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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Baseball is back!
    Rant: Disappointing start to the season.
    Revel: It’s a looong season with a well-built team.

  • Rant: Someone moved out of my apartment building and requeseted MY MAIL to be forwarded to their new address! Pretty sure they just put the wrong apartment number but it’s been at least 3 weeks, and they’ve made no attempt to return it or take off the forward. The Post Office is looking into it (along with my landlord) and I’m hoping I didn’t miss anything important besides bills. And it’s partially USPS’ fault too for not checking the name on the forwarding request and realizing it didn’t match. GAH. I just want my mail back.

    • I’ve had this happen to me, but the person’s mail was forwarded to me for no reason. I had the correct apt number and all. I also had no way to contact the person, so I was lucky that nothing important came my way. I hope they realize it soon. If they don’t know you well, they might think it is an old tenant of the new place and chuck it. I’m getting old mail after 3 yrs at a place.

      • Not the same issue, but is there any way to stop receiving the mail for people who used to live in our house? It’s really annoying because they rented the house out before we bought it so we get a lot of mail for people and we have no clue who they are or how to reach them.

        • I tried with my PO Box, but the post office said they couldn’t stop it. You could label your box: only for parkviewres, and hopefully, the carrier would take back the rest.

        • This happened to me too. Try talking to the regular carrier for your block, if you can catch him/her on a Saturday or a weekday when you’re home. (The main guy for my block is Larry. He might be the person for your block too; I’m not sure how many blocks he covers.)
          But I also tried tracking down a bunch of the former occupants via Facebook and letting them know which items (alumni magazine, Sprint bill, etc.) were still going to my address.
          You can also try blacking out the bar code at the bottom of the envelope, writing “Return to Sender — Forwarding Address Unknown,” and putting it in a blue mailbox… but that can get laborious.

          • You might also try going to the post office in the little strip mall on Georgia Avenue, explaining the problem, and asking if they can resolve it at their level. (I’m not sure if the yellow forwarding stickers are put on at the neighborhood post office level or if it happens somewhere earlier in the chain.)

          • All good ideas. Thanks! I do see my carrier sometimes as he straddles my neighbors rail to climb over to his front deck, haha. I cannot believe people don’t have their mail forwarded…some of the stuff looks pretty important.

          • I did that too, but I never saw any changes. I’m getting business mail, so it was easy to track the woman down, but maybe she is no longer in business. I just toss it at this stage. I think I’ve done enough.

          • Allison

            For catalogs (as opposed to regular mail) you can use the non-profit “Catalog Choice” to stop receiving stuff prior residents signed up for. It’s great!

          • ParkViewRes — I’ve heard about that guy! I think he handles southern Park View too. I don’t think he’s my mail carrier… unless my mail carrier is much more athletic than I realized. 😉

          • I tried this a few times at my current place, which only resulted in the post office sending it right back to me. I’ve resigned to toss or shred anything clearly bulk, but took the effort to track a past tenant down when I started receiving what were clearly federal court documents meant for her.
            A latest twist on this is a few months ago I started receiving AT&T wireless bills for someone I’d never heard of (never gotten anything else for this name, if she was a previous tenant it was long, long time ago). I finally got around to calling AT&T this weekend so they could flag whoever’s account this is.

      • “they might think it is an old tenant of the new place”
        IIRC the forwarded mail has a new address label applied to it by the post office, so it’s pretty clear that it was originally intended to go somewhere else. The person would have to be pretty clueless not to realize what was happening. I’m thinking it’s more likely they would assume that the Post Office screwed up and wouldn’t bother to try to fix it.

        • They put down the wrong apt number. I’d think they could be clueless enough not to realize. I’d think keeping track of your own address is pretty basic.

          • Farragut

            You’d think so, but how many people remember their own telephone address without having to think a moment?

  • justinbc

    Rant: Teams who win 90% of a game then lose the last 10%.

  • Rave: Opening Day!
    Rant: Desmond and Uggla. Argh.
    Rant: Sunburn.
    Rave: Sunburn!
    Quibble: Well-built team? We’ll see.

    • Fair quibble, but you have to be optimistic at this stage.

