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  • I’m pretty happy about this.

  • Looks much better then the old one across the street! Excited to try it out. Also, has anyone else noticed that Tsunami Sushi next door has re-branded itself as “Baan Thai”. I’ve eaten there a handful of times and their traditional Thai food is much better then Thai Tanic or Teak Wood.

    • I’ve always really liked the sushi at Tsunami, but the new Thai food is kind of amazing. I read in WaPo that the Thai dishes now account for more than 50% of sales there now.

  • The contrast between a $75.00 lunch for 2 at the Pig and a $5 chicken and biscuits next door is awesome. Im sure they are pumped.

    • What are you buying that it’s $75 for 2 at lunch?

    • Unfortunately for The Pig, Popeyes is also better food.

      • justinbc

        Popeye’s isn’t even good when you’re hungover. And The Pig has face bacon. You sir, couldn’t be more wrong.

        • Darnit Justin I will not stand for your constant Popeye’s bashing! Until I see you eat a freshly cooked piece of popeyes chicken and a warm biscuit and tell me it’s not delicious, I will continue to believe that your brain has been warped by years of eating Bojangles.

          • This discussion is making me really curious to try Popeye’s. Do they have any chicken that’s not spicy?

          • justinbc

            I used to live right down the street from their old location on 14th, ate there many times. It’s just not good, even without comparing to Bojangles. The biscuits are WAY too dry and the chicken lacks flavor.

          • Yes, they have spicy and mild.

      • They seem to specialize in salt which would make The Pig an awful lot like Popeyes.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        “The Hock” from the Pig is one of the greatest things I have ever eaten. I wish it was always on the menu.

    • I’m pretty happy to have both. Obvious neither are everyday eats (Pig – too spendy; Popeyes – you’ll die), but I appreciate having both in the hood. Some days you just want something easy, quick and cheap.
      I personally like the Pig but it has been inconsistent at times. Now I must try this “hock”.

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