Distillery Porn – First Look Inside the Joseph A. Magnus & Co. Distillery “DC’s first true bourbon distillery”

Inside Look - Distillery

From an email:

“What is Joseph A. Magnus & Co?

Joseph Magnus was one of the most successful pre-prohibition distillers of bourbon and other spirits. His great-grandson, Jimmy Turner, is in the final stages of bringing Joseph Magnus pre-prohibition heritage here to DC.

Joseph A. Magnus & Co will be DC’s first true bourbon distillery and the largest distillery in the District, the photo (above) is a sneak peek of the Magnus Distillery 3000L and 450L stills.

Why did you decide to start the distillery?

Jimmy Turner, Joseph Magnus’ great grandson, has been on a journey to restart the Magnus stills and bring back Joseph Magnus pre-prohibition heritage and the uniqueness and quality of his products.

To accomplish this goal, the great-grandson assembled a “Whiskey Dream Team” of business and spirits experts, including:

· Dave Scheurich, Woodford Reserve Distiller and Whiskey Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
· Nancy “the Nose” Fraley, Director of Research for American Distilling Institute and the nation’s top whiskey blender
· Richard Wolf, former Chairman of the Kentucky Distillers Association and VP General Manager at Buffalo Trace which has a number of great brands including Pappy Van Winkle
· Brett Thompson, CEO of Pork Barrel BBQ, a successful DC start-up, and Shark Tank participant.

Address is 2052 West Virginia Ave NE in Ivy City.

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  • So, 8 years from now we might get some bourbon from here? That’s exciting news.

  • Looks like Mr. Magnus was from Cincinnati or something. Isn’t it kind of weird to transplant heritage like this?

    • He probably already owns a pop-up here. Capital knows no borders and shame.
      Who wants to live in Cincy? It’s a hole.

  • Uhmmm…. am I missing something? Isn’t One Eight in Ivy City and first in DC, having already distilled and barreled a high rye bourbon and a wheated bourbon. Joseph A Magnus doesn’t sound very magnanimous.

  • I wish them luck, but trend-following is not a great business idea. I love bourbon, and so does the rest of the world right now…until of course they move on to something else and this pappy’s bourbon no longer sells. And for what it’s worth, my great grandfather trained thoroughbreds, but I don’t think that somehow qualifies me to do it, too.

    • Bourbon is about as “trendy” as coca cola and French fries… It’s the country’s national spirit! Not sure how that’s trend following. As for your comment on how it makes the guy qualified, I don’t think he ever said it did- and he was smart enough to assemble a group of people who appear to be well qualified.

      • Bourbon is our national spirit, but the world has gone bonkers for it, the Chinese in particular. Not long ago, bourbon was something your grandad drank and real men drank scotch. Before that, the it drink was vodka. So yeah, bourbon is trendy. But, I’ll still be drinking it when the Chinese move on to tequila or absinthe or whatever the next best thing. Maybe then I’ll be able to get a bottle of pappy.

  • If you want to appeal to that sense of for the district, by the district you probably shouldn’t use an advertising company from Virginia Beach to launch your product, and if you do at least conceal it somewhat.
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  • Well that’s great! Jobs for DC and another home-grown product we can be proud of. But honestly, and I ask this with all seriousness, isn’t bourbon something that only comes from Kentucky, much like Champagne can only come from that part of France?

  • Someone mentioned Pappy Van Winkle so I’m going to tell this story. I went to see a free screening of the Will Smith movie Focus a couple of months back. The line was super long so we decided to go to a bar next door for some drinks. On their shelf was a dusty bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. I asked the bartender how much it was for a pour (thinking he would say something between $50 & $100) and after having to ask his manager (it wasn’t in their POS system), to my surprise he said $13. I drank it until I couldn’t drink any more. I’ve been meaning to back to that bar.

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