      • It goes against my nature, but I’ll try. I think Scherzer is great, but for a team that has struggled offensively, I question the lack of upgrades.

    • palisades

      I like Michael Taylor, but that bumbling miss of a catch off the outfield wall shows that he’s just not Denard Span yet.
      Speaking of which: Span, Rendon, and Werth will all be back before we realize it. Hopefully these games get rained out this week and give the guys even more rest. It’s interesting because without those three in the lineup, we don’t stand a chance. Bryce can’t carry the offense for 6 months.
      Former Nat news – LaRoche went 0-4 and struck out 2 times yesterday. Picking up right where he left off last year in the playoffs.

  • Rant: Work on my apartment is behind schedule. Originally was supposed to be done tomorrow but likely won’t be done until Sunday (or later).
    Rant: Had to board my pup. 🙁
    Rant: BF is a snooze-button-pusher.
    Rave: Staying with the BF and we’re not sick of each other. And I usually get sick of people pretty quickly. : P
    Rave: Plans to go to the farmers market and cook a healthy dinner tonight!

  • Not sure if this is a rant, rave, or what: We had our real estate agents over last night to discuss the possibility of selling our house and they seem to think that we could more than break even on it … if we sell at the high point in the season, which is basically May or June. So now we’re floating the idea of moving a lot earlier, which is far from ideal in many ways, but could save us the headache of having to effectively become landlords. I’m SO not ready to move in May or June. But it would be awesome to not have to worry about two homes.

    • If you don’t sell, definitely get a property manager. It has been a godsend with my tenants who I actually like, and they can find tenants for you as well.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 as a renter property managers make renting from landlords that live somewhere else so much easier. I have had many good experiences with property managers in all my moving around the country.
        The only bad experience was in FL where the lady that owned the place lived in Minnesota but she called me all the damn time, had the neighbors spy on me, and sent her daughter to check up on me. She clearly didn’t trust the property managers or me. When I quit answering her calls she started calling me at work. I hated that lady so much.

        • That’s so sad and funny to me. I got a PM to avoid dealing with my tenants. I make sure to check in and be available if there are any issues with the PM. The PM also got my tenants to shape up, and when they broke the garbage disposal the charge was simply added to what they owed the next month, so I didn’t have to hunt them down. I’ll use a PM for any rentals I have whether I live in the same city or not.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I never really understood why she didn’t just let the property managers do their job. And I wasn’t doing anything bad. I followed all the condo rules, I didn’t have loud grandchildren visiting and swimming in the pool (such an issue for the community). As far as anyone knew I was the mousey public librarian that didn’t show up to the weekly cocktail hour b/c I was at work. Oh well, she just made a lot of extra work for herself.

    • Did you just buy your house or buy at the top of the bubble? Seems like RE prices have been steadily escalating the past few years.

    • You have options that a good realtor should be telling you about. A longer closing time, or a rent-back agreement with the new owners. If it is a desirable property, buyers will be willing to work with you.

      • Oh, they definitely told us about all of these options. It just sounds like an early summer sale would be the best option if we do decide to sell.

        • if that’s the case, try a rent back. It’s not unheard of. Or have your stuff moved and rent a sublet here?

          • This is definitely an option. It just adds another level of complication to an already over-complicated summer, so I hope to avoid it.

    • Didn’t you just recently buy? Unless you want to buy in SF right away, wouldn’t it make more sense to hold on to your D.C. place, rent it out while in SF, and rent a place in SF while you’re there?
      Full disclosure: I am a little biased here, because if you sell your house in D.C., I suspect it’s less likely you’ll come back. And I’m hoping you’ll come back! 🙂

      • We bought about a year ago, but the agents think that the comps in our neighborhood would support a listing price that’s at about break-even with our purchase price + all of the closing costs. Which is wild. Thank you, Atlantic Plumbing and Whole Foods!
        Whether is makes sense to hold it is sort of an open question. If we keep it and rent it out, we would hire a property manager, but would still have to be available for any concerns that come up, and pay to deal with those concerns. We expect the property will continue to appreciate, but it is just one more thing to worry about. It’s sort of a question of which wins out — the desire to see how high the place will go in a few years or the desire not to have another place to manage.
        Also, if we come back to DC in, say, two years — and that’s still a very likely outcome! — I’m not sure this house would be the right one for us at that point.

