Multiple Shootings Saturday Night including “Shootout/Car Crash/Fire on Sherman”


A reader reports (and multiple readers also tweeted @PoPville):

“There was a shootout and fiery car crash on Sherman Ave tonight (Saturday around 11pm) in between Irving St and Columbia Rd. We heard 5 or so gunshots and then looked out to see a crashed car in flames and numerous shell casings covering the sidewalk. Not exactly the wild and crazy Saturday night I was hoping for.”

From MPD:

“MPD is currently investigating reports of shots fired, as well as a car fire, in the 3000 block of Sherman Are. NW. There are no reported injuries related to this event, at this time. Please avoid the area as we investigate.”


Also from MPD:

“On July 25, 2015, at around 11:47PM, First District personnel responded to the 1200 block of I Street, Southeast, in reference to a call for the sounds of gunshots. When the officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a victim inside the Potomac Gardens Housing Complex suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The victim was transported to a local hospital by DCFD where he was treated for his injuries.

This case is currently being investigated by the First District Investigative Unit.”


“Around 1:00 am this morning, the victim was in the 400-600 block of Jefferson Street, NW, when he was struck by gunfire. He drove from the area and was found in the 4900 block of Kansas Ave NW. He was transported to an area hospital for medical treatment.

If anyone has information regarding this offense please call the MPD CIC at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”

and from AlertDC:

“Shooting at 0230 hrs in the 2300 b/o 11th street LOF b/m wearing white shirt and white shoes”

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  • I guess MPD’s new citywide vice squad is not working out as planned, yet. It seems they just can’t find an effective strategy to reduce the extreme levels of gun violence we see week after week in DC. Really wish they would!

  • Heard the shots fired on Jefferson st, sounded like at least 5 shots in rapid succession.

    • I heard those too, up by Coolidge. I thought I heard three shots in succession, then a fourth 20 seconds later.

  • I live at Euclid and 11th (right near Sherman) and there was a crazy shooting nearby at probably 2 or 3am (early Sunday AM). Totally separate from the one PoP is discussing on here. It was at least 15 to 20 shots and someone even stopped to reload and let off another 5 shots about 30 seconds after the initial exchange. Cops swarmed about 3 minutes later, they were headed south down 11th in the direction of the public housing at 11th/Florida Ave. I definitely heard both police and ambulance sirens.

    Any relation to the above event? We got home at 12:15am, so we were not witness to the shoot out and car crash mentioned above.

    Wtf south CoHi? This is 3 big shoot outs in the last month alone in this area near Cardozo.

    • “Shooting at 0230 hrs in the 2300 b/o 11th street LOF b/m wearing white shirt and white shoes”
      This is the one I’m talking about. It was definitely two different guns and totally effing crazy. More than one shooter.

    • I heard it too. WTF! What can we do? I try to report as much as I can but still these things go pass anything else. Cops have to know all this shit. Why is this a thing? Is this just leftovers from years before? 13&P, out.

  • I’m giving up on the competence of the DC police and city government. We’ve already had two bystanders — the journalist in Anacostia and the mother in Shaw — shot to death this summer. And now this?! After the shootout in Shaw by City Market?

    We live in a warzone at this point.

    • Mother in Shaw?!? Which shooting was this?

      • www DOT wusa9 DOT com/story/news/local/dc/2015/05/26/police-hunt-suspect-in-murder-of-shaw-mom/27993365/

        • Great to see WTOP bringing some attention to it. I wonder if there’s anyone left in the Washington Post news room with the local connections to really run this story to the ground? Here’s hoping.

      • west_egg

        I believe he’s referring to Tamara Gliss, who was killed on Memorial Day.

  • Homicides, gun crimes up nearly 20 percent in D.C. this year. Thanks Bowser!

    • Accountering

      Just think, Bowser doubled the amount we are spending on affordable housing this year too! Even at $100,000/officer, that $100,000,000 would be an extra 1,000 officers. Which feels like a better investment to you?

      • Oh but you’re forgetting, when cops and teachers have affordable places to live in DC, then the city will be so much safer!!! Meanwhile DC entrenches an underclass literally on top of the Shaw metro station while housing becomes that much less affordable for people earning more than poverty wages. This mayor is a joke and her bleeding heart social engineering is going to send the city backward.

        • Accountering

          I almost feel bad for the people who make that argument. It takes a special kind of ignorance to think that cops and teachers are living in 60% AMI buildings.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Quit it with the straw man. Lots of hard-working people live in those buildings. Maybe not cops and teachers, but lots of hard-working people nonetheless. (The existence of a non-zero number of less industrious tenants doesn’t change that.)

    • From the article: “But while the District has seen an increase in these types of crimes, significant drops in sex abuse and burglaries have balanced the city’s crime figures. Those are each down about 18 percent.” This supports my theory that cops are only willing to fill out a certain maximum amount of paperwork. Or perhaps there is pressure from higher ups to keep the overall crime rate from rising. As gun crimes increase, other crimes may still be occurring but not being officially reported.

