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  • samanda_bynes

    oh cool, anyone actually tried the place yet? I walk/bike by it almost every day on the way to work but have yet to stop in.

    • I’ve tried it and liked it, they make good espresso drinks and it’s a cool little gallery, nice people, my biggest gripe was the lack of seating- which this should address.

  • I tried it when it was cafe diem. The space is pretty fun, albeit quite small. The outdoor space looks OK, it would be nice if there were an umbrella or something to block the mid-day sun, as well as some additional greenery.

  • We live down the block and have been there a handful of time, and once when the outdoor seating first came out. I think the coffee and espresso are both delicious and match well with anywhere else in the area. Plus the prices felt really fair (didn’t do an exact comparison to Peregrine or Filter though, just initial impressions).

    Definitely worth checking out!

  • Yes! I stopped in over the weekend and the iced coffee was excellent – brewed using the Japanese slow drip method. The owner was very sweet to explain how it worked and also talked about some other interesting brewing methods she had paired with specific coffees. Highly recommended

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