Uh Oh Justin’s Cafe Liquor License “Indefinitely Suspended” in Navy Yard

1025 First St, SE

A reader tweets us:

“I don’t know much about these, but I imagine this isn’t good for @justinscafe1025 what say you @PoPville ?”

Normally these closures are ordered for underage sales or violence of some kind. Anyone know what happened? Looks like a letter up top in the photo – anyone happen to see what it said. Ed. Note: Of course I asked OP but haven’t heard back yet.

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  • I don’t know, but if I had to guess bet ti was before/after a Nats game and serving way too many people. Especially people outside on the patio. They apparently had their liquor license suspended (only 2 days) in 2013 and were fined $2750 for serving too many people on the patio.

    • Too many people…does that mean serving more than your occupancy load allows?

      • Yeah. When I lived over there we used to watch from our window and people were spilling into the streets before Nats games sometimes.

        • I live in that building. They’ve done a better job lately of keeping the crowd inside the patio boundaries. But I can’t imagine they’re EVER under fire code for the interior space for the hours pre- and post-game.

  • There was an ABRA board order last month that fined them and threatened license suspension for not filing a quarterly statement, and other offenses of a similar tier: http://abra.dc.gov/publication/justins-cafe-board-order-march-11-2015

    Not sure if that’s why, but it may be related.

  • My one visit on a quiet Saturday morning was marred by pitiful food and awful service. It’s a tiny space and felt packed even with a normal crowd; I could only imagine what a madhouse it would feel like on a game day.

  • The sign directly above the pictured sign explains the situation – they had a miscommunication with the ARBA on payment of monthly dues and can only get it sorted out by end of day today. Surprised the fellow who took the picture did read the sign above it.

  • it’s open now

  • Just got off the phone with Justin’s and they had an issue Thursday night but it’s already been taken care of. They are serving full bar service at this time.

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