Surreal Scenes Vol. 27 – Hine School Demo


@zoeica tweets us the scene above this morning:

“Not much left now of old school on 7th SE & Pennsylvania”

The Hine School project will rank high on the list of places we do double takes when it’s completed.

I also thought it was pretty surreal when I walked by on Saturday and saw the demo in the background of the temporary flea market:



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  • I passed by this this morning and it was weird. In my head I knew that the school yard and school was a big area and obviously the school itself took up a lot of visual space, now that it is coming down you can see how big a footprint the school was.

    • justinbc

      Yeah it’s huge. I was trying to explain to my partner all the area that was going to be redone and she kept saying “oh, and that too?!”

  • Accountering

    This will be a huge, timely project for the area. Glad to see it getting started!

  • Surreal yes, and lovely. I am very happy to see this project get moving

  • for all the handwringing in some parts of the community, the massing is not that much bigger than the remaining portion in the above photo, only occupying most of the 700 block N of Penn and south of C SE. The 8th St and north open space broke up Hine somewhat. the new plan eats almost all of the open space.

    The biggest transformation will be the dramatically scaled down flea markets. The space is really constrained on C. Hopefully it remains on 7th even if the EM and surrounding merchants have been fighting the street closure tooth and nail.

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