End of an Era Vol. 177 – Down Goes Hine


Thanks to Alex Golding for sending: “some pictures of the Hine School demolition. The kids love the big machines!”


The future from HineSchool.com:

“The Stanton-Eastbanc team plans a mixed-use development, re-connecting Eastern Market and the Metro Station, that is as richly diverse, architecturally distinguished and historically rooted as the surrounding Hill community.”


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  • Personally won’t miss this. I didn’t have anything against it per se or any great affection for what is coming, but the way the building was built and oriented made it a huge break in the neighborhoods continuity.

  • Good riddance to this eyesore. After years of NIMBY-ism and fear-mongering (“but where will the flea market go?!?!?!?!”), it’s good to see progress. The flea market, and the whole area, is just fine and will be much improved by this development.

    • SouthwestDC

      Indeed, it’s about time! I like that part of the flea market more in its new location on 7th anyway.

  • Honest concern here: Has Eastern Market lost its soul? There are times it seems like the odd jobs lot of Pier One. Just a bunch of knock-off antiques and 2nds in textiles.

    • Compared to when? I’ve been coming here for the past 9 years (lived in the neighborhood for 7) and it seems just about the same, only now there is more competition in the farmers’ market game. The non-foodstuffs have always seemed somewhat overpriced and not particularly original, though this year, I have noticed a few more interesting stalls.

      • Agreed on some of the vendors for the inside of the market and the inane situation of outside vendors doing repackaged vegetables and fruits from the chain grocery stores. Competition will hopefully up the ante for them…(decent and affordable bread please) and there was no love lost for that sour cheese vendor. I was talking more about the flea market vendors, over my thirty years in DC they’re product appears more mass produced less resourced

        • Got it. Your frame of reference is definitely different/broader than mine. No clue what it was like 30 years ago, though more recently I have been pleasantly surprised. I really wish I could go to their Fresh Farm Tuesdays more often. If only some of those vendors would come to the weekend market…

    • I agree – I think it’s gotten more interesting in the 8 years I’ve been going. Overpriced, maybe, but I never fail to find gifts for people there that you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Wow! This is thrilling. For some reason, I thought it had gotten delayed again, but am excited to see it move forward.

  • SouthwestDC

    “The kids love the big machines!”
    As do some of us adults! If I didn’t have a meeting to run to I would have lingered longer watching it this morning.

  • Ha! Walked through this this morning and everyone (including adults, not just the children 🙂 ) was standing around entranced.

  • Oh No! Where will pols from the Capitol jump for a moment to have their pictures taken with a diverse bunch of little city children? So convenient!

    • Umm, the half a dozen other nearby schools? Either way this has been closed for years. It more served as a place for the nearest photo op venue of urban blight.

      • You’re right – my comment is dated, I haven’t lived on Capitol Hill since ’95. BUT back then it was the go-to photo op place.

  • I wish they would come on over to Shaw junior high when they are done.

  • samanda_bynes

    the kids love the destruction of the system!

  • As a local resident I am looking forward to a long construction period during which 7th Street above Penn is closed off on the weekends for the flea market, which means I can go to Eastern Market (for a while at least) without having to dodge jerk Maryland SUV drivers who for some inexplicable reason insist on driving through a congested pedestrian area without slowing down.

    • Totally agree. I really like 7th st being closed starting at Penn. It’s a much more pleasant experience.

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