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  • alphatango

    I don’t know what that reader is talking about. That is an accurate map of DC. Maybe they want Arlington and Alexandria back?

  • I’m also confused. The map appears accurate.

  • No, because they were trying to make it look like a house. The anacostia would just be a line running through it and making it look like a broken home. Might I suggest not getting offended at all things?

    • Hahaha! I wouldn’t have put it that way, but I agree.

    • Aglets

      agreed. Should we also get into a snit that rock creek park isn’t suggested? it’s not like they cut it off at the anacostia and then forgot the parts of Ward 7 & 8

      i mean christ people….chill.

    • I’m offended by the design aesthetic, but that’s about it.

  • I assure you, whatever is going on inside that P6 bus is more offensive than that.

  • Are they made because the river is the same color as everything else? Looks pretty accurate to me…


  • No. Map contains all 8 wards. Who lives in the river?


  • looks about right to me. that map outline includes the Potomac river to the west of the city too.

  • OP knows the Anacostia River, despite not being land, is still part of DC, right? As in, it’s not in Virginia or Maryland?

  • Yeah, not sure what the problem is here. It’s the outline of DC…you don’t typically include waterways when you’re just drawing the shape of a state or city unless they determine the boundaries (Maryland).

  • I think the poster drank their lunch and is confusing the Potomac with the Anacostia.

  • It’s missing more than a dozen other creeks and tributaries that flow inside the District as well.

  • Yes, it’s offensive. The map seems to be missing four large squares of where people live as well as the portion of DC between the banks of the Anacostia River.
    Also, it’s insulting to the eastern portion of the city by assuming that more smoking/pollution/chimneys are there.

  • The map includes DC and it’s waterways. Rock Creek isn’t whited out, the Potomac isn’t whited out. What’s the issue? Does the OP claim this is racist or something? Someone always wants to be the victim. Stop finding every little thing to be offended by, people. It’s really absurd.

  • washington20009

    It left out Roosevelt Island!

  • Of course it’s offensive! The river should obviously be depicted. Won’t somebody please think of the marginalized DC houseboat community?

  • Is the Prince trolling us?

  • Why do you need someone to tell you if you should be offended or not? Have people got to the point that we can no longer decide for ourselves if something offends us? I would say that if you have to ask, then no, you should not be offended.

  • tonyr

    I should get around more; I had no idea that they’d turned most of Upper Northwest into a giant window. Still those people EOTP had it coming if you ask me, which you probably won’t.

  • The things people get worked up about…..

  • I’m offended that the DC Housing Expo & Home Show folks clearly didn’t feel like paying a legitimate designer to do their creative. Whatever the white text says in the roofline is illegible unless you’re right up on the bus. Apart from that I’m not offended. They forgot that little island in the Potomac River too.

  • I’d love to see why the OP thought this map might be offensive? When I first read the post title I assumed this was another map that excluded everything EOTR. Which happens all the time. i.e. the map in my daughter’s class ends at the river. But this map, while kind of ugly, is geographically correct.


    • First time I saw it, it was definitely blue. Now, I’m seeing gold. I’m not sure what’s going on!!!

  • The question should read “should I overreact about this?” Here’s a tip: not everything is racist.

  • I am offended that Teddy Roosevelt Island is not included. Other than that, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be mad about.

    • Not just missing TRI, but all of Columbia Island – Memorial Circle, LBJ Grove, Columbia Island Marina, Humpback Bridge. All are DC. And all gone! Oh, the humanity!

  • Yes definitely offensive, everybody knows DC is blue – not red. Nice try Donald Trump!

    • I am very rich. This city will be painted the greatest color in the world. Nobody will ever have seen a city like this. It’s going to be RED!

  • Dear PoPville, I’m offended that a reader has written in using the official “One City” propaganda of our former male mayor. I suspect it is because this reader refuses to recognize the legitimacy of out current female mayoralty. When will the sexism end?

  • Are we seriously to a point where respectable intelligent individuals are “offended” by SHAPES??

  • Late to the game, buuuut did anyone else notice the sticker in the center of their windscreen?
    They are from Virginia. of course they don’t recognize the DC outline.

  • I’m offended. This map does not feature an arrow pointing to my house. I feel excluded.

  • It also doesn’t include an outline of Rock Creek. These are the accurate geographical boundaries of the District, or does the OP think the city ends at the river?

  • justinbc

    Classic DC, people getting outraged on behalf of others without really understanding the scenario.

    • I don’t know that I’d say it’s “classic D.C.,” but the rest of your characterization is spot on.

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