The Park at 14th Ordered Closed After MPD Alleges “employees tried to cover up an assault”

park at 14th
920 14th Street, NW

A reader reports:

“Walked by The Park at 14th around lunch time and these signs were on their window. Hopefully you can read the letter! It says that their liquor license has been suspended because there was an assault in their bathrooms at 2:40am on the 31st. The employees tried to cover up the assault by escorting the victim out the back door, cleaning the bathroom and then failed to report the incident to 911 or the MPD officers that were assigned to the club.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t read the text of the letter but another reader confirms on twitter:

“long letter from MPD on the door saying they concealed a violent altercation and their liquor license is revoked”

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  • Does this mean D.C. Reynolds is now officially the best happy hour in town?

    • +1 beat me to it.

    • I don’t understand — did the Park at 14th have an unusually good happy hour?

      • Google Washington City Paper’s “Best Happy Hour 2015”

        • Would it have been so difficult to type “The Park on 14th won the City Paper’s ‘Best Happy Hour 2015’ award, and D.C. Reynolds was the runner-up”?

          • Was it difficult to google? You’re know for your internet searching skills, I figured it would take you two seconds; plus you’d get to see the source material rather than taking my word for it. (FYI, I didn’t understand the original post either. I had to google it myself. Did not take long.)

  • there was also at least one stabbing there within the last year. im sure the letter talks about a series of unfortunate events and not just this one.

    • I read the letter. All it talks about it this one incident and how much Cathy Lanier cares about our safety.

  • Send in Jon Taffer. Unacceptable.

  • I’d support them being shut down just on the basis of them blocking the rush hour traffic lanes on 14th St just about every afternoon/evening they’re open.

    • This x1,000,000

    • Why are you driving on 14th Street ? It’s serviced by almost every bus line in the District, Capital Bikeshare stations within several blocks of each other and three metro lines. Not to mention the Loudoun County bus that picks up/drops off at 14th and F.

  • I’d hope the people who did this would be prosecuted as well.

  • Good riddance, always blocking traffic with their inept valet and those idiots with their flashy oh-look-at-me-and-my-ghetto-car morons

    • there we go. took a while for one of these comments, but we got there.

    • You mad bro?

      What does a ghetto car look like? Rims? Sound system? Or is it just their car is nicer than yours?

    • Ahh you and your improper use of the term GHETTO. Last time I drove by Park there were Mercedes, Aston Martins and Maybachs blocking traffic. Annoying, frustrating – Yes. Do these cars exemplify GHETTO? No. Get a new synonym moron.

      Note I am not defending Park, shameful thing has happened and glad the establishment was punished. But tired of certain people using the word GHETTO when they describe something, especially when there is nothing ghetto about people patronizing an establishment who own/rent/lease a car that cost more than what the average person can afford. Would it be ghetto if the same people and cars were patronizing Le Diplomate, Estadio or Barcelona? NOPE!

  • From what I understand that it was basically a drunk dude that kept bumping into another dude and ended up catching a bottle over his head. I hate to say it but I thought it was far worse than that…Shit happens., stop being completely wasted…

  • This is all about overserving. These style venues have too many bars, too many guests, and not enough ability/willingness to control consumption and it’s dangerous. All multi bar venues need to beef up staff ed, security, and start measuring (not counting or “flare” pouring) so they actually know how much spirit they’re serving their guests. This is tragic. And avoidable.

  • So @POPVille does this get added to the ‘end of an era’ posting? With the closure of K Street Lounge, Lima, Tattoo Bar and Lotus 14th the 14th/K corridor’s lounge and semi-club scene is now dead and gone (do people go to Josephines anymore?).

    Only places to go dancing 21+ (not bars with a DJ) are Kabin, Heist and Huxley?

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