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  • If burrito-size sushi rolls are wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • Burrito sized sushi doesn’t seem that appetizing to me.

  • justinbc

    I just went for lunch. It was OK, not good enough to make me want to return. The line is very slow moving, for anyone planning to go.

  • I’d rather have ten sushi-sized burritos than one burrito sized sushi.

  • I’m eating mine right now – it’s pretty meh. Probably won’t go back.

  • Although the line was out the door it went pretty quickly. The free wasabi peas they were handing out helped with that 🙂

    I really enjoyed mine. Next time I will go heavier on the sauce and I’ll probably eat it with soy sauce and wasabi (not sure if they have it there, but they should if they don’t). I got the Hanzo roll. I’ll definitely be back!

  • I like Maki Shop’s rolls as their packaging keeps the nori crisp until you are ready to eat the roll.

  • I have a genius idea: bite-size sushi burrito roll pieces. Who’s in on this with me??

  • Had this for lunch today (salmon) and it was really delicious!

  • They’re right across the street from me, I’ve been excited about the concept, and I eat lunch super early, so it was a no-brainer to stop in there today.

    Had the Sofie.

    Notes: really heavy-handed on the veggies like the carrots and pickled cabbage. Definitely using sushi grain rice, but if they prepared it with vinegar, sugar and salt, they did so very lightly. First half of my buredo fell apart before I got halfway done. Shrimp tempura is nice. Amount of red tobiko is generous. Could have gone a little lighter with the sriracha mayo. Feels a lot less guilty since nori has like 1/20th the calories of a regular burrito tortilla and 1/30th that of a Chipotle tortilla.

    Overall Grade: B. Asking for less cabbage and carrots would definitely help and also help with the rolling so it doesn’t come apart. Preparing the sushi rice so the flavor is more robust would also help. With those changes, definitely could be an A.

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