Fishnet closing Shaw Location Sunday: “We’ll be back in the Fall with a new accessible, approachable vacation-inspired brand”

1819 7th Street, NW

From an email:

“Going Fishin’ til the Fall;

Fishnet will be closing its doors on Sunday August 2, 2015.(with the last service being on Saturday evening) We’ll be back in the Fall with a new accessible, approachable vacation-inspired brand that we’re excited to unveil to our loyal followed and new guests alike. Join us to toast Fishnet and our future on Friday and Saturday.

Our entire menu including beer/wine will be half off, both on Friday and Saturday.(this also means when we run out, we are out of food or beer).”

Fishnet opened their Shaw location back in May 2014.

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  • Glad to see they’re adding specials. I used to occasionally go to the original College Park location when my student budget would allow, but even now that I have gainful employment I wonder how tough it is to stay business selling somewhat expensive, albeit delicious and unique, sandwiches.

  • I was wondering how this place was doing it. I walked by quite a bit and never really saw much of a crowd compared to the other places right down the street. I never got a chance to check it out…maybe once it reopens.

  • I tried it a couple times. The food was very good, good fish sandwiches, but it was usually empty. Maybe with a larger, different menu that will change. Glad they aren’t leaving for good.

  • skj84

    I liked their happy hour. Bummer. I may stop by tomorrow.

  • Glad they are going to try to change things up. The food was excellent, the employees were super friendly, happy hour deals were great, but the ambience was terrible which is what I think doomed it. The space is dark and foreboding and the signage wasn’t great. Hope version 2.0 works out!

  • Ah, apparently I should have been getting the fish sandwich. They have a great HH, but for their non-sandwich options, they cost and were described as full size dishes, and were laughable super small plates. Hopefully they fix this.

  • The place just wasn’t welcoming, confusing. College Park locale is good though.

  • We went today for lunch. I had the fish and chips and my mom the salmon tacos. They were both great, and enough food that I just finished the leftovers for dinner. And at 50% off was a super deal. I wish the owner success with the new plan.

  • Best of luck. College Park has counter service and fast-food style hard seating, which makes it pretty clear that it’s a place for fish sandwiches. This location’s soft restaurant seating seemed out of sync with the menu. The food was just as good, though.

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