Capital Vape Supply opens on U Street

1007 U Street, NW

Apparently people like vaping. New vape lounges seem to be opening up all over the place. I’ve now seen them in Adams Morgan, H Street NE, Petworth, and Georgetown. Any others?

Out of curiosity do any readers vape?


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  • samanda_bynes

    hmm, there’s vaping in p-worth? man, it’s really blown up. I’ve tried it, but eh, I’d rather smoke or not smoke at all…

    • samanda_bynes

      like the “coolness” of smoking comes form the fact that it’s fire, and it’s bad for you – that’s why it looks cool. the vaping removes both of these, and just makes you look like kind of a dork. but hey, w/e’s man

      • Vaping isn’t about “coolness” or whatever. It’s about delivery of a drug (nicotine) and the pleasure inducing side effects of said drug. I think the jury is still out on the health effects of vaping versus smoking real cigarettes. Personally, I prefer vaping due to lack of stench and feeling MUCH better the next morning. Still, it’s something I rarely do. I buy a single use Blu vape cigarette once every 4 or 5 months.
        I’ve had a few friends quit cigarettes due to vaping. After a few days, they felt much better. They regained their sense of smell, enhanced taste buds, and generally felt more energetic. I think smokers are willing to take a chance on vaping considering we know that actual cigarettes cause cancer and death. YMMV.

  • Vaping is more unhealthy than smoking, studies have shown that 4x the amount of Benzene is found in the urine of vapers than traditional smokers. I don’t understand how we can have THESE lounges but not Pot lounges.

  • novadancer

    There is also a place at M and 18th – where my husband usually goes but it will be better to have a closer Vape shop..
    IMO vaping is definitely the lesser of the two evils. Ideally I would prefer the husband to quit nicotine altogether, but with a toddler vaping is 100% better than the smoke that used to be all over him (even with the constant washing hands/face/changing his clothes, etc) and the harm it is doing to his lungs!

  • Oh no. It’s all over Seattle. All the plaid clad bearded man bunned tattooed hipsters are vaping here.

    • Strangely we seem to have a dearth of manbuns here in the district (and an overabundance of pompadours).

  • clevelanddave

    Another sign that U Street = Adams Morgan.

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