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  • I heard this last night. I’m pretty sure firecrackers were set off simultaneously to cover the sound of actual gunfire. Immediately after you could hear the sounds of dirt bikes/quads.

    • I heard something around this time too…it was off in the distance so I wasn’t sure whether it was firecrackers or gunshots.

  • Pretty sure I heard this, too, all the way over on Capitol Hill (SE side). Windows were open at night while I was reading, and I thought I heard a quick (maybe 10 loud cracks) succession of shots that sounded like firecrackers. The initial sounds were more like gunshots. I wasn’t sure what I was hearing yesterday. Definitely came from the direction of the stadium, so this has to be the same thing. Have lived on the Hill for 12 years, and this is the first time I’ve heard gun shots!

  • Allison

    Sadly, this is why I take the long way home (M street) after baseball games, even though P street would be much faster for me. I go 7 or 8 blocks out of my way to avoid this area.

  • No surprise it happened in the sec 8 housing. It you look at the dc shot tracker and crime reports, 90% of the crime and gun violence is located in these areas.

    • not the most important part of this discussion (according to HillNow, a child had a graze wound to the head!) but this isn’t Section 8. Syphax is public housing, run by DCHA. If you want to have an opinion about affordable housing, you should make it an informed one, and a good place to start is by learning the difference between public housing, project-based Section 8, and the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Bonus points for understanding inclusionary zoning and low income housing tax credits.

      more importantly, there were shots fired in this area Friday and Sunday, and more at Greenleaf Gardens on Sunday afternoon. MPD says the neighborhoods are fighting. This is maddening. Two public housing developments a few blocks apart–residents have to have more the same than different, right? This is not the Allies and Axis fighting over diametrically opposed views of world governance and domination.

  • This is a terrible area when it gets dark. Lots of people outside, MD cars, easy access out of the city.

  • Heard this as well.

    Also a few hours later (I think) I woke up to dead silence and heard 3 consecutive rounds fired followed by another one about 30 seconds later.

    • Okay I heard that second round as well, thought I was going crazy because the timeline of this first incident doesn’t match up from what I heard

  • What does “no lookout” mean?

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