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  • Did they just take two words and mash them together to come up with that name?

  • justinbc

    Selection looks meh, even without knowing the prices.

  • The first thing I noticed were the weeds along the front. Doesn’t make a good impression.

  • Everyone should give props that it’s a local store and not a CVS, West Elm, etc. Hope these guys do well.

    • justinbc

      So we should have zero standards, as long as it’s not a big corporation opening up?

    • CVS is convenient (not that we need them on every block, but I like to live within walking distance of one) and I like West Elm’s products. Just because it’s a corporation doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    • Amen to that. Not sure why everyone expects a small business moving into the ground floor of an older building to look like the Louis condos on day 1.

  • I checked those guys out and the prices are not bad.

  • What a bunch of turds. This store represents a dream and lots of hard work for someone that actually believes in this city despite the hard road DC forces them to go. Shut your smug mouths already. There are plenty of malls you can live alongside, so go.

    • kinda my point above. obviously carry on and form/carry your tastes and standards, but be appreciative of new spots like this because it takes a shitload of work and risk to get it up and running. A chain – so prevalent in DC – not so much.

    • I agree with you Brooklander. The snark for the sake of snark on here gets tiring, as evidenced especially by justindc above. The selections “meh” without knowing the prices – uh, maybe you should set foot in the door before weighing in. As further evidenced by your comment that we should have “zero standards” — not sure anyone said that, just that supporting home grown businesses is not a bad thing.

    • +1. The propensity of people on this site to tear things down for the fun of it it petty and tiresome. The clothes don’t appear to be my thing, but I don’t expect to be everyone”s target market. I’m still glad to see someone trying to make a go of a business that’s not a bar or a restaurant.

  • Way to bury the lede. Jorts are scourge upon the earth and need to be banished back to the hell they sprung from.

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait to check it out after work.

  • I’m not a big fan of the signage (hoping they will replace it with something else in the future), but the selection is interesting and literally anything somewhat fashionable that adds to the selection of clothing stores here is probably a step in the right direction. People always seem to complain that there are not enough retail options here, so let’s give this place a chance and not sh!t all over it just yet.

    • I can’t believe THEY didn’t include you in THEIR business decisions. Absolutely ridiculous comment

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