New Flagship Shinola Store Opening at 14th and R in September; Temporary Space to Be Taken over by Filson

1534 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

“Shinola, known for its Detroit-built watches, bicycles, journals, pet accessories, small leather goods and leather care is excited to announce the upcoming opening of its third nationwide flagship in Washington, D.C. The store will open September 2015 in the 14th Street Corridor at 1631 14th Street NW.

The 5,000-square-foot corner building was originally home to the Studebaker showroom in the 1920s. The store design will stay as true to the original build as possible, keeping the original black and white travertine floor, moulded ceiling and additional details from the era alongside traditional Shinola fixtures. In partnership with Washington Project for the Arts, Shinola will also showcase local artists during quarterly exhibitions in an in-store gallery.

The opening of the D.C. store will mark the brand’s tenth brick-and-mortar location. In addition to stores in Detroit and New York, Shinola has locations in Minneapolis, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Plano. The new D.C. location will replace the temporary shop that opened in November 2014. Filson, Shinola’s sister brand, will take over Shinola’s former space at 1534 14th Street NW.”

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  • “Filson, Shinola’s sister brand, will take over Shinola’s former space at 1534 14th Street NW”

    what is a “sister-brand?”

    Excited to see a Filson in DC.

  • why would/should it?

  • The whole Shinola concept is more or less a marketing sham, but you can be sure they’re selling plenty of $20 watches for $300 apiece.

    • Agree! I believe the bikes are just assembled in Detroit. The frames are made by Schwinn and the other components likely come from overseas

    • I Dont Get It

      The whole Shinola concept is more or less marketing genius. There, I fixed it for you.

      • shinola = expensive fossil

        and no automatic movement…i’ll be a little more interested when they sort that out

        • Yeah I really like what they’re doing, but would love it if they started carrying some automatic movement watches. Just too much to pay for a Quartz. Still I’ve purchased a few things there. They do free embossing on their notebooks and have some nice dog toys and accessories.

  • glad to see Filson coming. can we get a Self Edge, too?

    • I am not sure we are cool enough for Self Edge – but that would be amazing.

      • wow, two more people in dc that know of self edge – can we have a sufu meet-up or what?! haha

        DC is about a century out from getting a self edge…although federal is pretty legit – so lucky (or unlucky from a personal finances perspective) to have an engineered garments stockiest in the backyard…can’t wait for the f/w drop!

      • They’ll be selling that stuff at Target before they could ever open a store here.

  • Looking forward to having Filson in the neighborhood. And FWIW, no way are Shinola watches $20 watches. You couldn’t get the materials for that. Then you have American labor on top of that.

    • and no way are Shinola watches $900 watches…one could purchase four Seiko automatics for the price of a Shinola and own four superior watches – in terms of aesthetics and hardware, both

      • maxwell smart

        Seiko watches have too much going on – too many dials and fussy details on the case and the band – they end up looking cheap. I prefer a simple, clean modern looking watch that does one thing – tell time. To that end, I rather like the look of most Shinola watches.

        • the mass-market Seiko found in most U.S. stores is exactly what you describe – but look to the Japanese only market ( for example) or pick and choose the classics from the forgettable models (check amazon for the iconic skx007 and tell me there’s a better looking shinola) and you’ll find yourself reconsidering your opinion of Seiko…and Shinola

          your description of the mass-market Seiko watch is spot on and is exactly my description of the current shinola offering – too mass-appeal, no timelessness to the design. buy a shinola and you’re sure to have an dated-looking timepiece on your wrist in fifteen years. buy a timeless Seiko (or Hamilton, or Orient, or, or…and you’ll have something to pass on

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