        • You pay for the repairs out of your rent. I haven’t had anything major happen, but things have all been handled by email or phone. I’m not trying to change your mind on selling vs renting, but the later is really a piece of cake with a PM. They also give you all the tax stuff you’ll need, renew licenses, etc.

        • Fair enough! Just come back. 🙂

        • If you move back, prepare for your neighbors to resent you, especially if you rent it as a group house. Absentee owners on our street haven’t kept their tenants in line in terms of trash, yard work, snow, noise, rats, etc. The tenants call if something breaks, but they themselves are often the problem and the property manager isn’t going to deal with them.

          • This is a big concern of mine, actually. My block is pretty close knit and we are friendly with a bunch of our neighbors. They definitely prefer owners to renters, and I wouldn’t like to be responsible for helping to tip the balance in the other direction.
            If we do rent, our house wouldn’t be a group house because it’s too small. But we would definitely prefer a single family in it, rather than roommates, if possible.

          • The PM should deal with them for these issues if they know about them. PMs can be absentee as well. I had to ask for my furnace to be serviced as a tenant. The PM covering my condo approached me about getting this done annually. My tenants would never have to ask either of us for these basics.
            The lease may very well not cover these issues even if the owner assumes they’ll (either PM or tenants) take care of it.

          • If you rent it out, you have the say of who goes in. Not a property manager. Your neighbors shouldn’t resent you if you have a nice couple/family/professionals whatever who take care of the property. It’s ridiculous. Assuming all landlords are absentee owners and not all renters are slobs.

        • My advice is not to sell. If you come back to DC, prices will most certainly be some percentage higher and you will come back and be trying to buy at the higher price, when you have sold at a lower price. Which is harder to do. Also, it would give you an option for a place to live if you need a place to stay when you come back while looking for a new home here.

          And I say this as someone who sold my place when I relocated here – I had wanted to sell and not live in that place again anyway, even if I went back to my old city (which I still might) and the profit was great – but I have sometimes wondered if I was foolish not have seriously thought about NOT selling. (You can always sell, but once you sell that’s a decision that can’t b reversed, so think hard on it.)

  • Rave: I realize I will be a lone wolf here in a crowd of badgers, but GO DUKE!!!!!!
    Rant: Getting to old to stay up late and shake it off in the morning
    Rant: Was hoping for awesome Spring weather all week, not my umbrella. Boo.

    • Since I have no dog in the fight, I’ll congratulate you on the win!

    • Wolf? Wouldn’t that be N.C. State?

    • I normally don’t care about college basketball, but I was rooting for Duke as well… but only because Jahlil Okafor went to the same high school I did. He definitely did not have his best game last night. I was surprised they won at all. I thought for sure the Badgers were gonna take home the gold…. or whatever it is you are rewarded with in college ball.

    • +1000000000! Fellow Dukie; and I thought last night’s game was fantastic. Entertaining to the last minute, and I loved the heart and grit of Allen. W was a great team with a feel-good story, and I wouldn’t have felt that badly about losing to them. But Duke is also a great team and really turned it on at the end of the season (also the blip in the radar was the ACC tourney; which probably just helped fuel the fire).

  • epric002

    rant: the badgers lost.
    rave: the daiya “mozzarella” shreds were better than the “cheddar” ones. put them on a pizza last night and it wasn’t bad. i still get a fake/chemical-y/powdered “cheez” flavor from them though- ick.
    rave: 3 year wedding anniversary! 😀
    rave: lovely, long walk with the doggies after work yesterday.

  • Rave: Anna Deavere Smith is such a f- force! Wow!

  • Rave: Second bald eagle sighting at the farm (but sighted by sib, not me). Excited to know there is a bald eagle nesting nearby.
    Rave: Easter epiphyllium bloomed right on schedule
    Rave: Made aoili for the first time – came out excellent
    Rave: Lovely long weekend at the farm with lots of good gardening
    Rave: No rants

    • It must be bald eagle mating season. I’ve been seeing them flying around everywhere lately.

