Multiple Shooting and Stabbings over the Weekend


From MPD:

“On today’s date [Saturday] at around 1:56PM, in the 1300 block of H Street, Northeast, (2) individuals were involved in a verbal altercation that resulted in (1) of the individuals stabbing the other in the arm.

The victim was transported to an area hospital where he was treated for his injury and released.

This case is currently being investigated by the First District Detectives Unit.”


“On May 24, 2015, at approximately 8:00 P.M., 4D units responded to a 911 call for a shooting alongside of 5601 13th Street, N.W. An adult male victim was located in the 5600 block of Georgia Avenue, NW, suffering from a gunshot to right foot. The victim reported that a black male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans approached him in the alleyway and stated, “Give me your phone.” The victim attempted to punch the suspect, at which time the suspect pulled out a dark handgun and shot him in the foot. The suspect then fled westbound towards 13th Street, and the victim ran east towards Georgia Avenue. The victim was transported to a local area hospital for treatment of his injury.”


“On May 25, 2015, at approximately 12:02 AM, Fourth District units responded to the area of Rock Creek Church Road and Warder Street, NW, for the sound of gunshots. While canvassing the area, officers located an adult male in the 3600 block of Warder Street, NW, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the left arm.

The victim was initially uncooperative with the officers. He was transported to a local area hospital for treatment of his injuries. While at the hospital, the victim reported that an African American male with a dark complexion shot him from across the street while he was standing on the porch of a house located in the 3600 block of Warder Street, NW.

The victim stated that he was at a party that was being hosted at the house, but he did not know the individual who shot him. After the shooting, the suspect fled on foot, and was last seen running northbound on Warder Street, N.W.”


“On May 25, 2015, at approximately 3:21 A.M., three victims were standing outside of an apartment building in the 900 block of Gallatin Street, N.W., when they were approached by an African American male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. The suspect pointed a black handgun at them and demanded their money. One of the victims handed the suspect some cash. At this time, the suspect was startled and fired several shots at the victims. One victim was shot in the hand, and one victim was shot in the leg. The suspect fled and was observed entering a black sedan. The vehicle fled northbound on 9th Street.

4D Officers observed a vehicle that matched the lookout in the vicinity of 5th Street and Missouri Ave, NW. When the officers attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver immediately fled northbound in the 5700 block of 5th Street. When the driver attempted to turn onto Marietta Place, he lost control and struck a fence and a fire hydrant at the intersection. The suspects bailed out of the vehicle and fled into the east alley of the 5800 block of 5th Street. A perimeter was established and K9 units and a helicopter were deployed. No suspects were arrested, but multiple items of evidence have been recovered. The vehicle driven by the suspects was also found to be stolen. It is believed that the suspects may have committed additional robberies in the Fourth District earlier in the night/ morning. The victims of the robbery/ shooting were transported to a local area hospital and are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.”

From @DCPoliceDept:

“May 24th – 1D Stabbing, 0636 hours, 1200 block of North Capitol Street NW. No lookout.”

Shooting 2102 hours 500 block of 58th Street, NE

From DCAlerts:

Stabbing at 0327 hrs in the 600 blk of T St NW. No lookout.”


Also on Saturday @Kevin_Barta tweeted us the wild photo above:

“J&J charters bus on fire on I-395 bridge in #DC”

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  • I could hear those shots (4) just after midnight last night down on 11th Street. Wasn’t sure if they were actually gunfire since they were muffled by the distance.

    I really wish that this beautiful weather weren’t accompanied by violence.

  • I know this won’t be popular here, but the suggestions I see for fighting crime in the comments are always more police, stronger police actions, and, well, more police.

    No, no, and no. DC has the highest income inequality of any state in the country. Young black men, according to a recent article, are being harassed and arrested by police for standing on the sidewalks outside their own homes.

    The solution is kinder and gentler community policing, social inclusion (more affordable housing near transit and in wealthier communities), and more economic opportunity ($15 minimum wage and stronger labor rights and protection).

    DC can sustainably end violent crime, but only if it is willing to do something beyond fighting violence with violence.

    • Yours is a very positive philosophy or cause and effect, but I think DC is just past the middle of a complete societal breakdown.

