes they remove the penalties/interest.
        I’ve had good luck with otr, but this process has been a tedious 6+ months.

  • Rant: I’ve been telling too many people that I’m pregnant. Given how worried that I am about the outcome, I should really wait a few more weeks before sharing the news with people I’m not as close to.
    Rant: My morning sickness is getting worse.
    Rave: There’s an amazing story about two sets of twins in the New York Times Magazine this week, which is very timely for me. Even if you don’t care much about twins, it’s a pretty good yarn. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/12/magazine/the-mixed-up-brothers-of-bogota.html

    • Emmaleigh504

      Every time I see your posts I’m reminded of these adorable, identical quadruplates in the 90s. They were about 3 or 4 and one of the boys said, “Jimmy, you look like Micheal and John.” Then John says, “No Mark, you look like Jimmy and Micheal.” They were finally discovering that they all looked the same. They all thought the other brothers looked alike, but they looked different. So cute!
      * dont’ remeber real names.

      • I didn’t think identical quadruplets were possible — maybe two sets of identical twins where the twins in set #1 closely resembled the twins in set #2?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Identical. She went to the doc for the first ultra sound and was surprised with twins. Then she went back for another test or check up and the doc found triplets. At another check up the fourth came out of hiding. The didn’t find all the babies at first b/c they were hiding behind each other.
          IIRC she and her husband weren’t even trying for kids. I’ll see if I can find where I learned about these boys. They were doing commercials for awhile.

        • Armadillos! Armadillos always have litters of four identical offspring.
          It’s actually more likely for human quadruplets to be identical than to be two sets of identical twins. The odds of the former are 1 in 13 million. The odds of the latter are 1 in 70 million. (says 3 minutes with google.)
          I also learned that identical triplets are possible. I hadn’t know that. I thought they were always one divided egg and one solo.

          • Interesting.
            My grandfather was a triplet, but one of his triplet brothers died in infancy. I don’t think there are any photos of the triplet who died.
            I think my grandfather and my great-uncle were identical; they pulled some great pranks as young men with one pretending to be the other.

          • I’m part of an online twin/multiple pregnancy group now, and one of the other expectant mothers is expecting triplets — two identical and one fraternal. This stuff is kind of crazy and miraculous.

    • I read that yesterday! Fascinating! I know lots of twins, and we have a set of triplets in my family (two identical, one fraternal) so I’ve always found multiples interesting.
      I feel you on the morning sickness. I had terrible, terrible pregnancy sickness (all day) during my pregnancies. On the plus side, it means that your hormone levels are rising, on the downside, well, vomitting, duh. Ginger snaps and peppermint tea helped somewhat, but I find that everyone is different (and every pregnancy for that matter). Also, I found that if I tried to ignore a food aversion it always bit me in the ass. Just listen to your body and somewhat learn to go with the flow, and it will be better. With my daughter I eventually just came to terms with throwing up after every meal and some how that made it at least psychologically better.

      • Strangely, my pregnancy sickness hasn’t resulted in vomiting (yet?), but I feel nauseous and dizzy at all times. Eating and drinking help, but only very temporarily, and if I eat a lot to try to keep the nausea and dizziness at bay, it just makes me feel a different kind of nauseous. Basic daily tasks are becoming really difficult.

        • With you Twinner. I was so nauseated, so dizzy, so tired but no vomiting. I survived on pasta with butter and cheese, pizza with tomato sauce and mozz (and sometimes some spinach), and very dry cereal. Oh and toast. Also, large amount of ginger ale and ginger beer (the non alcoholic kind)…Anyway, 14 weeks and getting slowly better though my husband is ready to give me a world champion, gold medal in sleeping. I can do 9-11 hours a night and up to 2.5 hour naps each day…

          • I’m basically on the same diet but randomly crave Indian or Ethiopian food. And this weekend I want to do nothing but sleep!

    • I was reading that article yesterday and thinking of you (though of course I hope your twins aren’t going to be involved in any hospital mixups!). A fascinating musing on nature and nurture and how they shape us as people.

    • Stayed up late reading that article too! Incredible story and I can’t even imagine what it was like for them to meet each other. Twins really are something special..

  • Rave: having all this free time means my steps are way up and my gas/car usage is way down now that I’m running a lot of errands by foot. I wish I had been better about this while school was in session.

  • Rant: Migraine yesterday triggered by a 4 a.m. fire alarm. Couldn’t go to a training class that I’ve been needing to take for a while, and now I have to wait a whole other month to take these stupid classes. SO ANNOYED.
    Rave: Feeling mostly better after sleeping for pretty much an entire day.
    Rave: Going to the beach this weekend and will get to see my adorable little nephew! So excited!
    Rant: Said nephew is teething, so he may be a bit less adorable.

