Rito Loco WPGC Party Last Night in Shaw – Officially Opens in “a few days” and Will be open 24 hours on Weekends


Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“They said opening would be in “a few days”. Owner also says they will be open 24hrs on weekends with dj.”

Rito Loco is located at 606 Florida Ave, NW. Their website says:

“A unique and creative burrito company.

After two and a half years of operating the Rito Loco food truck, we are ecstatic to announce that renovations have begun at our first brick and mortar location at 606 Florida Ave! Soon we will have a place you can always find us. On the weekends, we will be working around the clock to make sure you can visit whenever it’s convenient for you. On your lunch break, after work, after a night out in the club, or before work the next morning. Our truck will also still be in operation, and our catering business will be headquartered at our restaurant as well.”

Check out their menu here.

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  • They had the covering off the windows this morning. Looked nice inside and nearly ready to open.

  • That Dj is going to be so tired!

  • About time. Thought they were going to open last year.

    • It wasn’t their fault. The city had them jumping through hoops and that was the ultimate cause of the delayed opening. I feel bad for them, as one of the co-owners told me they were supposed to be open last May, and have been paying on the lease since they signed it in Oct. of 2013. Apparently, they’ve had to start paying back investors, but they are finally almost open so hopefully things work out for them!

  • Their burritos are sweeeeet

  • Their burritos are amazing!!! Congrats to them on their (so to be) opening!!

  • Dear god, finally! I am seriously excited

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