From the Forum – Bulk Trash Options When DC Won’t Accept


Bulk Trash Options When DC Won’t Accept

“I recently replaced an old wooden garden gate in my backyard. I tried to get DC to do a bulk trash pick up, but when they came by they left a note saying the gate didn’t qualify as household bulk trash and they wouldn’t pick it up. I went back to the DC website to try to find an alternative. They have a link to a search engine for places to send construction material, but all of the options it came up with were either exclusively for residents in other jurisdictions or only accepted materials that could be reused. This gate is deteriorated to the point that it will be of no use to anyone. I also looked into pick up services like “College Hunks Hauling Junk” but they have minimum fees and the service seems to be geared toward more than just a single item. Does anyone know of a reasonably inexpensive way to get rid of a single bulk item that DC won’t accept? I think I can probably transport it myself, so I’m not limited to pick-up services. I just don’t know where I can take it.

I have been to the Ft. Totten Waste Transfer station, and it is great, but I thought the same restrictions applied to Ft. Totten as to the bulk pick up. Whenever I go, I am asked what I’m dropping off, and I think I’ll be turned away with the gate.”

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  • If it is deteriorated enough to break up, put it in one or two contractor bags tied tightly and make sure it is not too heavy. We have twice a week collection and they will take up to 5 bags of “yard waste” on the second day of pickup. Hey, it is yard waste — it is a wasted gate that was once entrance to a yard.

    • Actually, the gate is probably made of pressure-treated lumber, which cannot be disposed of as yard waste. It must go in the trash.

  • Put it in your car and go to the dump near Catholic University. It was very easy for me last summer while renovating — drive up, reverse, open trunk, dump, drive away.

  • Ft Totten will absolutely take it, just break it down and bundle or bag as mentioned above. They accept most forms of household construction debris. I see pickup trucks absolutely overflowing with stuff there all the time. They’ll just want to see your ID and ask what you are dropping off. If part of the gate included any concrete that supported posts they stopped taking that recently, but they don’t really check anything that isn’t visible on cursory inspection (wink wink)

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      they just want to make sure you’re a DC resident but you can toss just about anything there. i have taken items that bulk trash woudln’t.

      • +1. I have brought construction debris, including old wood/fencing etc. to Ft. Totten, and just to be safe I usually flatten out what I can and put some trash bags on top. They always take a look through the back window before I drive in, but if things appear relatively above board it isn’t be more than a very quick glance.

      • I’ve heard they verify residency, but I was let through with an out of state id.

      • brookland_rez

        When I demoed my bathroom last year, I put all the debris in bags and had no trouble dumping it at Ft Totten.

    • I found out the hard way about the concrete. There is a place in the District where you can dump concrete pieces on Bryant St NE (off Montana Ave NE). On Saturday’s the place closes at noon (found that out the hard way, too.)

      • What is the place called? I am planning to demo a concrete walkway in my backyard this weekend.

    • Fort Totten all the way. The only way you’d get turned away for an old gate is if you aren’t a DC resident or don’t have proof of recidency or you arrive in an unapproved vehicle. I flag that last point because my friend and I were turned away once when we were dropping off old paint we found the basement of her rental house. We borrowed a friends truck that had a rack and a ladder for the drive since we didn’t want nasty old paint cans in her car. Since our truck resembled a contractors truck we were turned away. We came back a few hours later with the paint in the back of my station wagon and had no problem.

  • $5 saw and sprinkle it into the trash over the next n weeks… done and done

  • Is it all wood? If so, I’d just remove any hardware (recycle) cut it into small chunks and put it in my regular bagged trash a few pieces at a time.

  • Trash fire.
    Just like the good old days!!!

  • you can take this to ft totten no problem

  • As an FYI – called 311 for a bulk trash appointment today and was told they couldn’t help me because the system was down and I can call back tomorrow and hopefully the system would be working then. DC tax dollars hard at work!

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