Shots Fired Near Taft Rec Center Two Mondays in a Row

From the MPD 5D Listserv:

“Yes there was another shooting last night [18th and Otis St, NE], 3/30/15, exactly a week from last week on Monday 3/23/15. This time the shooting occurred around 10 PM, last week shots were heard earlier around 7 PM. Luckily no one has been hurt so far.”

MPD confirms:

“You are correct, we are fortunate no one was injured. At this point, MPD does not have any complainant(s), other than for the property damage.

If anyone has any information regarding this matter, please call 202-727-9099.”

Ed. Note: I believe the “complainant(s)” refers to victims.

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  • Correct. Complainants is just police jargon for victims, as in people who were shot or shot at.

  • brookland_rez

    There’s always a large number of youths hanging out there, smoking weed, etc. especially in the summer.

  • Neighbors have been asking 5D for more attention to this park for years.

    • brookland_rez

      I’ve seen MPD set up spot lights there and even park a cruiser on the basketball court. I’m presuming this is in response when there’s an incident. I agree, it’s a known problem area. MPD should always put their attention on it and not just after an incident.

  • KSB

    Sounds about right for this block in early spring. I live nearby and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m all for kids and families hanging out, playing music, enjoying the weather, but the people hanging out here are always awful and it’s annoying as hell. “Fortunate no one was injured” twice in one week.

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