“On June 25, 2015, 3 Stars Brewing Company will release their first ever canned beers. Just in time for summer, the Ghost White IPA and Citra Lemon Saison will be the first canned – The 16-ounce tall boys are easy to spot”

Ghost Can Label

From a press release:

“On June 25, 2015, 3 Stars Brewing Company will release their first ever canned beers. Just in time for summer, the Ghost White IPA and Citra Lemon Saison will be the first canned beers to debut. Packaged and canned at the brewery by River City Mobile Canning, these tall boys come in 4-packs and will be available for purchase at most local DC retailers.

DC-grown and taste-driven, 3 Stars is taking summer sipping to a whole new level with two of their favorite warm-weather beers. The Citra Lemon Saison (5.2%abv) has subtle citrus notes and a touch of tartness, making it a perfect pair for grilled barbeque chicken and backyard parties. The Ghost White IPA (5.9%abv) with its bright finish and lingering hop bitterness is best served alongside seared fish and poolside rays.

The 16-ounce tall boys are easy to spot. Look for the 3 Stars family shield and familiar skull logos wrapping the cans. The green/yellow/orange Saison and silver/white/blue Ghost White IPA labels are both designed by Kendra Kuliga of Cielo Productions, whose work can be seen across 3 Stars materials, website and on-site at the brewery.

Get bigger flavor in bigger cans. Grab a 4-pack (or more) of 3 Stars’ new cans starting June 25 at the brewery or a fine retailer near you.”

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  • Big up to these guys/gals. Love their beer and events. Keep it coming.

  • Over/Under on what a 4 pack will run? My guess: $14

    • Anonynon

      I hope not…I love three stars but their beers are generally a little pricier. I don’t think they would sell much 4 packs (5.4 % alch) at $14 a pop. Dogfish head 4 packs are usually about 10$ for a 90 minute

      • To be fair, a Dogfish four pack is 4 12oz bottles. This is 33% more beer. I love that they’re putting out tallboys!

    • I’ll take the under, but not by much. Does anyone know why local beers are so expensive? It makes no sense to me that e.g. west coast craft brews can often be found in DC for maybe $2 cheaper per six-pack (or four-pack, whatever) than locally-made stuff. I understand that DC is expensive, but so is San Francisco. I just don’t get it. I’d love to support local breweries, but when their product is of comparable quality to things that have traveled from outside the region and the price is higher, I can’t justify it. Shouldn’t transportation costs be much lower? Does it cost that much more to run a brewery in DC than it does in other cities?

      • My guess is production volume. All of the DC breweries are still quite small so their economies of scale are not in the same ballpark at some of the larger, more establish western craft brewers.

      • My guess is branding. DC Brau has the affordable “buy b/c it’s local” market on lock, and 3 Stars aims for the luxury “buy b/c it’s local” market. I’m surprised they’re going smaller format at all, given the luxury associations of high price-point 750ml bottles, but I’d bet against them pricing this affordably.

        • I’m not sure that $10.99 or $11.99 for a six-pack of DC Brau counts as “affordable” (as pointed out below), otherwise this might make sense. It is also typically at least $6/pint in bars/restaurants, often more, maybe I am not going to the right places.

          Also, thanks to all the folks who responded to my initial comment, these are all good comments.

          • If you’re buying craft beer, DC Brau is among the cheapest options; it’s no Miller Lite, but it’s competitive with Sierra Nevada/Lagunitas/etc. Certainly compared to 3 Stars — where you get 25oz for $12-15 — $10-12 for 72oz is quite affordable, and DC Brau is clearly positioning itself as a more everyday brand rather than a luxury one.

          • “it’s competitive with Sierra Nevada/Lagunitas/etc. ”

            That’s the problem. For the money, there are much better beers easily available.

      • A particular issue with Three Stars is simply the cost of ingredients. Three Stars generally makes beers which are higher in ABV, barrel-aged or otherwise secondary-conditioned, and with additional unusual ingredients (sometimes all three). All of those things cost more to produce than your hop-forward IPAs and other West Coast styles, especially given that Three Stars doesn’t get the economies of scale in purchasing that breweries like Green Flash, Firestone Walker, Stone, etc. get.

