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  • This type of weed growth is really common on my block. Do any of you gardening types have recommendations for dealing with this without using toxic chemicals? Would a vinegar solution work?

    • we have used vinegar, and it does work, but seems like it doesn’t really kill the plant down to the roots. (the plant definitely withers, but seems to be back a couple months later on.) The RoundUp products, unfortunately, are really the only thing we’ve found that actually works and kills the whole plant. One treatment per year really does keep down these weeds.

    • I just pull them out. It’s really not as tedious as it sounds (spraying them all would also take some time), especially if you stay on top of them early on. Nothing works for Bermuda grass though. That stuff is the devil.

    • I have a recipe I haven’t tried yet so here goes:

      1 gallon vinegar

      2 cups Epsom salts

      1.4 cup dawn dish soap

  • I Dont Get It

    I’ve been meaning to post about my 20% vinegar. It’ been pretty good at killing weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk; however, not so good at eliminating my mounds of Virginia Creeper. Virginia Creeper DGAF.

  • Try Burnout II Weed and Grass Killer- I think this product is organic. It contains citrus oil and clove oil. I spray it on my brick patio before I leave for vacation. When I return home, the weeds are dead. It smells strongly of cloves.

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