Props to the Cops – Metropolitan Branch Trail Robbery Apprehensions


From MPD:

In reference to the recent Mountain Bike Trail Metropolitan Branch Trail robbery, the 5D Detectives Office has made apprehensions of both subjects involved!! CCN 15-106-205

C-1 states that while traveling N/B on the bicycle trail, S-1, S-2 attempted to push her off the bike, C-1 was able keep her balance, S-1, S-2 chased her

on foot, C-1 jumped of the bike, and stop, she wasn`t able to get away from S-1, and S-2. S-1, S-2 states “Where is your money at?” C-1 told them “In

my bag.” C-1 handed her property over , S-1, S-2 took the listed property from her backpack (Iphone 5/$50.00 U.S currency), and fled N/B toward 3Rd

Street NE. C-1 has no injury. W-1 was able to snap a picture of S-1, and S-2 after the incident.

CR5790, 5D61 (DAVIS) responded on scene. CR500, and CIC (Madison/5400) notified.


S-1:B/M, 14-17 YEARS OLD, Dark skin, Slim built, Short hair, 145-165 lbs, Camouflage shorts (black/gray), white t-shirt, clean shave.

S-2:B/M, 14-17 YEARS OLD, Dark skin, Slim built, Short hair, 145-165 lbs, Dark jeans, no shirt, white shirt on right shoulder, red underwear,clean shaven

NOTE: C-1 means complainant 1 and S-1/S-2 Means Suspect 1 & 2″

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  • Props to W-1. Taking clear pictures of a crime in progress is some fast thinking.

    • seriously!

    • Absolutely true. Whether it was a GoPro, or a quick flick of the wrist on a cell, I can ensure you (after years in law enforcement) that there is nothing better than video footage before, during, and/or after a crime has been committed.

      Everyone likes to think forensic evidence is the key to crime solving (blame TV shows for that one). Not true. Crime solving & prevention takes an entire community’s worth of contribution. Great job to all.

    • Dude has a set ‘o brass ones for sure!

    • According to twitter he had cameras rolling on his bike ( I think front and rear, he got the good footage of the kids as he was riding away)

      • I was on a friends bike, so I only had a rear camera. The clear picture MPD used to identify them was a quick draw of the iPhone.

  • Accountering

    Punk kids. Wish they would actually be punished for this kind of crap. The fact they are under 18 means they maybe get a slap on the wrist.

    • Seriously! So…what? They’ll be back out there doing the same thing in a week. Frustrating.

  • first offense, under 18. They’ll be out tomorrow. You can thank the DC Office of the Attorney General for that.

    • Props to the Cops definitely….just a horrible shame they won’t be prosecuted. Speaking of DC’s complete and consistent failure to prosecute minors, did anyone attend the meeting on the topic last night? I’d love to know OAG’s excuse/explanation.

  • Short of Supermax, it would be nice to know there are some consequences for behavior like this. Apart from the initial anger, their ages make me so sad. This has pretty much got to be the tipping point where you either have a moral compass or not (or it develops much later after some very hard living).

  • Unfortunately, they are probably already back out on the street. When will DC come up with a real juvenile corrections and rehabilitation system.

  • MPD needs to have more of a presence on MBT.

  • How scary. Glad they only wanted money. A guy tries to push you off your bike, and you have to be pretty afraid of what might be happening.

  • I hope they’re actually 18. Robbery for anyone old enough to buy cigarettes comes with a sentence of 2-15 years in DC. Petty theft, fine, I guess you can put it in their juvenile record and hope they grow up. The moment you add assault, that’s some straight-up felonious business right there.

  • I’m glad that they were caught. I very luckily escaped a mugging attempt early last month on the Metro Branch trail in June, a bunch of young kids on bikes that were half my age. It was in the middle of the day- 11am on a Saturday. I was so shaken I haven’t been back on it since, super frustrating because it’s so convenient.

    In my experience, usually there are police stationed in a couple of places, especially on the weekends near the RIA Metro stop usually, but that day there were none. I was able to flag a police car down once I got to safety and asked him to send officers over to the trail so that other runners wouldn’t get mugged. Props to the witness that was able to get some pictures! I was too afraid to take my phone out because it would make me more of a target.

    • It’s so frustrating: I love adding sections of the MBT to my long runs, but unless I’m with a group I just feel so penned in and vulnerable.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Makes me kind of wish carrying expensive electronics while running never caught on. A decade ago, a runner would have been a very silly target to rob, as it would likely yield a sweaty $20 at the very best, and likely much less or nothing. Now if you’re a weirdo like me and don’t carry a $600 phone when you run and somebody tries to rob you, they won’t believe you don’t have anything and think you’re holding out on them.

  • Feels like a lot more street crime than last summer.

    • Bowser will have plenty addordable housing when no one wants to live in the city anymore. It’s part of her master plan!!

      Let’s get more cops on the street and walking in the neighborhoods. Enough with the hundreds of millions spent on affordable housing!! Before you can house the world you need to make sure innocent people aren’t stabbed to death on metro in broad daylight.

  • Wait was this from the lost iphone post earlier? If so awesome!

    • The lost iphone post had nothing to do with MPD catching these guys. They already had one suspect in custody, and had identified the other.

  • This may be a very unpopular opinion, but since these youths are not punished via criminal courts, perhaps the civil courts can be more effective in dissuading attacks. If a victim collects punitive damages, they would likely be sourced from the parent/guardian. Parents may not mind that their kid gets a slap on the wrist for violent crime, but they will probably be a bit irritated if they ended up on the hook for a few thousand bucks. Probably a terrible idea on second thought actually.

    • I’ve always wondered that. If I got mugged by some little monster, is it possible to successfully sue his parents for damages? Does that ever happen?

    • You can’t get blood from a stone. Odds are the parents or guardians are living hand to mouth to begin with.

      • Exactly. We had kids smashing house windows on Irving St. a couple of years ago. The cops did actually identify a few of them with the help of Harriet Tubman principal, but the parents were all on public assistance, so no reimbursement, no fine, no punishment.

  • So glad they’ve been caught!

  • Why doesn’t MPD have cops on bicycles patrolling the trail? I know very little about anything, but bike cops on the MBT seems like it would make sense.

    • I was on the trail this evening and the MPD presence was definitely there. They were on bikes, foot and a cruiser was close by the R St entrance and they were actually engaged and talking to the kids on the trail This is how you police, props to the cops indeed.

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