      But I live in Alaska and see them frequently year round.

  • Rant: Badgers are not the Champions
    Rant: Did not sleep well and had to be up earlier than normal for an appointment
    Rave: But I have had coffee and at the moment, I am functioning
    Rave: Skipping my condo’s board meeting and going to bed early tonight

  • Andie302

    Rave: Toilet fixed for literally less than half of what another company was going to charge. I feel bad for their customers. (This is the company that my roommate called because we were out of the country and the pipes burst.)
    Rave: We’re getting rid of more bricks tonight. If anyone wants more for their garden, we have plenty that would be good for lining a planting bed. We’re reusing the whole ones we set aside as patio pavers.
    Rave: Ran on the mall yesterday
    Rave: Roasted sweet potatoes and grapes with goat cheese – yum
    Rave: Leftover goat cheese

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Anna Deavere Smith’s Jefferson Lecture was fantastic.
    Rant: I’m not used to such “late” nights, so now I’m tired.
    Rant: Emilie is a bad, bad weebus.

  • Rant: The amount of uncertainty in my life is making my anxiety stiffling. I can’t stand it. Got a spot in preschool, but I don’t want to give up our nanny. If husband goes to school at night, not sure nanny is willing to work a few more hours a week to make it work. Don’t want to forego a spot for when he’s a little older but also don’t want to send him to preschool just because I’m worried we won’t have a spot the following year. AAAHHH Just want someone to make all these decisions for me.
    Rave: We did agree that if husband gets in to the full time law program outside of DC that he applied to, we’re just going to move and he’ll be a FT student and go from there. So that’s a decision right there.
    Rant: Uncertainty in all things.
    Rave: I have a very adorable child. He has his moments, but he really is adorable and happy.
    Rave: Sold one condo. Loved how fat my bank account was for about a day before I started writing checks, paid taxes, and put money away for my kid’s college education. But SOLD! Closing was moved UP because the buyer was ready a few days before. Works for me!

    • I really feel your rants right now. So hard. We have some different big decisions facing us, but the Uncertainty in All Things is really tough. ((hugs))
      Also, big congrats on the closing! Being able to save for a college education is huge, even if it means a lighter bank account.

      • My husband and I were talking about how it ALWAYS seems that we are struggling at the end of a pay period, after paying mortgages and child care and rent….but it’s because our savings rate is SO high, we never feel like we have money. Which is fine – better than the opposite, in my opinion. But it’s just funny how that works. And yes, the uncertainty sucks. I just want things to be planned for me and to magically work out. I wish we hadn’t gotten a spot in pre-school, for example. no decisions needed then!

        • How did you get a spot in a preschool already? I thought your son wasn’t even two yet, let alone turning three by Sept 30? Or is it a private preschool?

          • He’ll be 2 in October – we have to pay for Sept and Oct and he can start in Oct once he’s two. I’m just not sure it’s the right time since he’s thriving with the nanny and the price difference isn’t THAT great. And if we end up deciding to try for another child, I REALLY want our nanny lol

          • I thought DC PK didn’t start until age 3, though? Or is this a private preschool?
            Hard to say on the preschool/nanny questions when you’re in flux–tough decision to make, for sure. Are there benefits you’re looking for besides price difference? You might be able to find a part-time program that would then free your nanny up for some extra time in the evenings to help with your husband being in class. But that depends on whether she’s up for moving her hours around like that. If things are going well, I might be inclined to not rock the boat–but it depends on the specifics.

          • oh – yes, it’s the JCC. Not DCPS.

          • That makes more sense then. I bet they have an awesome program. We’re definitely checking them out for summer camps once we have to worry about those.

          • So, the issue is the JCC has a LOT of time they are closed. Three weeks, then all of Passover and the other major Jewish holidays. That’s about 5 weeks+ right there. Our nanny has 3 weeks of vacation. Our approach is to see if she’s open to adding a few hours a week to help with our addition of DH going to law school at night (assuming he doesn’t get in to Penn), but if she’s not, then taking the spot. It’s all day, but once you add the afternoon care costs, it’s really not THAT different. However, I’d like the advantages of preschool for him as a 3 year old – I think that’s when it really starts to have more benefits than a nanny. But I don’t want to take the spot for when he’s 2 out of fear there will be no spot for him when he’s 3 because DC lacks preschools, ya know?

