Protestors Block Northbound North Capitol Street


A reader tweets us around 8:45am:

“Anti #fracking protestors have blocked off northbound North Capitol street. [btwn H and I]”

Another reader emails:

“The view from my office building…they started with the teepee in north board traffic but soon took over the whole street. Avoid North Capitol!”


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  • accendo

    Looks like Eye Street, looking at the DCDOH, across from Gonzaga High School

  • It’s K street. I watched them get out of their truck and do this in order to get their pictures taken. Idiots. FERC is on First Street, not North Capitol, and First is barricaded. I respect their cause, but I have no respect for their idiotic behavior.

  • Yeah, driving through Noma was a mess this morning.

  • At least they picked the sleepiest week on Capitol Hill until August.

  • They’re protesting at FERC, which is the narrow building where Eye Street used to be between North Cap and First Street NE. FERC does permitting for natural gas pipelines and export terminals, and these protesters think FERC should deny permits to any facility that handles fracked gas, despite the fact that FERC doesn’t have the statutory authority to do so, not to mention the fact that fracked gas is helping shut down coal-fired power plants that I’d have to imagine they hate even more. They’ve been showing up and disrupting FERC’s main monthly public meeting for most of this year. Hopefully they’re half-life is about the same as the Occupy folks.

  • this seriously effed-up my commute this morning — freakin’ anti-frackers

  • Hail GONZAGA!

  • I don’t really understand how impromptu protests that block major roads are legal, and why this kind of stuff doesn’t get broken up or moved to a sidewalk immediately. If you have a permit to do a march, fine. If you want to protest on the sidewalk or in a place where you don’t disrupt the use of public facilities by other citizens, great- have at it. Maybe I am off base here but doesn’t the right to protest/assemble also assume you aren’t preventing other citizens from their use of public property? Maybe one of the million lawyers on popville can correct me…

    • That’s a great question and one I’d like an answer to, if there is one. When the protests came about nationwide after the Ferguson thing, there were plenty that did not involve permits and that involved people hanging out on major thoroughfares (i.e., holding up traffic on 295 here; blocking highways near Boston where ambulances were blocked from moving their patients to hospitals). The police were very slow to act. I’m not sure how anyone has the right to block commerce, but especially ambulances and other emergency vehicles. In the case of Boston, I know there was a guy with a heart attack who was seriously delayed because protesters were holding hands across the road. Not sure if he made it.
      My opinion: when you block people from carrying on their daily business, and especially when you get people killed when you block ambulances and firetrucks from moving freely, you harden people to your cause.

      • +1 to hardening to the cause. If you make my commute 2 hours longer I now despise whatever you are in favor of…haha.

  • Yes, people should only be allowed to protest at times when (and in places where) it’s convenient to everyone else.

    • Should they be able to disrupt everyone else’s ability to use already crowded public roads whenever the feel like it and without warning? If so I want to protest the protesters today at rush hour by blocking 14th and K to have my voice heard! 😛

    • Time, place, manner restrictions. Period. Get a permit of shove off. This made my commute completely bonkers this morning on a bus. What you can’t really tell here as well in the pictures is the cops were there, forcing traffic coming southbound on North Cap to turn onto K Street. There was no reason for this. The cops should have arrested them. Period.

      • +1. Cops need to at least move them out of the road unless they have a permit. I consistently see MPD assisting the protestors instead of moving them. I don’t understand why this is. Can anyone block any road in DC anytime they like?

  • These protestors seem to completely lack any basic understanding that FERC lacks jurisdiction over energy exploration land use, and by law decides whether to approve LNG projects on a very limited set of factors. This is one of the most idiotic social protest movements I’ve ever seen. They’re also largely threatening, entitled assholes.

    Federal Protective Services has been doing an awful job of enforcing the law and ensuring public safety. They basically set up mandatory confrontations with entering employees, and wait around for hours, using their own fleets of vehicles to basically help the protestors ensure all traffic is totally snarled.

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