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  • cool. Wonder how they got that on there…

  • I wonder if Looped Yarn Works is the party responsible for the yarn bombs in Dupont. They are located on Connecticut and I know they yarn bombed the parking meters in front of their store.

  • I wonder if the entitlement goes both ways? If people feel so entitled to yarn bomb whatever they want because they like it do people that don’t like it or like the look of a regular tree, statue or whatever have the same right to cut it all down? My guess is that this crowd would look down upon someone who cut yarn bombing down but I would have not a single problem with someone doing so.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I always wonder if they go cut them down themselves. I’ve never seen old, gross yarn bombs. I don’t particularly like them on trees, but I like them on statues in the winter. As long as the bombers take them down before they get gross, I have no problem with them.

  • This one looks fine, but I wish that people with 1) time to spare and 2) an interest in neighborhood beautification would channel that energy into picking up litter in neighborhoods like Columbia Heights. Pleasant Plains, Park View, etc.

    • Seriously??? Is this now the grouchy curmudgeon society meeting? Joy, color, harmless, whimsical, frivolous fun, creativity and accidental delight are vastly more valuable than sweeping up a dozen chip bags – which will all be replaced and blowing down the street within an hour regardless of how much you huff.

  • It’s fine for a week or so. But the very extensive yarn bombing on the metro bridge in Brookland got ugly fast. And it stayed up for most of a year.
    Agree with textdoc that folks wishing to beautify should pick up trash and plant flowers. That’s completely non-controversial.

    • Yeah, I was thinking later about the flower-planting idea. Picking up other people’s litter gets pretty demoralizing (I did a LOT of it before tendinitis made me stop covering the whole block), but planting flowers has the advantage of being the addition of a positive, rather than the subtraction of a negative.
      And I never felt that my litter-pickup activities did anything to prompt my neighbors to do the same, whereas once I started putting in plants/flowers in my yard and treebox area, it seemed to spur some neighbors to add plants in their yards.

  • Ugly :^0 The strong emotion evinced is dislike of license taken with trees.

  • Might be better that they spend their time on something more worthwhile and something that everyone could appreciate- the Washington Humane Society now has a program where people who knit are making covers for shelter animals’ cages. A nice knit cover means privacy and less stressed out animals.

    • But a hand-knitted cage cover is a ridiculous waste of time and energy. There are 50 good blankets at Goodwill every day for $5.00 to cover a cage. Or hundreds of people happy to give them for free if you organized a drive, or simply made them aware of the need. It’s like those horrible pillow case dresses for African children projects.

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