        • “Our savings rate is SO high, we never feel like we have money” — I would file this one under “good problems to have” 🙂

          • oh DEFINITELY!!!! It’s only a rant when I’m like “MAN I want a massage/vacation/whatever”

          • Maybe you should decrease your savings rate just a teensy bit, so you don’t feel like you’re running out of money?

          • I agree with textdoc. The preschool years are high expense, but those costs decrease soon, and vacations are part of child-rearing and having a happy home life overall. Sounds like you deserve a few stress reducers. Day care is cheaper, though, if you’re paying nanny taxes appropriately.

          • I have my whole live to take vacations – that’s why we’re saving. Some for the kiddo, and some so that when we have the time and means to travel, it doesn’t have to be on the cheap. I intend to raise a well traveled kid – we are considering a trip to Israel while my husband’s grandparents are still alive. But just considering, not planning yet.

  • Rant: root canal requiring multiple appointments
    Rave: my dental insurance is freaking awesome. All I have to pay is the $50 deductible.
    Rant: forgot to eat before going in. Now I can’t eat until novacaine has worn off.

    • what dental insurance do you have, if you don’t mind my asking? my bf also just got a root canal and is scheduled for more work to be done. it turns out his dental is the absolute worst, so he’s paying out of pocket 🙁

  • Rant: Slept like crap this morning and am SO TIRED.
    Rave: sonogram for the NT screening looked great. love hearing baby heartbeats.
    Rant: waiting for associated bloodwork before I exhale. Should come soon, I think?
    Rave: Taxes basically completed–just need to finish checking over everything and send it all off!
    Rave: Cleaners coming today–always a happy thing.
    Rave: Family drama wasn’t as bad as it could have been over the weekend, but man my parents are stressed out. Ugh.

    • yay for a good NT scan! Our son wouldn’t move his hand from his face, so we never got the nasal bone examined…and funny thing is, he still tends to sleep with his hand over his face!

      • Lol–that’s funny. Sonographer didn’t comment on the nasal bone, but I noticed that she marked one of her shots “nb” so I assume it looked fine. Generally, she said all the measurements were consistent & everything looked fine. So I’m going to take that and run with it 🙂 The nuchal measurement was good–that much I caught. And thanks!

    • Nonparent here: What does an NT scan assess? And I’m glad it went well!

      • The scan allows the doctor to assess the risk of the fetus having Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. It uses the tissue on the back of the neck to do this. More fluid in the clear space in the tissue = higher likelihood of abnormalities. Determining the presence of a nasal bone is often included in that same scan.

      • NT=nuchal translucensy (I might be spelling wrong). It’s also something called first trimester screening. It’s a ulstrasound measurement that, with an associated blood test, can give a risk profile for three trisomies (I think 13, 18, and 21–one is downs syndrome & the other two tend to be quite serious). Depending on the results, one can decide to do a diagnostic test to get fetal DNA from either the placenta or amniotic fluid (I think those are the spots) to check for certain. Those are more invasive, though, and come with a small miscarriage/complication risk, so many people will do the non-invasive screening tests first.

        • Ah, got it. Thanks for the explanations. All the lovely things I have to look forward to when/if we have a kid.

        • they also do a lot of organ screanings with the NT scan, many of which are not life threatening but can be important to know for after birth (kidneys and heart most specifically). Heart problems in the NT scan can also be a marker for Downs

  • Rave: last two weeks at job.
    Rave: starting new job right away
    Rant: no break between jobs. i need (more like want) the money.
    Rant: I’m getting sick. would it be bad for me to be out sick for a few days when it’s my last weeks at work? i have a lot of sick leave that I cannot cash out.
    Rave: the friends I set up on a date are working out. might be official soon. Am I good or what? Now, can someone do this for me!

    • In my opinion, it’s totally ok to take those sick days. You earned them, and you’re going to lose them anyway. Just make sure it’s not going to really adversely impact your coworkers or anything, if you can just try to make sure that you get everything you need to get done taken care of in advance or after using them.

