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  • Please, someone. Cultivate it. Do something with it.

    • its current state is a shame – it should be one of the best streets in DC, a boulevard to the capitol with amazing views, etc.

      the main problems as i see them:
      1. not pedestrian/bike friendly at all. it’s clear that its past priority was for out of town commuters. east & west are disjointed.
      2. remove/improve the social services that contribute to pollution, loitering, crime. there is such a high concentration (especially in truxton) – not the best use for this area at all.
      3. same goes with public housing – debate the merits and need for public housing all you want, but the high concentration and poor maintenance has been detrimental to NCap for a long time.

  • serious quest. is this supposed to be like an inspirational grassroots arts piece, or is it a nod to the pot dispensary on north cap?

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