Urban Wildlife Vol. 76 – Attack Birds


Thanks to a reader for sending the shot above from Dupont Circle this morning. Falcon?

And quite the description (actually pretty terrifying because it’s happened to me) on the Hill tweeted by @HStreetDC_:

“Aggressive crow dive-bombing people at 14th/SC SE. Animal Control can’t remove for a few days because of baby birds in nest. Be careful.”

It’s pretty funny though if you happen to see it happen to someone. My neighbor still laughs about the time I was chased up and down the street by a momma bird about 5 years ago.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Crows have a good memory. If you do something to piss them off, they will remember your face and harass you forever.

  • hooville

    It’s a Red tailed hawk

  • I got hit in the back of the head by a bird this morning! It was just outside the Foggy Bottom metro and there were tons of people around – not sure why it singled me out…

  • Ohhh yeah. My dog and I got between a mama blue jay and her little baby and duuude we got our butts handed to us!

    • Blue jays are mean. I once watched what must have been a dozen or more surround and pester a squirrel. As best I could tell, the squirrel was defending a nest, possibly with young offspring that the blue jays wanted.

  • I saw a blue jay chasing a raven out of a tree this morning – s/he was not letting the raven stop until it was far away from the nest

    • Most assuredly a crow you saw and not a raven. Ravens are very rarely seen in D.C.

      • It was definitely not a crow – big black bird making non-crow sounds. Only other bird that came to mind was raven. Another big black bird that is local to this area?

        • ThunderCheese

          Crows make a great variety of noises. And the two species, American and Fish, sound different. Ravens are seen in DC every year, but rarely

          • I looked at my bird book, also listened to different crow sounds on the Cornell Ornithology website plus the sounds of the common raven. It sounded more raven than crow.
            Perhaps it is a crow with a raven accent?

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