        All that being said, Three Stars makes some incredibly good beer, and I’ve never minded shelling out a couple extra $$$ for their product either on top or in 750 ml bottles. Looking forward to trying these too!

        • I don’t believe it’s just the ingredients and costs of having a brewery. There is something to be said for using barrels and unusual ingredients, sure- that makes some of their beers more expensive, but their prices are ridiculous… this is for all the breweries… but especially 3 stars. There are plenty of tiny breweries all over this country that brew just as complex (and better) beer with great flavor and would never charge locals the prices DC breweries charge. It’s just that we are willing to pay it and it sucks. I think when DC Brau opened, everyone was so excited to have a local brewery and wealthy people live here who will pay for local as Brewguyben stated above, and thus we missed the opportunity to get lower prices on beer. It angers/disappoints me every time I see basic DC beers the same price if not more expensive than other beers. Angers!

          That being said, 3stars is my favorite brewery in DC and I enjoy going to the brewery itself and enjoying a pint or two- but screw ordering it at a bar/restaurant when there’s oftentimes better &or cheaper options.

      • Strange, I find the prices between D.C. and west coast beers to be pretty much the same – unless the west coast brewer is in fact a much larger operation, in which case economies of scale explains why their product is cheaper.

        • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

          I regularly spend time in Seattle where most beers are $3-5 a pint. Ditto in San Diego. Where on the West Coast are you going that the beer prices are the same as DC?

      • This drives me crazy. Dales Pale is almost the exact same beer as DC Brau Public Ale. Public Ale is consistently $2 more per 6 pack, but doesn’t have to be trucked in a refrigerator for 2,000 miles. Dales is probably bigger but shipping isn’t cheap.

      • It actually does cost more, according to this Washington Post article from 6-ish months ago (http://wamu.org/programs/metro_connection/14/12/05/why_dc_breweries_say_theyre_drowning_in_red_tape). The tldr is that local regs require breweries to have near-daily inspections of their boilers, or operate them sub-optimally. Plus a bunch of other extra regs.

    • JB & Doc are correct is what they say regarding whats in beer/how long it takes, as well as, purchasing smaller quantities of ingredients and producing smaller volumes of beer. I’m talking 500,000 barrels vs 5-10,000 barrels. In addition, the brewery does not really control costs outside the brewery, the distributor does. I don’t know those numbers those, so I’m not sure where the biggest mark up is at between the breweries price, the distros price, or the stores price.

      People complain about a $10 6 pack, but will buy a $6-8 dollar pint without thinking at a bar.

      • Lemme know where I can find a pint of 3 Stars for 6-8 dollars.

        • Higher abv beers almost always use smaller glasses. It’s not unique to 3 stars.

          • Most of their beer isn’t any stronger than any equal type of beer from any other brewery. Their IPA is under 6- as are a lot of their other beers. In my opinion, anything under 8abv shouldn’t be served in 10/12 oz glasses unless it’s rare or part of a tasting. It’s all market and hype that everyone in DC is creating and/or falling for- including me.

          • For what it’s worth, Meridian Pint currently has a 12-ounce pour of 3 Stars Cognitive Dissonance (3.7% ABV) for $8.

          • Exactly. Lemme know when you have the 8 dollar pint.

        • seriously, right? You can get a 10oz pour for $8 at many places, but I’d be hard pressed to find a pint that price.

          That being said, the Blaguard has $4.50 pints M-F from 5-8 and they give you an actual pint (sometimes you’ll get a 12 oz tuplip). They have a rotating 3star beer 99% of the time….last time I went it was Above the Clouds….soooo tasty.

      • D.C. law is unique in that it allows brewers to self-distribute. So that shouldn’t be a factor.

        • If you want to make money you are going to go with a distributor. 3 Stars, DC Brau, and Atlas are all with Premium. Not sure about Hellbender. i think Chocolate City self distro’ed, yeah…..