    • I would check your employee handbook just to be safe. Some places I’ve worked forbid taking sick leave/vacation time once notice is given, unless the time was previously scheduled. In the meantime, feel better and congrats on the new job!

  • Rant: Doing taxes
    Revel: Doing taxes with a newly tamed feral kitten on my lap.

    Four of my fosters will be at an adoption this Sat. at PetMAC. – Check out Katie with the Cleopatra eyes! http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/pet/4959259521.html

    • awww she’s adorable!

    • Victoria, is it the Siamese mix (I think named Taffy? not sure) who’s now tamed? Or a different kitten?

      • Taffy is one of mine – a Siamese/tabby mix (with beautiful blue eyes.) I’m trying to get some better pictures of her for CL. She has come along, will sit on my lap and purr, but still wants to hide-away.

        Katie is the one currently posted – she has become super friendly, loves affection and explores the house.

        Rain is Katie’s brother – a fluffy gray boy who still needs more socialization but is leaps and bounds better.

        I’m getting two more on Thurs. – Tinker & Cookie – Cute tuxedos, I don’t know their personalities yet.

        All five will be at the Sat. adoption event, but any can be met at my house before that. Contact me through Homeward Trails.

  • Random question: Does anyone have ideas for parking lots that could be rented out for events nearish the Tenleytown metro? My work has a number of large events every year… We used to rent parking from AU, but the parking lot is under construction for another couple of years, and we usually rent from the National Presbyterian Church but they aren’t always available/don’t always have enough spaces. The tricky thing is we usually need them weekday evenings, and ideally a place with at least a hundred parking spaces (if not more). I’ve tried schools and other churches with no luck, and there just aren’t many parking garages around there. My work seems baffled at the idea that I can’t find anything, sigh…
    Rant: Work, and work craziness.
    Rant: Work has given me 3 different guest lists (of a couple hundred people), all with just names and titles – no e-mails. They keep pulling them from lists that have the e-mails listed, but leaving the e-mails behind and then telling me after the fact to go back and fill them all in. And it’s lots of same people. So irritating to have to keep doing the same work over and over. JUST KEEP THE E-MAILS WITH THE NAMES WHEN YOU COPY THEM AHHHHH WHY IS THAT SO DIFFICULT
    Rave: One of my coworkers got back from a trip to Italy and brought me some Italian chocolate. Yum.

  • Rant: Wisconsin fans at the bar last night were obnoxious. Screaming obscenities the whole game.
    Rave: They lost!

  • Rave: Relatively quick walk to work, and I’ll be home by 4:30.
    Rave: Sitting across from a ridiculously attractive woman. Almost makes up for the lack of a real window in my office.
    Rant: People who complain about dating issues without considering they are at least part of the problem. Introspection is a wonderful thing.

    • Your second rave. I don’t know if I could get any work done if I sat beside a ridiculously attractive person TBH. Too distracting but a good distraction either way. And for your rant, I hear that women are more likely to ask what’s wrong with them when things don’t work out and men are more likely to blame the other person. Wonder if that’s true.

      • I’m really good at multitasking. 🙂
        That really hasn’t been my experience, but maybe it is true. For example, an over 40 friend of mine only wanted to date college co-eds, and every time she was turned down she never once questioned whether dating people are own age might garner more success. It was really sad. The introspection included simply having realistic expectations and such as well. I just cannot believe that every person who complains about bad dating experiences is getting there simply through dumb luck.

    • Anonynon

      “Dont give me the its not you its me routine, if its anyone its me god d*mn it!” -George Constanza

  • Rant: Evil insomnia. I’m usually the very best sleeper. WTH?!?
    Rave: Beautiful weather. I went for a walk with my gym buddy this morning.
    Rave: Lovely partner who has been picking up my slack on the homefront. He’s the best.

  • Rave: Scott Circle has blossomed and it’s gorgeous!
    Rave: Biking to work with my husband – it was so much fun. A tandem bicycle commute would make it even more fun!! 😀
    Rave: Took the pony out for a ride in the fields and some jumping in the beautiful sunset.
    All in all – it’s pretty damn good.

