Help Finding Lost Phone with Photos of 10 Month Old Baby

Photo by PoPville flickr user Andrei Sinioukov

“Dear PoPville,

Two weeks ago I lost my phone. While picking my 10 month old daughter up from daycare, I put my phone on the roof of my car to place her in her car seat. I didn’t realize that I had left it there and that it had flown off until I got home and I’m crushed.

If it was just my phone, it wouldn’t matter that much to me but all of the pictures and video (Thanksgiving, Christmas, her crawling) that I’ve taken of my daughter, from November to now – 7 seven months of her life – were on that phone and they were not backed up. Shame on me for that, I know. I’m hoping that one of your readers can help me locate the phone.

For the days after I lost it, it couldn’t be located. I’m thinking the battery died. This week it was located in two different places:
5157 Fort Totten St. NE, earlier this week and
1060 Quebec Pl NW, today.

The phone is an iPhone 6. It has a case on it. The case is a picture of my daughter in a pile of leaves.

Please, if someone has found this phone, please return it. Your gesture will be rewarded.

I can be reached at [email protected]

Thanks so much,
Mary Lou aka Mom who lost her phone”

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  • Check if you had your cloud back up turned on. They could all be saved there.

    • Correct – if you have an iPhone, log into iCloud dot com and click on Photos. If you have an Android phone with a relatively recent version of Android, log into Google Drive at drive dot google dot com, although you may have to dig a bit, it’s not quite as straightforward as iOS. Good luck!

      • I think to have the “find my iPhone” feature working, you have to have the icloud backup on. So I think the pictures would be there unless you opted out of having them backup automatically?

  • Back-up lesson learned aside, is someone else charging and potentially using your phone? I’m assuming those were two “find my iPhone” fixes on its location. I hope you have it PIN locked and that you’ve reported the loss to your wireless company. Someone could be running up some pricey calls and data usage if they’ve gotten access to your phone.

    As suggested above, definitely also recommend logging into iCloud from any web browser. There’s a good chance your photos were backed up and you weren’t even aware of it.

  • I can’t speak as to any cloud backup info, but… if you need to find the physical phone, perhaps you could leave notes at those two addresses offering a no-questions-asked reward?

  • justinbc

    Flickr also has an atuomated uploader, for your future backup needs.

  • Have you tried the Apple Store for help? They may be able to help you retrieve the photos, or at least locate and/or lock your phone from preventing others from using it.

  • I wish I was Denzel from The Equalizer and I could get peoples stuff back and leave it in their mailbox. Good luck. My wife lost her phone, i.e. someone else picked it up when she dropped it.

  • use the dropbox app – it automatically backups your photos when connected to wifi

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