  • Hooray! I love 3 stars.

  • Meh. Overpriced, average-at-best beers. Guessing these will be $11.99 per four pack and have quality control issues like most everything else they produce.

    • @Anon I assume you’re saying this as you sip your room temperature Natty Ice. Me thinks you don’t drink a lot of nice beer and have no idea what you’re talking about. QC issues? Like what? Or maybe you work for DC Brau and you’re just posting this garbage on here as a troll. I don’t know which one it is, but maybe you should go back to your bedroom and let the adults continue their conversation.

      • Overpriced as in it’s cheaper to buy a half barrel of DC Brau from a retail outlet than it is for that same retail outlet to buy a half barrel of 3 Stars from a distributor, far cheaper. Average-at-best, as in Ratebeer and Beeradvocate agree with that statement. Quality Control issues as in a recall of Pandemic Porter due to infected bottles.

        I drink a lot of nice beer, I sampled and evaluated 9 beers yesterday alone. I’d say in a given year I try on order of at least 750-1,000 beers. I completely support OP’s statement.

        • 3 stars is the most expensive beer to order in this city. The don’t discount for even the most high volume places, and they self distribute.

          • They use to only self distribute and still may some of their stuff, but they are also with Premium

      • @GrantCircle covered it. Need to check your facts before your internet call-outs next time, as you just made yourself look like an ignorant clown. *Takes sip of Hill Farmstead, spits it in Dinkle’s face*.

        • Anon – everyone’s entitled to their opinion on taste, but if you don’t recognize that Three Stars’ beers are objectively high quality, then you just don’t understand beer or know what it’s supposed to taste like. Dropping the name of Hill Farmstead doesn’t change that.

          Maybe consider taking a BJCP tasting class or find some other resource to help you develop your palate a bit?

          • lol beer snob FITE *grabs popcorn*

          • I enjoy some 3 Stars beers, I don’t deny that. But nothing they produce is exceptional and the quality of their product relative to price is just subpar. That’s my point.

            Take your concern over my palate elsewhere, doesn’t take a cicerone to understand where 3 Star’s offerings fall on the value/taste/quality spectrum.

            And the Hill Farmstead name drop was nothing more than a sarcastic retort to @Dinkle’s Natty ice jab.

          • What if it isn’t just Anon? Why does 3 Stars have such low ratings, particularly style ratings, on Ratebeer? Is it everyone else that doesn’t get it. Are we all wrong and you’re right?

          • @Anon basically just said “I like 3 Stars but their beer is shit.” Got it. Your whole opinion is invalidated after that. The problem with beer snobs is that they think that their opinion is infallible. Meanwhile they’re just trying to make up for a very specific physical shortcoming. And then he says he’d spit in my face like the infant and mental midget that he is. But that’s just how Tommy Tough Nutz rolls, I guess. You do realize you can enjoy beers without making everything into an irrelevant thinkpiece, right? Just because you lack the ability to conduct critical thought without your mommy coming to the rescue doesn’t mean you’re right in your opinions. You are objectively wrong and don’t deserve to breath the same air normal people do. Now jump back on your single gear bike, go home, take that Hill Farmstead bottle out of the fridge, wipe the condensation off, pop the cap, take a swig, do your bitter tasting face, turn it sideways and stick it straight up your ass.

          • “The problem with beer snobs is that they think that their opinion is infallible. ..You are objectively wrong”

            This is better than my wildest dreams.

          • @Nona, I said that knowing how it came across. The difference is that they believe their opinions are infallible while my statement was not an opinion but a statement of factual integrity and accuracy. That is key here. Opinions on beer taste are not objective. Noting someone is objectively an asshole is not a matter of opinion.

          • Jeez. What mean things to say. I don’t understand how someone can turn a lively debate about something as heavenly as beer into something so nasty.

          • @Q I know what you’re saying. You’ll have to ask @Anon why he turned the debate into something nasty about spitting in my face. I didn’t want it to get like this but as they say… If you come at the king you best not miss.