    • FYI – tandem bikes are incredibly annoying to ride in traffic. I can’t even imagine it during rush hour. Much more likely that you’ll get in an accident since reaction time is slow and mobility is hampered. File this one under “nice fantasy, but impractical” in the city.

  • skj84

    Rave: open toed shoes weather! I wore on of my favorite skirts and wedges yesterday. Love any chance to show off my pedicure. Too bad it’s rainy the rest of the week.

    Rant: saw the guy I’m not over sitting on a patio while waking home yesterday and I turned and ran across the street. This is the second time this has happaned to me. Does this mean I have to avoid his neighborhood?

    • If you are unable to simply walk past him, then maybe avoidance is the best solution, but you could see him anywhere. Maybe it would be worthwhile to talk to someone about this situation, so you can be better able to enjoy this great city.

      • skj84

        I don’t even know why I had that reaction. It was almost involuntary. It’s wierd because we have hung out recently and I was cool.

  • Rant: Slept TERRIBLY last night. Woke up at 2am and didn’t fall back asleep for a while, and when I did, I kept waking up. Sounds like lots of us had this same issue last night – what gives??
    Rave: Massage after work!
    Rave: Had a wonderful time meeting up with my best friend for happy hour after work yesterday. It was so nice to be able to sit outside and catch up. She seems to be having some lifestage crises (next steps in a relationship, etc) so I need to make a note to be available to talk more often. She was definitely there for me when I was going through the same thing! Need to also make a note to talk to her SO and see where he’s at with things (he’s a friend of mine too, separately from their relationship). I am so excited for them and love them both so much! I love love!

  • Rant: major event next week so things are going to feel like a house on fire until next Wednesday night.
    Rave: Husband has a job interview as we speak. Coming up on 3.5 months of unemployment. It could be worse, but it could certainly be better.
    Rave: Non-performing colleague is being phased out and the new person they’ve brought in to replace her looks to be a great fit.

  • Rant: I’m really excited about refinancing, but I forgot about the paperwork. I have 29 things to sign today and then I have to go dig up about a million documents.
    Rave: picked up a pair of Caps playoffs tickets. Can. Not. Wait.
    Rant: I woke up with a headache after 8 hours of sleep and I hit my head putting my lunch away.

  • Question: Does anybody here (in-line) skate? Yesterday I was thinking about how it was a perfect day for rollerblading, but it gets kind of boring alone. Anybody want to be my skating buddy?

  • Rant: Wisconsin lost- so sad to see the players when it was clear in the last minute we were going to lose.
    Rave: They still played a great game and had a great season- something for which all of us Badgers can be proud. Go Badgers!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Successful moonrise photo last night. I almost leave, had everything packed and then the moon showed up. *thanks moon*
    Rant: I have to admit that I have no social life. Hopefully nicer weather will help.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: tired and allergies making this morning rough.
    Rave: Anna Deavere Smith was awesome last night! Great performance and a great way to start a conversation about the school to prison pipeline.
    Rave: Got to see Michael Tubbs and some other people she portrayed, even if I didn’t get to talk to them.
    Rave: favorite colleague back from detail today.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: Duke!
    Rant: WDS. Forks and socks are missing again. We have to have the boundaries talk again.
    Rave: Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky. Great basketball player and from reading his short-lived blog, seems to be a smart guy. Also he seems to relish in being a big goofball!
    Rave: Warm weather and people wearing fewer layers is clearing up some snobesity questions I’ve had. Thank you, Titus.


    I’ll rave now because it’s going to be a loooooong season for Mets fans. BUT, they’re on pace to be 162-0. Take that Nats and your $189380929008908290890430 pitching staff!

    Full disclosure: I thought the Mets might get no-hit the entire series.

    • palisades

      Quiet time

    • GO HOME TUNA, you’re drunk.

      • Listen palisades and Anonymous, you two better let me enjoy this because it’s not going to happen very often this season!

        • palisades

          It’s frustrating because it didn’t feel like you beat us, it felt like we lost the game. Max threw 6 perfect innings before Desmond screwed up that pop-up.
          I’ll admit, Colon pitched well, but we also are missing 3 of our best hitters. After this series, we don’t see you guys for another month. We’ll look a lot different that time around.

