Trouble for the Long Awaited Lot 1644 Wine Bar?

1644 North Capitol Street, NW

Been getting a lot of emails from folks about this:

“Major bummer for Eckingtonians and south Bloomingdalians, but between Engine 12 and Pub & the People, that stretch of N Capitol is shaping up nicely.”

Things were looking good last June. We first heard rumors of wine bar in the old borf building now popped up, back in 2011.

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  • Odd that it could be deemed ‘vacant’ though. DCRA would have contact info on all the various permits…wouldn’t they?

    That strip is in good hands with the Firehouse and Pub and the People…now if the market would only stock…something, anything….we’d be all set.

    • The process of making a vacancy determination seems to be off – a colleague of mine was just having her house remodeled and stayed elsewhere while the work was being done. Without ever having been contacted, she ended up with a vacancy determination and a related tax that she’s trying to figure out how to get rid of.

  • I spoke with the owner of Lot 1644 about this some time ago and she was not concerned about the vacant property notice. She felt it could be easily resolved. I don’t know what the schedule for construction and opening is, however.

  • There hasn’t seemed to be any movement on this project in over a year (at least from what I can tell). The upstairs apartments were finished in the past couple of years and are now rented out. Were I to speculate, I’d guess the owner is working on getting the funds to redo the retail space.
    (This is/was Teri Janine Quinn’s project, who’s a local ANC rep and seems to be active on social media. Maybe reach out to her?)

  • Funny that this establishment faced zero impediments to licensing by the ANC district. Every other tavern there has been stopped in its tracks, for a while at least. Why would that be?

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