          • You’re an attendant at best.

  • They’re really the only production brewery in DC who isn’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to trying different styles and using different ingredients, so I’m glad they’re expanding availability of their products. And the mobile canning concept is interesting. Combine this with the heat shrink labels that are becoming more popular on cans, and it’s much easier to do limited runs in cans.
    And as far as prices go, you can find bombers of 3 Stars at Costco for around $10, and DC Brau can be found at local supermarkets for $8-9 per six pack. If you’re paying more than that, you’re overpaying.

    • I have never seen a six-pack for DC Brau being sold for less than $10. I know $1 or $2 difference is kinda negligible but where do you get your beer?

      • Seriously, tell us where to find this $8 DC Brau. Cheapest I’ve EVER seen is $9.99 for the public at Trader Joe’s. Almost everywhere else goes for the $10.99 or *shudder* $11.99 price point.

        • Sorry, I meant to say $9-10, not $8-9. I’ve found it on sale at both Safeway and Harris Teeter for $8.99 in the past. It’s usually $9.99, which is much better than the $12.99/6-pack it was selling for a while back.

    • I almost universally see six-packs (cans, of course) of DC Brau running 10.99.

    • Bluejacket has tons of experimental beers in all kids of styles. IMO they’re awful. But they are different.

  • I have never seen a six-pack for DC Brau being sold for less than $10. I know $1 or $2 difference is kinda negligible but where do you get your beer?

  • I’d like to know when Right Proper is going to start canning. That can’t happen soon enough.

  • andy

    Come on 3 Stars you are letting us down on creativity. If you’re real DC these should be sold in two-can talllboy packs that come with stoop-ready brewery-branded paper bags. There is still time to do this right!

  • Arguing about what beer tastes like to someone else on a website is dumb. 3 Stars, I’m stoked for you, I enjoy your beers on the regular, thanks for being creative.

    • +1

      I love their beer and have long felt a beer that makes me happy is worth the investment. I’m pumped about this.

    • Yep their beer is overpriced and nope their beer is not (yet) world class but it is, dare I say it, objectively solid. I think their brewery, tasting room and homebrew shop are super fun to visit and super convenient.

      $2-3 difference per sixer is not really negligible considering that is a 20-30 percent difference, which would add up or drain down one’s beer fund.

      But 3 Stars, if you are reading this here thread, why not add Above the Clouds to your canning plans? What an objectively lovely beer (seriously).

  • 3 Stars sells pints for $5 when they’re open during weekends. For posters complaining about bar prices – you realize breweries don’t set them, right?

    Comparing DC Brau, 3 Stars, or any of the local guys to Sierra Nevada or Dale’s Pale Ale is absurd – the local breweries are small and have high overhead. They can’t compete with the mega breweries on price (yet).

  • Bunch of bars have stated that Three Stars kegs are the most expensive in the market. They make very little PROFIT from their beers.

    For the area they are the most “innovative” of the other brewers. Although nothing that do is amazing. And of the Illuminati beers I tasted I am happy I saved my $.

    The ingredients and price argument is BS. They price according to their market. Unless you are telling me that Pliny the elder doesn’t use as many hops and ingredients as two to the dome. You can go to SD, SF, Seattle, Chicago and get just as big of beers with as many or more ingredients for $6 or less. I was drinking a Boneyard Triple IPA for $5 last weekend at Chuck’s Hop Shop. So don’t tell me that it costs $9 for a pint of pandemic porter. DC is expensive for rent and customers will pay. You cannot blame them for capitalism.

    JR and JB we know you work for the three stars please save the interweb space on a response.

  • The question is, when is my second bottle of the Illuminati series coming out? The timing on these releases could be just a……tad better.

  • Anyone else notice that is only Three Stars beers that start the comment insanity? No other brewery. It is every single time popville posts about one of their events or new products. I love it.

  • Can anyone explain why all local breweries can be had for $10 for 16oz at Nats park but citra lemon Saison was $10 for 12oz?

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