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      • Make fun of me if you wish, but plenty of other countries have been able to get a handle on urban violence. Glasgow, for example, initiated community policing (Anthony Bourdain talks about it in his Parts Unknown).

        I believe that the U.S. is a pretty great country and that it is capable of solving its problems with gun violence — yes, that may require taking away guns. And it may require considering alternatives to mass incarceration.

        It can be done.

        But it won’t be done if folks just make fun of the people who say it can be done.

        • take guns away?
          DUUUUUUDE, without guns, how can we overthrow the evil government and fight the tyrants?

        • Did you really just recommend DC make crime policy decisions based on a cooking show? You obviously know nothing about this city.
          DC has plenty of affordable housing and education programs. The economy is booming and there are tons of service and construction jobs coming to town. What MPD needs to do is put away the small percentage of people who move drugs and create violence. The population this violence hurts the most is low income african american families.

    • Yup, not popular…and not accurate or rational. Along with the income inequality there is a very high ‘inequality’ of crime rate associated to African Americans vs. the rest of the population here.

    • Read the snippets of the stories in the violence cited in the post. None of which indicate a monetary motive. A lot of the violence in cities, involving primarily black people are a result of spontaneous disagreements that devolve into shootings or long standing animosity.

      • “None of which indicate a monetary motive.”
        I think you miss the mark quite widely. It is the wealth disparity, and the obvious, complete lack of upward social/financial mobility that generates such absurd and tragic violence. There are people so poor, so uneducated, so disenfranchised with modern society that a seemingly petty interchange turns to a life ending/altering confrontation.

        • I think you have DC confused with Baltimore. DC has plenty of opportunity, the economy is booming. There are loads of middle income, low skilled jobs in construction and service industries.

    • I hear you two years even if others refuse to listen. It’s easy to knock people over the head with a club and drag them off to jail or write them off because “black people.” Much harder to step back and see society’s role in these micro-incidents and then try and push for change.

      • Why devalue the life of someone who was just murdered by calling their stabbing/shooting a micro-incident? The people of the city want change, not obfuscating mumbo-jumbo.

    • I appreciate your comment. Just to add, treating the people, who have always lived in DC, this way is a form of structural violence: jump outs, gentrifying neighborhoods and leaving people without access to their jobs (bcs they have to move so far out), making the city unaffordable, beatings and shootings of black folks, etc.

      • What does this comment even mean? You seem to say we should keep DC violent so poor people can afford to live here? Are you equating a white person buying a house in a black neighborhood with a stabbing? Wanting to clean up the neighborhood is “structural violence”? Who do you think is “making the city unaffordable”? This is nonsense that obfuscates the problem (gangs and drug dealers).
        Everyone should want a less violent city and there is no excuse for organized crime. Some people have to drive or take public transit to their jobs. Why not argue for better public transit

      • This is a pretty wild leap. I have always lived in DC. I was born here, my mom was born here, my child born here. What kinds of generalizations do you want to make about me?

        Obviously we need more affordable housing and “blue collar” jobs for people in DC.

  • I drove underneath the bridge while that fire was raging on Saturday (I don’t think any first responders had gotten there yet). Massive amount of smoke visible from very far away. From the distance, it looked like it had to have been some sort of industrial site that was burning down based on how bad it looked.

    I was surprised to see it all coming from one car (or actually, a bus; I didn’t get a good enough view from driving under the bridge to see what exactly was burning).

  • I heard the shots fired on Warder Street from Grant Circle and called the police. They were obviously not around me but very clear wit the windows open. Sounded like about 7 shots.

  • hispanicandproud

    Natacho, welcome home!

  • I watched the police helicopter circling the Gallatin shooting and then the fleeing suspect. They circled for at least half an hour looking for the guy.

    So close to my home it made me quite uneasy.

  • No amount of policing will be able to make a violent neighborhood nonviolent. They can help solve crimes (I’ll take it!), but families are responsible for raising young men who don’t grow up to be violent law-breakers. Intact families. Let’s stop making excuses. Police are encouraged to interact with the community, and if there’s an area that has a known drug problem, I don’t have a problem with the police actively policing, even if that includes talking with juveniles etc on the corner. No, they shouldn’t be unduly harassed or chased off, however.

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