New 24 Hour Diner, Olivia’s, Coming to 19th Street in the former G Street Food space

1120 19th Street, NW

The old Jonathan’s Gourmet then the G Street Food that abruptly closed back in January is set to become a new 24 hour diner called Olivia’s. Their liquor license placard says:

“New restaurant serving typical diner food during breakfast, lunch, dinner and late evening. Total Occupancy Load of 130 and Sidewalk Café with seating for 32. Sunday through Saturday 7am-7am (24-hour operations) – Sidewalk cafe hours Sunday through Saturday 10am-10pm”

Updates when they get closer to opening.


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  • Nice. Another 24hr breakfast option is a win.

  • palisades

    Anything 24/ piques my interest, even if the food sucks.

  • PDleftMtP

    24/7 downtown is huge. I’ve been reduced to walking to a 24-hour 7-11 when pulling all-nighters.

  • Love the idea of a 24 hr diner, but this seems like a terrible place for it.

    • That was my first thought, too, but being accessible to the GW population, a bunch of West End and Dupont hotels, while still pulling late-nighters in from as far as Georgetown and Logan might just work. Not to mention potential for a steady workday lunch crowd. If they can deliver on decent corned beef hash and eggs with a stack of pancakes on the side at 2AM, it might be worth the walk.

      • That area is kind of dead at night isn’t it? It’s kind of a hike from Georgetown and Logan.

        • I’m thinking the late-night boon would be drinkers along Connecticut and M or even K Street who want to load up on pancakes and eggs before Ubering back to the suburbs.

  • I always wondered why there weren’t more diners in the DC area.

  • As with the Coupe, there ins’t enough of a demand for breakfast burritos at 4am on Wednesdays. They will eventually trim their operating hours. Any insomniac who has a steak & eggs craving should switch to decaf.

  • T-minus 6 months before it goes back to regular hours. If 24-hour places can’t work where people live, there’s no way they’ll survive in a late-night dead zone.

    • northeazy

      +1000. 24 hours paired back in 3 months. Weekends paired back in 6-9 months. Out of business in 1 year. Horrible spot. While people would enjoy it, by the time folks know about it, and it becomes part of their late-night munchies thinking, it’ll be too late.

  • Or it could do well because it’s less of a neighborhood environment. If you’re drinking near where you live, you can eat food you have at home. If you’re downtown and need to uber back to Clarendon or silver spring, this is more compelling.

  • My humble opinion; one reason DC can’t sustain 24-hour operations is that it doesn’t have enough of a shift worker base either downtown or close by. In other cities, or even close-in suburbs like Arlington, there’s enough of a mix of second and third shift workers that will support a diner’s revenue stream during the week.

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