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  • i just dont get how you flip a car on a street like this

    • a combination in unnecessary high speeds an carelessness.. I once saw a car turned on its side on the section of 4th St NW between NY Ave and M St facing the wrong direction on this one way street…reports later confirmed the driver turned too fast onto the street

      • I don’t mean to speak for “That Man A,” but I’m guessing they understood the basic physics of it. I think it may have been more hyperbole/rhetorical in the sense that “yes, but, how does one manage to do that?”

    • Most people don’t know this, but due to the high center of gravity it’s actually relatively easy to flip your vehicle while traveling at a low speed and carrying Maryland tags.

    • I don’t get it either. I mean, it is actually pretty difficult to roll your car, even small SUV’s. I just don’t get the physics of how a car, mid block between two stop signs on a narrow road could have the speed or the room to get into “flipping over” territory.

      • exactly
        i get it if you are going 55+ and decide to take a hairpin
        Buttttt….. there isnt room to get to those speeds plus any turn you take in the middle of a block will require moving in multiple directions (3 point)

  • Maryland driver?

  • Cars are always flipping on normal roadways in DC. WT serious F?

  • More reasons to redesign our streets for slower speeds. In Zurich, instead of shrugging their shoulders as if this were somehow ok, they’ve systematically reduced car speeds, and prioritized walking and bicycling across the city. In most residential neighborhoods, the default design speed is 20mph, and some areas limit speeds to 20 kmh (~15mph). The lanes have been narrowed and the crosswalks raised up so it actually feels like you shouldn’t be going more than 15mph or 20 mph. They’ve also added a ton of public space by getting rid of a few parking spots.

    The only thing comparable in DC is Monroe St NW, between 17th & 14th, where the narrow travel lane makes it feel like you shouldn’t be driving any faster than 15mph. That street is awesome to walk and bike down, and I don’t think a car has ever flipped or will ever flip there.

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