Arrest Made in Mount Pleasant Tire Slashings


From MPD:

“In the early morning hours of Sunday May 17th, tires were slashed on numerous vehicles in the Mt. Pleasant Street area. Based on video footage recovered from several buildings, 4D officers and detectives were able to identify a suspect. An arrest warrant was obtained today and 4D officers located the suspect placing him under arrest. The suspect is identified as 19 year-old Walter Portillo of the 1300 block of Kenyon Street, NW.”

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  • This makes me happy. Pieces of garbage who do crap like this are almost never caught. Hopefully they can significantly garnish his paycheck for a few years or something.

    • Paycheck? I’m going out on a limb and guessing that a 19-year-old who goes around slashing folks’ tires probably doesn’t have a steady job.

  • There was a tire slashing on the 1300 block of Kenyon a few weeks ago and police took statements from people. Am going to guess it was the same individual

  • Why, Walter, why?

  • I think you can find his twitter by typing his name in google. It had HTTR under the “about me”….. but I don’t want to put someone on blast that did not commit the crime.

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