Shooting at 8th and Kennedy; Stabbing at 800 1st St, NE; Reader Reports Shots Fired 11th and H St, NE

From MPD at 10:12pm:

“On May 5, 2015, at approximately 2212 hours, members of the Fourth District were patrolling in the 600 block of Kennedy Street, NW, when they heard 6-7

gunshots in the area of 8th and Kennedy Streets, N.W. Several calls from concerned citizens were also received via the 911 system for the sound of gunshots.

While canvassing for possible suspects, officers located an adult male victim in the rear of a residence in the 5500 block of 8th Street, NW (east alley).

The victim had been shot once in the back by an unknown suspect. The victim was transported to a local area hospital in serious condition.

Anyone with information about this offense is urged to call the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099. Thank you.”

and 11pm:

“UPDATE: [email protected] hrs 800 blk First St.,NE. LOF W/M, 506/8, mid/late 30s thin bld blonde hair wear rd Coca Cola tee & khaki shorts//2173

The complainant was standing outside of the listed location when he was approached by a subject who asked for crack cocaine. The suspect immediately started stabbing the complainant with an unknown object. The suspect fled in an unk direction. The complainant was transported to a hospital for treatment of his injuries and is in stable condition.”

and around 1:30am:

“multiple gunshots heard at 11th and H NE just now. Have anything?”

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  • I mean I recognize that I”m not a member of the force, nor do I understand the workings of crime prevention, but being a living, breathing adult, it seems to me that setting up some security in the 4-6 block radius where these shooting continue to occur, would not prove difficult. Am I too much a simpleton?

    • I won’t call you a simpleton but I doubt it’s as easy as you suggest. You rolled right over the tough question though – what is “some security”?

      • DC CapHill

        They just put a new overhead spotlight at 13th and H NE. What more do people want?!?!?!


  • What do you mean by “security”? I live at the 8th and Kennedy intersection, and there have been more police patrols…. Are you suggesting something else? MPD has to work with the resources they have, and unfortunately there are more criminals than officers. They were at the scene last night within 2-3 minutes because they were right down the street, but they can’t be everywhere and prevent everything all the time.

    A lot of the problem goes beyond what MPD has the capability to deal with, and the community needs to get involved to help out. A lot of the people committing these acts of violence are dealing with generational poverty, lack of education, and a variety of other issues that contribute to the criminal activity. MPD should not be social workers on top of everything else they do. The city needs to step up and help address these issues if we want to see a significant decrease in crime over the long term.

    • First, I didn’t roll over the question, I asked it. You can’t provide an answer when you ask a question. Thus, why you’re asking the question in the first place.
      Also, nowhere in my question did I blame MPD. But I do feel in this particular instance, to stop it right now, at this very moment it is a matter of setting up some security. (Also, do I really need to define security? Again, I said I don’t know the workings of crime prevention, but the word security implies that I would like to feel secure while walking my dog in the evening.) I haven’t mapped it out exactly, but am I wrong when I say most, if not all of the recent shootings in this area are contained within a 4-6 block radius? If the city doesn’t have the ability to provide added security in that area until the issue is resolved, then we’re all in major trouble this summer. We can get into the socioeconomic and psychological reasonings for this some other day. For today, let’s get some frickin’ security out there so I can walk my dog without fear of dodging bullets.

      • Would you really feel safe if there was a squad car at evey corner though? I think the police are doing as good as a job as they can be, and the root of the problem is changing our culture. Finding after school programs for troubled youth, getting them more engaged from the beginning of their education, and insprining them to not join into a culture of crime.

        • wmm

          In Wardman Row, we have private security to monitor the buildings managed by a certain management company. There are two buildings in the Row that are not a part of their portfolio that have had much more trouble in the past.

          • And thank you, wmm, for a constructive contribution to my initiated conversation.
            That an interesting solution in your area. Was there any pushback from folks? How did this solution come about? Has it worked?

        • Are we having a hard time with reading comprehension today? Where did I say anything about a squad car on every corner? I opened a question up for discussion, ideas, etc. and everyone keeps going back to MPD. I never brought up MPD. I never said they weren’t doing their job. I’m asking why it’s seemingly so difficult to set up some sort of security in this area.
          Suggested answers to my question (whether right or wrong) could include “Well, maybe contact the neighborhood watch and see what they’ve been up to.” Or perhaps “In my neighborhood, this is how we dealt with an issue….” or even “I plan on sitting on my porch every night for the next week or so, I’ll let you know if I see anything.” But I’m gonna pick up my toys and go home if one more person comes back with something about MPD doing it’s job.
          Yes, by all means the focus in the city needs to be about the ‘who’s’ and ‘why’s’ when it comes to crime. But for the love of Christ can a resident not be allowed to wish for more security to combat the current series of events without getting into some PhD level shit about society as a whole? I just want to walk my fucking dog. It’s not that complicated.
          I guess I’ll just work on answering my own question.

          • Dude, we are having the conversation that you initiated. We (at least I was) are asking you what you mean by “added security” in these areas. Do you have any ideas? That is the question I asked you earlier. In my head, that term would mean what others have also asked– additional patrols. Are you thinking something else? Are you suggesting private security firms or the National Guard? I mean sh*t, I don’t know what you meant by that, and other people don’t seem to know either. So no need to get all defensive and tell us we can’t read… we are trying to discuss the issue at hand and point out our opinions simultaneously.

            I get that you want to walk your dog without wondering if you’re going to hit by a stray bullet– I am right there with you, trust me. What have you done besides complain on this blog? I go to MPD meetings, PSA meetings and ANC meetings regularly, and keep in regular contact with the police to see what the community members can do to assist, since MPD is clearly overwhelmed at this point. I am working with the neighborhood watch trainer to organize a training for a community group I am in near Kennedy Street. If you’re not doing one or any of those things and then sitting here asking complaining about how bad it is….well, frankly you’re not helping anyone.

          • Oh, ok, I didn’t know I needed to include my neighborhoodly resume in order to ask a question. Noted.
            The first paragraph of your response is exactly what I’m asking. Security: Why is it difficult to set up security this area? I didn’t mention the format because that’s the exact question I’m asking. That’s why I’m getting frustrated with these responses. Ya’ll are overanalyzing a very common question that probably most “simpletons” would ask. Everyone’s giving some sort of defense for MPD as if I were insinuating they weren’t doing their jobs. Though they are typically our front line of security, they are not the only answer. Maybe if you would respond with some of the things that were discussed in all of the meetings you’ve listed, I would find your response helpful.

          • Why are you being so snappy?
            It wouldn’t have been that hard to clarify that you might be open to private security instead of just MPD. I think some saw security and went straight to government so they got confused as to how that would work out as it is hard to add 24/7 details to specific corners (not enough personnel and would cause patrol officers to be spread thin).

    • I agree – police resources have a limit. How can the people that commit these crimes come to understand that stabbing, shooting, assaulting others is wrong and therfore not to be done?

  • I heard a noise that sounded like gunshots from my apartment around 11th and F NE last night, but I thought they also might have been fireworks. Can anyone confirm they were actually gunshots?

  • Aglets

    What does the “506/8” mean in the description of the stabbing incident?

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