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  • Is this list exhaustive, for all of DC? Or just for a portion of DC that the realtor thinks is relevant for PoPville readers? It seems to be the latter, based on the scope of addresses.

  • These are the comprehensive numbers for DC. If any zip codes are missing, definitely let me know-

  • There’s a home on Ingraham that is listed as having a 400k seller subsidy. I’m assuming that’s a typo?
    Numbers are looking great this year. I think buyers are feeling the pressure since interest rates are likely to rise in the fall. In the urban market I expect we still won’t see a huge slowdown as rates creep up. High income young buyers here are typically more constrained by downpayment size than by income.

  • The MLS lists the seller subsidy for 718 Ingraham as being $400k. Pretty unlikely, but I only report 🙂

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