Friday Question of the Day – What Do You Think Will Happen to the Trump Hotel?


With Andres and Zakarian bailing what do you think will end up happening with the Trump Hotel in the old Post Office Pavilion? To be honest I was pretty psyched about these two planned restaurants – I love The National every time I’ve eaten in the NYC location (my folks live near one.) Do you think the hotel will be able to recruit other restaurants of equal caliber or will Trump continue to be too toxic to be associated with in any way? At the end of the day – do you think the hotel will be a good addition to the District?

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  • For many years, I have been a great admirer of Mr. Trump. I have long valued his ideas, his restless energy, his enthusiasm, his philanthropic efforts. He has done so much to make America great. Until last week, I counted him as a brother, a man who understands the immigrant soul. But now, with his recent comments about my Mexican brethren, I cannot shake the fact that he has, been, all along, a fraud. A circus act, even. With heavy heart, I hereby express my disappointment and my frustration, for Mr. Trump’s history of great deeds are now tainted by those terrible, terrible, and wholly unexpected words that are dagger to the heart of this great nation. Shame on you, Mr. Trump. Shame!

  • It will open following a glut of new hotels and go bankrupt like a lot of his properties.

  • Dr. Maya Angelo said it best ‘when people show you who they are -believe it!’
    He comes across arrogant, pompous and abrasive. On his show it seems as if sucking up to him is the natural order of things and now this bad hair bully gets to really feel what it’s like you’re the little guy in the room because the truth of how you really feel about people finally comes out. He won’t even admit to his wrong or apologize why cuz he’s ‘The Donald’ and nobody messes with him! Ha!
    Well that’s one presidential bullhorn we can safely say is toast and no, not one chef needed, this bread burned itself!

  • I just came home and caught the end of “Earth versus the flying saucers” – on TCM – and one of the flying saucers crashed into the Old Post Office tower and smashed it to bits. (Also cut the Washington Monument in half, sliced through the Supreme Court columns like a chainsaw, and de-cappatated the Capitol) I’m not really counting on inter-galactic justice in this case, but it’s fun to imagine.

  • Yes, a high end hotel is always a good addition. The most tax dollars in yearly revenue per square foot, also consumes the fewest in city resources. Lots of jobs of the caliber DC needs, and specific to this case, got a historic landmark out of the decay that had befallen it for decades with a 200 million dollar shot of investment to the arm.

    Trump will open the hotel. As we’ve seen time and time again, Americans memories are embarrassingly short. Trump isn’t going to get the nomination, or the continued loss of business will finally start to hit him in the wallet, either way he will be out of the news soon enough. And no, he won’t have a problem filling the space. I am sure there Re quite a few famous restauranteurs who either don’t care about Trumps politics, or who will get ash h a decent deal on rent to backfill the space, they will scoop it up

  • I think the hotel will ultimately fail. As far as I understand it, he offered way more in rent to GSA than the hotel could generate given market conditions with the expectation that he would get city tax breaks. It’s clear those breaks will never materialize and I think this will be just another in a long list of Trump ventures that will go bankrupt. At least I can only hope.

    Ultimately, once Trump’s hotel goes under, I’d love Hilton to come back in and transform the property into a Waldorf Astoria as was their original plan.

    • “long list of Trump ventures that will go bankrupt. At least I can only hope.” No no no. If Trump goes Bankrupt it hurts creditors and his employees etc….Other people will get hurt. I’m not a fan of Trum and never have been. But the hate a bad energy projected towards him are just as bad as what he says and does.

  • Nothing. The only person that might do something, Eleanor Horton, are powerless.

    I ranted about not having the time yo write a petition worthy of the cause a couple of weeks ago. I’m still sulkin about personal issues to review the contract

    I imagine Trump’s comments have impaired the investment. Us Latins are very proud and will not forget this.

  • It will become a Trump Hotel. It will be American gaudy. It will attract a convention clientele who, when push comes to shove, only care about cheap rates, lots of fatty foods served up in a “theme” restaurant with some corporate logo name a’la Chef Boy R Dee. And, life will go on and every American immigrant group will move up the ladder taking its lumps as it goes.

  • Trump’s campaign will fizzle out before the X-mas– or he will just get bored– and the news cycle will have moved on, the hotel will open to much bombastic fanfare and some overpriced steak, chop or seafood houses will open in the restaurant spaces. Expense account types will have a new hotel to bring their escorts to and us locals can gawk at the luxe renovation from afar. Unless someone I know has a wedding there or unless there is a food court with a Chipotle, Cava or an &Pizza, I doubt I will ever set a foot in the place.

  • I think it gets sold before it opens. It’s going to be too valuable an asset to let it waste because people hate trump.

  • I think if Trump apologizes, this could blow over. The problem is that because he is running for president, so he’s bound to make more idiotic comments during his run. Therefore, many future idiotic things that he will say will also need to blow over. So, who knows. I was also looking forward to these restaurants coming to the district. Trump needs to bow out of the race. He’s a savvy businessman. Soon he will realize that his ignorant and hurtful words are going to damage his wallet. That’s bad for business.

  • It will open at the tail end of the current glut of new construction. Then it will go bankrupt like many of his properties.

