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  • I think they are completely remodeling what was a rather bland and run down granny house that was there. This is a massive improvement over what was there previously.

  • There was no house there before. It was an empty lot. A small and steep lot, and I wondered whatever could be built there but this is fantastic. I’ve been watching it as I drive to RC park that way every week. I so want an invitation to the christening party!

  • Love it! I will need to ride by this one to get a closer look.

  • +1 to the editor’s note!

  • Reminds me a bit of the house from Ferris Bueller….I like it!

  • I don’t know what “ultra” modern is, but this wouldn’t be it. If anything this is close to old-school classic modernism in a regional vernacular. Love the stone faced podium. Natural materials used with modernist forms always turns me on.

  • Yes. Very glam

  • I Dont Get It

    Looks like the shuttle that drives you between terminals at Dulles.

  • I live in the neighborhood. I wish whomever eventually moves into this house when it is finished nothing but health, happiness, laughter and great luck for many, many years to come. I want to put that good karma out there because as to the house itself, I think that it is AWFUL! I pass it everyday and think to myself, if they wanted to live in something that looks like that, then move to California. It is so completely out of character for the neighborhood and so jarring to see that it really makes me wish that Crestwood has historic district status. To be fair, it is not the only contemporary in the neighborhood. The house just next to it was built a few years ago and also is very contemporary, but at least it does not look like a spaceship. I am glad to welcome new neighbors to our little enclave in the woods, but am very sorry that this particular house is being built.

    • Out if character? Have you seen Crestwood? Have you driven by Beach and onto Brandywine? Have you seen the house me t door to this? You might want to walk around the neighborhood

      • I repeat — I live in Crestwood, so I am more than familiar with its housing stock. And, as my original post noted, we do, indeed, have some contemporary homes in the area — which include some “mid-century” ranch homes that got built in the 1950s or 1960s. However, by far, the vast majority of homes in Crestwood were built in the 1920s or 1930s and bear the architectural signatures of those eras. This newest home is the most jarring of all of the more recent constructs in the neighborhood. The comments about Brandywine, etc. are a non-sequitur. That is Forest Hills, not Crestwood and, Forest Hills indeed does have some very exotic contemporaries within its area, although I do note that efforts to sell those homes has proven very difficult through the years.

  • This house looks great! It’s nice to see that level of investment coming to Ward 4. It reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water,” which I imagine provided the inspiration here.

  • It does look more mid-century modern than “ultra” modern. I rather like it. Crestwood is filled with forgettable 1950s infill; only small parts of it would really work as a historic district. Building into a hill creates all kinds of problems, but that will ultimately be the buyer’s headache.

  • I usually like modern as a design type but this is really in the “meh” zone for me. It reminds me of the addition to E.L. Haynes on Kansas. Better than an empty lot, but could have been better.

    • “Better than an empty lot”

      No, not in this case. It was built on a wild and wooded slope, a little tentacle of RCP. The lot was beautiful, definitely not empty.

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