    • Pablo Raw

      I’ve heard something about wine or whiskey helping on teething situations. Not sure if it helps the baby or the adult; worth trying though. Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.

      • HA! yes, that’s definitely what my parents did for me when I was teething, rub a little whiskey on the gums. However, nephews’ parents are in recovery, so alcohol -for them or for baby – is verboten!

        • There’s a homeopathic thing, sold in regular drugstores, that is said to work well for calming teething babies – basically babies upset about anything. Better than alcohol, I’d think.

          • It’s likely that, if he really is teething, my SIL has gotten something for him, I think they just aren’t 100% sure it’s teething yet.

      • Does no one use oragel anymore?

  • Rave: Ribs, greens and beans for breakfast.
    Rant: They’re from Fat Pete’s, not DCity Smokehouse. And it was driving by DCity that got me pining for pork — but the logistics suggested that it would just be easier to do FP’s. A lost opportunity.
    Rant: Son is apparently more afraid of his girlfriend than me and so nicked me for rent money rather than have to explain to her that the rent was late because he forgot to submit a timesheet and didn’t get paid.
    Rave: bonding moment. 🙂

  • Rave: Lovely friends who randomly check in on me just to see how I’m doing. I’m lucky to have such a good, supportive community of people in my life.
    Rave: I’m doing a flurry of cooking tonight to bring food to my dad and stepmom this weekend. I hope at least something stimulates my dad’s appetite.
    Rave: I think the kickboxing class that I recently started attending at my gym may be saving my sanity. A great way to get out anger & aggression, and I am so tired that I can’t help but sleep at night. Win/win.
    Rant: So unmotivated at work today. Can’t it be five o’clock already?!?

  • palisades

    Rant: 66 west this morning was a nightmare. Took me over an hour to get to work. Hope the people in the accident are ok….

  • Rant: ridiculous workload. boss admitted that they have given me high priority difficult projects despite being the most junior person on the team because I am the most competent to complete the projects. stressed out.
    Rant: SICK. I am sick again. I feel like I get stress sick. Sore throat and fever every time I am overwhelmed at work.
    Rave/Rant (?): still casually dating low match because it’s fun and he’s nice and attractive. he invited me to a party he’s hosting, so I’ll get to meet more of his friends and maybe make more friends of my own. had a miscommunication about our “status” meaning he thought we were having the exclusive talk & i was having the “can we keep dating casually” talk. eventually settled and agreed not to be exclusive (yet or EVER) and to keep casually dating.

    • I’m gonna call it – my prediction is, you’re marrying this guy. At a minimum, you’re dating him for a long, long time. You heard it here first.

      • dcd – you forgot to put j/k there. that’s not gonna happen. straight from the horse’s mouth.

        • I don’t know that higher powers can shelter you from a “fun, nice, and attractive” suitor who is prepared to stop swiping and searching. The gods love irony, so I’m with dcd. flw, LA…

          • But he’s not prepared to stop searching. He said NO to exclusively dating albeit was hesitant to say it. He did ask if we could be exclusive but still date other people and I said I don’t do open relationships and he agreed that was a dumb idea. So here we are, casually dating.

          • “He did ask if we could be exclusive but still date other people” — Huh?? I don’t think he understands what “exclusive” means.

          • So I’m imagining sexual exclusivity but still going out with other people, right? Otherwise it’s basically still casual. I don’t know why he’d even propose such a thing.

          • He admitted to not understanding how casual dating works. I think he finally understands it after I explained it multiple times. Poor serial monogamist has been out of the dating loop for years. I cut him slack for not getting it. But really, he’s nice albeit clueless when it comes to dating. However, would be a good boyfriend to the right person at the right time. That is not me and that is not now.

        • Not kidding at all. I’ve never met you, or him, so this prediction is worth absolutely nothing. And what I know about relationships (other than my own) could be written on a postage stamp in crayon. I’ve just got a feeling. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

      • Hmmm yeah. I agree. This is too textbook, you’re going to fall for him. Sounds like he’s already fallen for you, so it’s only a matter of time…

    • Emmaleigh504

      Your summer theme song should be “Timebomb” by Tove Lo. 🙂

      • Emilie504 – OMG that song is perf. sums up the conversation we had about how a relationship between us just wouldn’t workout long-term. couldn’t say why really but it’s a feeling we both have.

