Drybar coming to former Custom Fuel Space in Dupont this Summer

1635 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Ed. Note: This is the former Custom Fuel pizza location and Potbelly before that.

From a press release:

“After much anticipation, and as a result of the popularity of its shops in Georgetown and Bethesda, Drybar will open its third and fourth DC area locations this summer. Drybar’s refreshingly simple concept: “No cuts. No color. Just blowouts” has captivated a legion of loyal clients across the country. Now Drybar is heading to one of the most historic neighborhoods in our nation’s capitol (Dupont Circle) and is also settling into the hub of downtown (Penn Quarter). With additional openings on the horizon in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Denver, Drybar is on track to have over 50 locations nationwide by the end of 2015.”

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  • I was reading about this chain in the New York Times not long ago:
    I had never even heard the term “blowout” used to mean “blow dry” (? — or “fancy blow dry”?) until a year or two ago.

  • For the truly lazy (er, busy), I guess. At least it’s replacing bad pizza.

    • No matter how much work you put into it, you cannot do your hair as well as a professional stylist. Your arms don’t reach that way. Totally worth the $40 for a special occasion.

    • skj84

      As someone with a lot of hair and little energy choose to let the pros handle my hair when it comes to the blowout. I can take me an hour to blow it straight then flat iron. Not to mention it’s difficult to get the back.

    • My hair, air dried, is, well, not good. I have to blow dry it in small sections with a round brush. Which is impossible when you’ve, say, broken your hand and have to get pins put in. I got multiple blow outs a week when that happened, and it was well worth it to look like a professional and not like the victim of some bad early ’80s hair metal perm.

      Besides, do you have any idea how hard it is to wash hair one handed? With you non-dominant hand?

  • Yeah I’ve been to the one in Bethesda as part of some bridesmaid stuff. I was talking to the girl that did my hair about how the place works and who the clientele consists of. Surprisingly (to me at least) she said the majority of people come there on a weekly or twice a week basis to get their hair done for going out on the weekend etc. I can’t imagine spending that much to get your hair done on a weekly basis.

    • It used to be really common. My elderly mother-in-law still visits the coiffeur every Friday to have her hair washed and styled.

    • Older people apparently still do this – I got a very upset call from an elderly friend of my parents a couple weeks before our wedding complaining that the hotel we were using did not have a “beauty parlor” on site and asking me to make an appropriate appointment for her nearby.

    • They also get business from black women in town (I’m black too). Our community has a tradition of weekly hair salon visits. My friends who visit Dry Bar talk about the ease and cost (yes, it’s cheaper) compared to spending hours and lots of money in a regular salon. Also, it’s safer for your hair than some of the high-heat blowout businesses in town.

  • Ah, so this is a hair place? There is very little from the press release that would indicate there is hair involved. I thought it was a dry-ice cocktail lounge.

    • Bar in the name, drinks on the signs, this is very confusing.

    • The press release does say “No cuts. No color. Just blowouts.” So there is some context to suggest that it’s something hair-related.

      • I think I may just be salon-illiterate. I assumed these were hip new organic juice/cocktail/ice-cube terms or something.

        But after a cursory bit of Dogpiling, I see that those are definitely hair terms. This place appears to be quite niche.

  • Yay – there’s one on the Metro and much easier to get to than Georgetown or Bethesda.

    And yes, it’s totally worth $40 to have someone else deal with your hair for a special occasion. Plus the glass of champagne while you’re in the chair.

  • Aglets

    so at these places- do you also get a shampoo? sometimes i am completely clueless with the girly stuff

  • I really want to try a blowout at some point, but have absolutely no special occasions for which one would be needed/wanted. And my hair is naturally straight, so a blowout really doesn’t make any sense anyway. But I still want to try one… Anyone have a fancy party they want to invite me to?

  • Much more appropriate for the space. I think right now DuPont circle area is basically in a period of retail mis-match.

  • At long last! The Georgetown location is inconvenient and I’ve been waiting for one to show up more centrally located. Not a frequent visitor, but I’d happily go a few times a year.

  • This concept was foreign to me until a friend of mine made me tag along to the Georgetown one. Bored out of my mind but it was very, very busy in there. Considering the current gender makeup of that area in Dupont, this is probably the best thing that could go into that space.

  • Anyone know where the Penn Quarter location will be?

  • WHEN? When will this open??


  • anyone know when the dupont location opens? thanks!

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