Action at Texas de Brazil space – Now Hiring and a Liquor License

457 Massachusetts Ave, NW

This is the former Buddha Bar space on Mass Ave.  I’d about given up hope on the Texas de Brazil steakhouse. Alas they’ve applied for a liquor license:

“New restaurant with the style of service similar to a Brazilian Steak House. Total occupancy load is 360. Sidewalk Café with seating for 82.”


You can see their menus here.

Ed. Note: In other steakhouse news the Mastro’s is now open at 13th and F St, NW.


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  • Awesome! You know what I have been waiting for? A steakhouse that is too cheap to buy quality foreign meat and tempers its moderately new concept with re-assuring American-ness. “Hey, do you think only terrorists and hippies eat at Fogo de Chao? Do you like beef served on a stick, but prefer when it be pumped with antibiotics and raised on a factory farm? Eat here!”

  • Somebody in this ANC, PLEASE, tell the ANC to protest the liquor license for this place to get something in a voluntary agreement that prohibits them from having valet parking. Every single freaking day when this place was buddahbar there were people blocking one of the only two traffic lanes on Mass Ave right out front (there is no turning lane and no parking lane on that block) to drop off or pick up their car with that stupid valet all through evening rush hour. It backed up traffic almost all the way to Union Station every day with people trying to get around them.

  • Are they really trying to open this concept in DC? The Brazilian steak house trend was hot about 10 years ago. Second it’s a chain. Unless they’re catering strictly to tourists, no DC resident knowledgable of all the multiple high-quality restaurants in this city would choose this tritely named, tacky-typefaced “churrascaria.”

  • I’m actually kind of looking forward to this.

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