  • I can totally see a Guy Fieri and/or a Paula Dean restaurant moving in now.

  • I suspect that it will continue to get lots of attention for the next few weeks, then people will forget about it and the hotel will open as planned. which is depressing.

  • I just feel bad for the workers and subcontractors that have to deal with the blowback.

    • Yes agreed thank you. There is more at stake than just Trump. 100’s if not thousands of jobs are indirectly and directly impacted by this. Construction people, architects, restaurant supply companies, restaurant workers, hotel linen companies etc….Nobody seems to care about the real people – just the 8 billion dollar man getting more attention. You’re not hurting Trump.

      • Oh, that’s nonsense. If Trump doesn’t redevelop the hotel and Hilton does, then the construction people, architects, restaurant supply companies, restaurant workers, hotel linen companies, etc, will just get their checks from Hilton. The idea that the only options here are 1) Donald Trump or 2) let the hotel rot and everyone goes unemployed is ridiculous. The “real people” may well be better off with someone else managing the project too.

        • I agree with your point, but until Hilton or other takes over those people are out of work.

        • Agreed. I think another company will eventually take over the property.
          Trump will sell his rights to them at a small profit and everyone comes out ahead for the better. At the very least, it will save face for DC pols.

        • It’s not nonsense. I never said there were only 2 options, all I said is this whole episode has more of an impact on the commoner than on Trump .Will someone else take over? Sure, but when.. I am talking about the impact of people that are essentially living a hand to mouth existence or pay check to paycheck. The carpenter, dishwasher, or truck driver wants to work now, not wait weeks or months.

  • I have no doubt the project will be completed and the Trump name will be all over it. Replacements will be found for those business that bailed – though who knows how long – and people will check in/out like any other hotel. How long the Trump name is affiliated with is anyone’s guess though the company has a 60 year lease.

  • The hotel won’t go bankrupt, not even close.

    Trump is paying the GSA 3 million a year in rent, with yearly increases tied to inflation.

    Taking out the 200 million he is supposedly spending to renovate, he would only have to maintain a embarrassingly low annual occupancy rate of 9% (at a daily average room rate of $192/room) to pay the GSA off.

    Branded downtown DC hotels (for the past decade or so) have been averaging annual occupancy of about 88%, and the downtown CBD market supports a much higher average room rate.

    As for the rest of the debt service and profit, add in all the food, booze, leasing profits…The high end shops, meeting room rentals, weddings and events, I would be very, very shocked if Trump doesn’t do just fine.

  • As long as we can still access NPS property and go to the top of the Tower, I don’t really care.

  • Trump will sue – if Andres and Zakarian have in fact signed contracts – Trump won’t let them get out of it easily. He’s a total a$$hat and always has been. He’ll participate in the first few debates, derail the republican primary and then quietly someone will take over the lease.
    Its going to be a money making location and someone will be able to swoop in after the Trump controversy and campaign die and make a go of it.

  • They will redesign the tower to look like a penis and market it at “Trump Hotel, home of the World’s Biggest Dick.”

  • Here’s hoping Trump will just get sick of DC, sell this project off, and Sam Nazarian buys it. He can make it an SLS hotel at which point Jose Andres will come back because he’s opening restaurants in all the new SLS hotels.

  • I would LOVE to see the hotel go away but unfortunately it will not. He will find other restaurants to replace the ones that dropped out. Tourism in DC is increasing and along with that, hotels will be built and refurbished. He’s a racist and a bigot and sadly he has a following. In fact the folks who will be staying at his property will most likely carry the same believes.

  • I hope it goes the way of RFK and falls into total disrepair

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if either Zakarian or Andres (or both) end up opening their restaurants. The legal fees and breach of contract could potentially weigh them down, especially Zakarian who is but a few years out from filing for Bankruptcy (ironically for labor practices). I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew this already and were making a ‘show’ of backing out and then saying ‘doing so would force me to shut down already operating restaurants and causing many hard working immigrants to lose their jobs.’

  • Frankly, I am more disturbed by the heckler’s veto going on than the foolishness out of the hecklee’s mouth. Trump is so filthy rich that he will survive fine despite the reversal of fortune. However, that is not true for most people. If a small group of SJWs can destroy a person’s line of business or employment, no one is safe. People and institutions need to stop kowtowing to the SJWs and instead tell them to pound sand.

  • He/it will be fine. There are plenty of people in this country who visit DC and believe that Trump represents them and their views. I’m surprised those people haven’t started a petition asking Trump to open reservations now for hotel rooms.

  • The hotel will be fine. Trump Hotels has properties in Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, New York SoHo, Panama City, FL, Toronto, Waikiki, Rio, Vancouver. Every one of those has multiple restaurants in it, including Jean Georges in NYC. I am sure The Trump Washington will find replacement restaurants and will also find plenty of guests.
    And for those who’ve speculated on how ‘gaudy’ the Trumps will make the Old Post Office, remember that it was built in the 1890s, at the very height of American Victorian design. There is nothing the Trumps can do to that building that will be too gaudy for its era. (Also remember that the exterior is protected so any changes to it have to be approved.)

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