    • Have had the larger workload. More junior than the others, doing the toughest work, because I was best at it, didn’t shirk it (enjoy being challenged), and was the new hire and trying to prove myself.
      Every time I DID prove myself, garnered lots and lots of praise. Only once did that get them to realize they had under hired me and to promote me with a big raise (which only took me to what everybody else was initially hired at two years earlier, so still couldn’t make up for the two years I was grossly underpaid, or the issuer that lesser initial pay compounds the problem going forward.)
      Every other time, it resulted in being treated like shit – in pay, bonuses, opportunities. The opportunity I had was to do the toughest intellectual work, and deal with the toughest clients, while lcarrying the highest workload. I’ve decided my bosses believe that’s what women are for – doing twice as much work, being twice as competent, for only slightly over half the pay. That’s the world of finance, folks.

      • Just to counter this – I was also the youngest/newest with the toughest workload. I’m now the youngest second in command in my office because they recognized my work at every step and kept promoting me early. So, it really depends on where you work and what you do. One thing was that a few times when it looked like I wasn’t going to get what I deserved, I forced myself to ask for it (something most women are hesitant to do – and, frankly, true to type, I was terrified to do)

        • Yeah I got the big raise when I was soooo fed up that I was updating my resume – so I figured I had nothing to lose by showing it to my yet another new boss (they kept reorganizing them) and saying I wasn’t sure he knew what my experience was. I liked the implication I left with the updates resume, that it was going to go out to others. So, yeah, asking can work. But in every other environment, the gender lines were well drawn, clear, obvious, and blatant – one former employer has been the target of a moderatey high profile sex discrimination suit since, brought by someone at a higher level than I was, which claimed they discriminated against women in pay across the board.

  • Rave: Awesome Weather
    Rant or Just Question/Observation: When did casual Friday mean leggings as pants for women? If I rolled up in Leggings as Pant…nevermind, that would never even be a consideration.

    • skj84

      But isn’t that the point of Casual Friday? Leggings are casual. When styled correctly they can look professional. Unless the worn like yoga pants. I usually wear a long top/dress/skirt on top of my leggings and nice shoes.

      • I think under a dress for my office would work…personally, I think otherwise it is a bit questionable…they are in fact leggings not pants. If they were pants, they would be called pants.

        • I guess it just depends on where you work:)

          • skj84

            Agreed. My last office was super casual so leggings were ok. I wear leggings more often than jeans. But almost never without something covering my butt. It’s all about balance.

          • Under a dress or skirt does not qualify as the leggings as pants complained of. That’s leggings as leggings.

    • emvee

      I feel like there’s a line between “Casual” and “Appropriate for an Office Casual” that a large number of people either don’t comprehend or don’t give a damn. What I wear on a casual Friday is still generally nicer than what I’ll wear on a weekend. It’s basically the usual office attire just with jeans instead of slacks or a pencil skirt.

      • +1 to ‘I feel like there’s a line between “Casual” and “Appropriate for an Office Casual” that a large number of people either don’t comprehend or don’t give a damn.’

      • agreed. Speaking from a situation I saw at a client site, while yes a light colored dress where your underwear is clearly visible might qualify as casual, it is definitely not appropriate.

        • This situation is exacerbated when biking…

        • Oooooh, I saw a really bad version of this yesterday. Young woman in a white summer dress and dark black underwear. Was not cute or professional. Wtf.
          She also crossed against a red light while playing with her phone and cars had to stop for her, so she’s pretty oblivious. But still.

    • hammers

      agreed to some extent (said wearing her jeggings with a fairly long shirt)- our casual friday entails permission to wear jeans- as long as they are not torn, and perhaps of the darker variety. Women’s jeans, though they may vary in tighness around the ankles, almost exclusively tight around the waist, bottom, and in the thighs, which for me, are exceedingly uncomfortable to wear to work and sit in. So it’s not much of a boon to have permission to wear jeans. Now leggings on the other hand—WHAT?! I can be COMFORTABLE AND A WOMAN?! wowweee, now that is a treat. Of course, proper judgement must be used, as with jeans, about the appropriateness of the complimenting attire. Cover your bum.

      • I actually thought you were referring to the appropriateness of complimenting on one’s attire at work (as I used to hate it when men complimented my clothing at work). But I see you meant the appropriateness of complementing attire. Either way you spell it, both should be appropriate.

        • hammers

          indeed- consider your complementing attire if wearing them, and if you see them, consider not complimenting! or something. I can’t spell.