  • Egad

    I saw the car all ablaze on Sherman. Crazy stuff. Looks like the gunman was shooting at the car from the other side of the street. That intersection at Irving is pretty busy on a Saturday night with everybody going to and from the bars. Very lucky no innocent bystanders got hurt.

  • Bowser wanted her term to focus on affordable housing, sorry Bowser, the issue your administration is going to focus on is beefing up the police and dealing with the crime and safety issues. Affordable housing is seriously less of a big deal than every residents safety in the face of these violent synthetic drug junkies.

    • Since apparently judging by the familiaraity in which you referred to these criminals, maybe you should call mpd and turn them in. I mean, since you do know them well enough to know that they are “synthetic drug addicted junkies.” I would hope that you do know these individuals and would not just make a statement like that without some sort of factual corroboration to base it on and not just the delusions and assumptions and prejudices of a person frightened and confused by something he/she doesn’t understand. Right?

      • I think he’s talking about the uptick in crime in general not just this event. Synthetic drug use is the official explanation for the spike in violence given by Lanier and Bowser.

        • And it’s a stupid, boogey-man excuse that sells easily to a dumb populace.
          The uptick in crime is way more complicated than “synthetic marijuana”

          • Totally agree. I don’t find it to be a compelling explanation as the sole cause or crime in this city. There’s anecdotal evidence linked synthetic drugs to some specific incidents, but it seems to be a stretch to accredit the uptick in gun crime to them.
            However…that is the official explanation so there was some factual basis to PewPew’s comments, even the fact was an explanation from the police/mayor rather than more empirical evidence.

          • I agree with the “dumb populace” part. But where/when was it stated that synthetic drugs is the *sole* explanation for an increase in crime? It may be the only one specifically addressed but I doubt anyone ever said it was the only one.

  • there was also a shooting (10 rapid shots or so, woke me up) at about 2:25am early this morning, around 11th and Euclid/Clifton area (or at least that’s what it sounded like). No mention on the MPD twitter feed though. This is all getting out of hand.

  • Glad I’m moving out of the area next weekend. Crime stats keep rising for an area that’s supposed to be transforming. Did the city really think by nicer stores, and new apartment buildings everything would just become all peachy???

    • i don’t think anyone thought gentrification would be a panacea to crime, but that it was just the worst solution to this problem other than all the other ones.

  • I work at one of DC’s trauma centers and Saturday night was absolute chaos. The overhead paging system was blowing up announcing the traumas and burns as they rolled in. In addition to the GSW and burn victims, there were plenty of patients on synthetic drugs, acting batsh*t crazy in the ER. We personally received two of the victims, one of whom was in police custody. One of the trauma surgeons remarked that it felt like the 90s all over again. He had a point…

    • Egad

      Only a few hours before the shootout/crash on Sherman, I had called an ambulance for a guy who was completely out of his mind. He was shaking, talking to himself, acting really erratic, not like the typical drunks who slouch against a building and fall asleep. The cops were also there earlier that evening because some girl was in the middle of the street fighting with (and being punched by) her boyfriend. I saw more action on Sherman Saturday night than I have seen in years! My block is usually pretty tame.

  • I live on the 600 block of Jefferson & heard the shots plus saw the muzzle flashes from my living room. I had to jump down on the ground, and crawl to my bedroom, it was really scary! Weve had an increase of folks hanging out near 7th in the past year. After I called MPD, they came out quick but drove down the street as I guess everyone ran from the scene. Unfortunately since its not illegal to loiter, there is not,much they can do until something happens. Ive lived here 6 years and the first 4.5 were peaceful and calm. If this keeps up, ill definitely be moving.

    • Apparently there is something they can do because we have a lot of loitering and drinking on our street this summer. Most of the time they’re gone by 11pm and it isn’t a huge deal, but it’s been a nonstop party lately with people and music going until 2-3am. Well, I came home last night to find a very strong police presence on my street. I went out and talked to one of the officers and he said there’s now a police detail on the street. An hour later they went door to door and asked where people are hanging out, what they’re doing, and if we’ve seen anything else. Now I am not sure this is just related to the drinking/partying–has to be more going on for them to assign a 24/7 detail.

  • Does anyone know if the MPD helicopter casing the area around midnight on Saturday was related to any of these? The timeline doesn’t seem to match with any of the incidents. It buzzed over our house at 13th and Shepherd a number of times, looked like the light was pointing north.

  • I agree, EGAD, Sherman was nuts that night. Was that girl’s boyfriend arrested? I saw the police, an ambulance, and people standing on the corner but no one was being arrested. I feel the same about the shoot out. The cops had someone on the ground prior to the cars burning, by I’m not sure anyone was arrested.

    • Egad

      I don’t think they caught the boyfriend. He took off running, so unless they caught up with him on another street he probably ran into the alley and escaped.

  • Let’s be honest…as long as the POP posts about drinking on the mall have 150-250 posts and this thread has <50, this problem will never get the attention or community anger it deserves. Misplaced priorities by a lot of people in DC who find it easy to ignore the problems that have and will continue to cripple the city.

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