Metro News: No More Single Issue Ads, Serious Weekend Track Work and New 7000-series coming to the Red Line

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A reader writes: “Don’t know if you saw this, but Washington Post is reporting that Metro has banned issue ads through the end of the year. Can’t we just talk about shoes?”

From the Washington Post:

“The sudden advocacy-ad ban comes as an anti-Muslim group planned to put a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad in transit system ads.

A Metro official said the agency feared the ad would make buses and subway stations “terrorists targets.”


“Reconstruction of the Metrorail system will continue over the weekend of May 29-31 with service adjustments on five of six rail lines beginning at 10 p.m. Friday and continuing through system closing on Sunday.

This weekend, Yellow Line trains will operate regular weekend service between Huntington & Fort Totten. Green Line trains will operate at regular weekend intervals between College Park and Branch Avenue stations; buses will replace trains at Greenbelt Station. Orange, Silver and Blue line trains will operate every 26 minutes and Red Line trains will operate every 10-20 minutes.”

and @wmata tweets:

“Next 7000-series #newtrain will enter service June 8 at 7 a.m. on the Red Line. First trip will start at Shady Grove.”

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  • Sad that freedom of expression, even unpopular expression is now “dangerious”. Looks like the religious nut jobs are more effective than open secular society at getting their way.

    • Eh, I think open secular society is still in the lead here. You’re still allowed to draw the prophet on your own, print a thousand copies, and hand them out. But an ad campaign like this is just provocation for the sake of provocation.

      In the words of the Dude, “You’re not wrong, Walter, you’re just an asshole.”

      • Baby steps in the wrong direction, are still in the wrong direction. If removing provocation from quasi-public space is the concern your not talking about an open and free society your talking about something else.

    • On the one hand I agree but considering who is doing this I can’t help but feel this is not about being provocative or exercising their 1st Amendment rights but is deliberately trying to instigate trouble, and that is something I just can’t get behind.

  • Didn’t WMATA say a month or so ago that they would start using the automated train driver thing (don’t remember the official lingo) on the Red Line 8 car trains? I commute on the Red Line Monday through Friday and I don’t think I’ve been on a single train that’s used it- every commute it still jerking back and forth and has tons of stops while pulling up to a platform like they always have. Has anyone noticed the automated driver on their train?

  • I think their concern was legitimate, and pulling ALL issue ads seems like a good way to deal with it consistently/uniformly.

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