  • rave: saw shailene woodley and joseph gordon-levitt eating dinner at the partisan last night. fun to spot someone famous in DC who doesn’t work in politics!

  • Question if anyone’s still reading this far down: Where’s a good spot IN the city to throw my spouse a birthday party? I could do it at home but it’s a little tight (not “party”, more gathering of 30 somethings for food and drink vs be crazy. This group isn’t crazy). Anyone know if Meridian Pint does stuff? Must have good food, as spouse doesn’t drink.

    • I’ve been to birthday things at Meridian Pint. A couple gatherings where we got the big table in the sort-of-private area back by the kitchen, and one where we got the basement. I didn’t organize them so I don’t know what the terms are but it can be done.

    • There’s a nice little private room downstairs at Russia House, it can fit at least 10. I believe the upstairs at Shaw Tavern is also rentable (went to a birthday party there this winter) but the food that they had up there didn’t stick out in my mind as anything amazing.

    • skj84

      I did my 30th at Black Squirrel. You can rent the 3rd floor at no charge! I think I had about 40ppl? Totally recommend.

      • I’ve been to the Squirrel upstairs for similar celebrations, and I’d highly recommend it. They’ll let you bring food/cake too.

      • No can do – the bouncer (probably previous bouncer) assaulted my husband when he returned from Afghanistan (“ohhh a Marine? I was in the Navy”) and really hurt him. Haven’t been back since. Yup.

        • OMG that’s awful!! He just assaulted him out of nowhere??

          • yeah he saw my husband’s military ID. We went to have dinner, NOT to drink. I had forgotten my ID, but wasn’t going to drink. So it started a “well you can’t come in” thing. And it wasn’t like it was 9PM, it was probably 6:30, we were going to eat because they have good food. And he assaulted my husband (he gave him a noogie so forceful, there was an actual imprint in my husband’s head). The guy was huge, my husband isn’t (nor is he confrontational).

          • Not to make light of the incident, but your description is hilarious. “The big Navy vet gave my Marine husband a really bad noogie!”

    • I think you can get the upstairs at Science Club for free.

  • Becks

    Rave: April showers bring May flowers!!! Buds and flowers are everywhere. I have seedlings sprouting in pots and I planted more pepper seeds!
    Rave: I cleared off and shredded everything on my desk. It looks so clean (cleaner) now.
    Rave: Sleeping with the window open a little to let in the cool breeze. Lovely, just lovely!
    No Rants!

  • Rant: My office is driving me mad.
    Rave: 4 more months of work!
    Rant: Though I am starting to get a bit anxious about going back to school full time and what that means for money, time, life.
    Rave: Good anxious for the most part.
    Rant: Traveling most of the next two weeks so Tiny Dog is off on vacation in the country with my parents. I miss him!

  • Rave: Gawker (yes…) article on the “Food Babe” blogger. Favorite line in relation to how detoxes are BS: “You’re constantly “detoxing” just by living. Your kidneys and liver take care of cleaning out unnecessary things in the body fairly efficiently on their own. Proof? The toilet paper industry.” I can’t stand these ridiculous people who decide they are experts on nutrition despite having zero qualifications and are basically just twisting facts and making stuff up, not to mention the crazy hypocrisy. Using the word “toxin” to describe something that is not literally poisoning you is just fear mongering.
    Rave: Warm weather, officially grilling season, being able to run outside and enjoy it
    Rant: How was no one fired from Rolling Stone after the Columbia review of the UVa article?? I am really looking forward to John Krakauer’s new book about Missoula; it will be what the UVa article should have been had there been any journalistic integrity and truth involved. It’s going to be hard reading but I think it will be the slap in the face universities need to institute some real changes.

  • Hey Textdoc, could you send me an email? beau finley at google’s email service.
    I was looking through yesterday’s RRRR and saw your Jeff Prosser comment.

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave That Couldn’t Wait Until Tomorrow (BRTCWUT): I was outside and saw a tourist who could easily pass as the ”Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo’s sister! It was awesome! Certainly no need to ask if she was from Jersey.

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