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  • Hmmmm this is a sports bar, correct? Not too sure many sports are on TV that early. I’m hoping those hours get changed ASAP

  • Interesting their “soft” hours are 9-5 M-F, when there is the least foot traffic on H. Seems like they’d do better after 5. I don’t know! Fine for weekends, though.

  • H Street needs more breakfast options on H, so here’s hoping they make a good one.

  • For a sports bar, these hours really need to change. H street is really slow this time anyhow, and as as sports bar that is open largely when there are no live sports on tv, they should strongly consider changing those hours.

  • This place has been fully built out for some time (complete with multiple TV’s on during the day), but I’ve never seen a soul in there. I’m beginning to wonder if this is a front for something.

  • That font though…

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