    • Who wants to wear leggings in this gross sticky weather? Nasty.
      They probably need to be wrung out after the sweaty commute home. *blech*

  • Rant: The self congratulatory atmosphere in South Carolina and media coverage of said events.
    Rave: Finally a weekend “home”, even though we are full up with activities.
    Rave: Can’t wait to see Trainwreck. Trying to book babysitter.
    Rave: got VIP invite to the parade at 8th and I for later in the summer – we had gone every year before baby came – a special evening for our little Marine Corps family, and being invited by the CMC for our last parade for the foreseeable future is very special for us. Hopefully the weather holds.
    Rave: If you’ve never gone to a silent drill performance at 8th and I, do yourself a favor and go – once folks with tickets are let in, they will up with people who didn’t have tickets. It’s a ‘hidden’ treasure

    • GiantSquid

      We got tickets one year because we live in the neighborhood and Mr. Squid’s dad is a retired Marine. Of course there was a huge thunderstorm with severe lightning. Didn’t even make it inside the gates and they had to cancel it. Haven’t made it back yet.

    • You can also request tickets in advance on their website.
      I went for the first time last year and agree, it’s a really neat experience. Very impressive.

    • Agree on your first rant. It makes me thing of that south park episode:
      Phase 1: lower flag
      Phase 2: ?
      Phase 3: racism is over!

  • That One Guy

    Rave: It’s the little diversions/pleasures like stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a donut and coffee. The only thing I find confusing is that their 2 donut and coffee combination is more expensive than the a la carte price.
    Dog is funny, he picks off the veggies and refuses to eat the dry food. He must be going on a self imposed vegetarian diet.
    Went to sleep very early and feel well rested for a change. Still had a cup of coffee…I hope it’s not a habit.


    Regarding the one space/two space debate from yesterday, the styling of a document is more problematic for me and more difficult to fix. People need to learn to cut and paste as text only so they don’t mess the flow up.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: Wanting what (apparently) I can’t have
    Rave: Keep trying.

  • Rave – Leaving work early today! Going away on vacation next week! Yay!
    Rant – So nervous about leaving my dog with the dog sitter. I hope she doesn’t come back to us traumatized.

  • emvee

    Rave: Canoes and tents, here I come!
    Rave: Boyfriend in thesis-hibernation who doesn’t think twice about spending his weekend with the pooch while I play in the woods.
    Question: Canoeing all weekend totally makes up for my being pretty sedentary this weekend, right? Let’s just say yes and go with it.

    Bonus rave: Finally went to Zenebech last night and holy wow.

  • skj84

    Rave: start my freelance gig soon!

    Rant: still working on the computer situation.

    Rave: good networking last night.

    Rant: creeper who stroked my hair at a party. I practically ran away from him.

  • Last chance for “first dibs” on my crazy-eyed foster kittens. They go to an adoption event tomorrow at Unleashed Pepco in Georgetown 12-2, but you could still scoop them up before! Check them out – one blue eye and one brown eye each! Their very sweet mom Maxine also needs a home. http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/5107895995.html

    • skj84

      Davis Bowie Kittahs!!!

    • Ooooh they are so cute. I really want to adopt one, but the pet fees in my new building are too high. 🙁

      • That’s actually a good cause the rescue groups might take up. A pet deposit is a reasonable request, but a monthly pet fee is simply a ridiculous gouge. A cat pissing all over an apt. can certainly cost $1000.00 to repair, but since most cats & dogs don’t actually do that, the real cost to a landlord is simply a deep cleaning after move-out – easily under $500.00

        I imagine that in today’s competitive rental market, “shaming” a building for stupid pet fees might be a good strategy.

    • Emmaleigh504

      So tempting! I wonder if Donna could learn to bathe another cat instead of bathing me.

      • Do you know if she likes/dislikes other cats?

        • Emmaleigh504

          She did not like Quotia Zelda’s cats when she visited, but it was a weird situation for her all around: new place, new people, more people, other cats, and I wasn’t there.
          But I do think she likes humans better than other cats. So I’ll just dream of having multiple cats for now.

      • palisades

        From what I’ve read, it seems they have an affinity for human hair. Dragon licks my hair all the time…

        • Emmaleigh504

          Donna prefers skin to hair. she also likes to taste things like a human baby would. she’s so adorably weird.

    • The pic of one of the kittens “embracing” its mama is too cute!

      • They look so different than mom!

        • There were 4 kittens in her litter – the others were a grey tabby and a sort-of tortoisey. Cat genetics are all over the place.

          • I learned a few years ago that kittens in the same litter can have different fathers. So not only are cat genetics pretty wacky to begin with (e.g., non-Siamese mom cat producing a very Siamese-looking kitten), there can be genes from more than one tomcat in a given litter.

