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  • That One Guy

    Would be cool if they did the whole Maple concept here in DC too.

  • Viddy that- I’m rounding up all my droogs right now.

  • Any idea if that is for both or just for Noodle Bar?

  • 300!? Wow, it’s gonna be huge. Never been to their other locations so not sure how this compares to them for size.
    For what it’s worth, Le Dip is 270 INCL all outside seating.

    • I’ve been to the Toronto location and I don’t recall it being nearly that big. Its been a while though. Can’t wait for this!

      • I’ve been to the East Village noodle bar and it seats maybe 40 people, and the Milk Bar in East Village had no seating indoor and maybe one table outside. So this space will be huge compared to the NYC locations that I’ve seen.

  • What the hell is “Asian-style cuisine”? And what does it have to do with milk?

    • Maybe do some basic research/quick Google search/follow PoPville posts before attempting snark? Momofuku is a very well known Asian noodle/bun/etc. restaurant in NY by David Chang, and Milk Bar is his very popular bakery. Both are opening in CityCenter. I cannot wait.

      • My point is, Asia is not a place with a single cuisine anymore than Europe is a place. Would you eat at a place advertising itself as selling “European-style food”? Noodles and buns are not any more representative of “Asia” than sushi, bibimbop, saag paneer, or Chongqing hotpot. And places that try to all of those things end up doing none of them very well. If it sells noodles and buns, it should say that. With a name like “momofuku” i would assume this is a Japanese restaurant. If it’s a Japanese restaurant that sells foods from other culinary traditions, it should own up to the fact that it’s something new, rather than pretending it is part of some imaginary genre that does not exist elsewhere in the world.

        And I still don’t understand the connection between these two restaurants.

        • We do have “European-style food” — but our Eurocentric language grants it a linguistic pass and calls it “continental” cuisine.

  • justinbc

    Nice. Can’t open soon enough!

  • I’m guessing that like pretty much everything else in City Center, these places will be extremely expensive and kind of disappointing in comparison to their locations in other cities. Im glad to see these spaces starting to fill up, though.

  • I have to say, I think Milk Bar is just . . . fine. I really, really liked, however, the original Noodle Bar and Ma Peche in NYC. Have not been to Momofuku Ko yet, though, and would like to.

    • I’ve been to Ko twice. It is phenomenal. Everything was perfect. We enjoyed the cutlery so much, (Languiole) that we ordered a set for house.

  • I’ve been to Saam Bar and Ko and had a great meal at both locations. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the CityCenter location, though I’m skeptical that they’ll achieve consistency with an occupancy load that high.

  • I really hope Milk Bar opens up soon. My fiance and I really want to order our wedding cake from there. Anyone know if there will be a bakery onsite?

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