          • Emmaleigh504

            The litter Ashlee came from was all mixed up like that. She looked siamese, her brother (should have been mine) was a buff orange, and the mom was grey (a black kitten died). There was a huge buff orange tom cat near where the mom was found, so we knew who Marmaduke’s daddy was.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: very, very slow day. Big bossman said we should do “self study” today. 🙂 I’m self studying all over Popvile!
    Rant: The day will probably drag b/c of the lack of work.
    Rave: Dude in office near mine drinks almost as much tea as I. We should become tea buddies.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Mr. Squid had a really bad panic attack yesterday. I almost called 911.
    Revel: A friend that will listen to you when you’re freaked out by your own husband.
    Revel: The first glass of red wine.
    Rant: The second glass of red wine.
    Rant: CNY is sucking my productivity.
    Revel: Heading back home to DC very soon.

  • Belated Rant: judge in Michigan who threw three kids in juvenile detention because they refused to go to lunch with their (allegedly) abusive father. They’re still in the can. The excerpts from the transcript I read (WaPo) are off the charts unbelievable.

    • My favorite (not really) part of it is that the dad has the power to change the sentence – he could ask that they be released. But he went on a work trip to Israel the day after the hearing for two weeks. What a great dad.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That judge is an awful human being. The way she was talking to the kids, threatening to lock the up, then changing her mind mid threat to sentence them. I hope her life becomes very interesting.

    • Ugh, F that lady and her husband. He’s a piece of work too (wrongfully prosecuted the family of a severely autistic child for raping her, when there was absolutely no evidence suggesting that, other than the statements of the woman tasked with helping the child with facilitated communication which is all based on junk science). I hope they’re both disbarred .

  • Aglets

    Rant: At 42 i realized I need reading glasses.
    Rave: Got a kinda cute pair at Walgreens
    Rant: Remembering to use them is a pain.

  • Rant: Canker sores on my tongue. Owww. I wonder if this is the result of my having overindulged (like, WAY overindulged) on ice cream over the weekend.
    Query for Tall E (or anyone else with canker-sore experience): IIRC, you were having the same issue earlier this week. Did it resolve itself on its own? Do you know of anything that can speed the process up?

    • Acyclovir, a rx antiviral. It won’t help the ones you have, but it will prevent you from getting any more. I find one course to be effective for 2-3 years. Then it wears off, and you have to take another 10 day course.
      Every canker sore sufferer should call their doc and get it. It is one of two medical actions that have radically improved my life.

    • Oof, sorry to hear this! The best OTC thing I used was Kanka, in a little brush applicator to numb the spots so I could eat. I looked for a new one at CVS though I didn’t see exactly that, but orajel works too. Ignore the directions to only use 4 times a day, I used it several times an hour!
      I got a script for Valtrex which I think made it go away faster. Eventually it should resolve but if it’s hard to eat then at least get a numbing gel. Interestingly, my friend recommended eating ice cream since its generally one of the things that doesn’t hurt the canker sores. Avoid acidic things like fruit. Hope it goes away quickly!

    • Thanks, wdc and Tall E!

    • I’ve heard that lysine can speed the healing process.

    • It could be from anything. I’ve also got a painful one right now at my gum line. I’ve never gotten one on my tongue, but that sounds awful.
      Have you gargled with luke warm salt water? I always find that to be relieving for a few hours.
      Thanks on the tip wdc – will be sure to ask the doc for an RX!

  • Rave: Almost the weekend!
    Rant: Guy friends who have constantly wandering eyes. I’m beginning to think it’s pathological…
    Rave? Impressive how they know the exact coordinates of each and every female within a half mile radius around them at all times
    Rant: OPM fail

  • Rant: 3/3:30AM circling helicopters around Georgia and Lamont, but no news from MPD – anyone know what happened? They seemed to be looking for someone with the spot light.

    Extra rant: No sleep.

    Rave: Vacation around the corner. So close!

  • Rave:
    Rave: Farm weekend and huge haul of cucumbers and yellow tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes went from vine to belly in no time 🙂 GIANT squash that got overlooked – 16″ long and went right from plant into compost.
    Rave: Sour cherries still available, this time I’m going to make a graham cracker crust for the sour cherry filling
    Rave: Signed up for a tour of the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden via boat – Anacostia Boathouse to Kenilworth Marsh and Aquatic Garden via canoe! Register via Anacostia Water Society, in case any PoPvillagers are interested (July 18th)

  • rant: sick
    rave: leave in 7 days.

  • rave: I was just wondering about whether Artomatic was going to happen this year, and their Facebook page says that they are looking at a space in Hyattsville. Fingers crossed!
    rant: oh, lots of things to rant about, but I’m trying to stay positive…

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