It’s Not Illegal but It’s Freaking Obnoxious


They are so tone deaf they apparently don’t care. If it’s ok for them to park in these spots then why are they restricted in the first place?

Of course if these fine folks are in some way working on slowing down the various shootings/shots fired that are sadly far too common these days then power to them. Park at will. If they’re attending a sporting event or gala…

@ep_jhu tweets us the photo above over the weekend:

“#DC At Large Councilmember plates = Park Wherever Plates, apparently. Seen at 6th & E St. NW”

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  • That’s a pretty fly ride for a city councilman.

  • Obnoxious vehicle as well.

  • Seems like quite a PR risk these council members are willing to take for such petty fringe benefits. I really hope it comes back to bite them. Then again, I don’t know who owns this car. Does anyone know? Would love to not vote for this person in the future.

    • “Seems like quite a PR risk…”
      It’s obviously not though. Apart from the odd flurry of outrage on local blogs and maybe an occasional appearance on local TV “news”, this never really seems to come up. I’ve certainly never seen any evidence that it’s an issue that the average citizen cares much about.

      • I feel like this goes hand-in-hand with “prosperity theology”. Adherents WANT to see people flaunting their wealth. It’s thought to reflect well on the community.

  • The actual section of the DC code:

    § 50–2201.03(c) Members of Congress or the Council may park their vehicles in any available curb space in the District of Columbia, when:
    (1) The vehicle is used by the member of Congress or the Council on official business;
    (2) The vehicle is displaying a Congressional or Council registration tag or parking placard issued for the current session or by the District; and
    (3) The vehicle is not parked in violation of a loading zone, rush hour, firehouse, or fire plug limitation.

  • “Not Illegal” you say? Not true. It’s certainly illegal for me and you.

  • Of the 1,000 obnoxious things that get under my skin, this would be about #999. If I had this perk I’d take advantage of it too.

  • What’s interesting is that councilmembers seem to get caught at this a lot more than members of congress. Considering that there are roughly 33 times as many members of congress as the council, councilmembers must do it a lot more.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if members of congress have staffers telling that that it would play really badly back home if they were photographed parking illegally.

    • yes, and also i would wager, members of congress are more likely to have staff members driving them, which would reduce the need to park illegally, as the staff driver could just drop you off and pick up as needed.

  • This actually really does not bother me. I would actually prefer that they park in an area that no one else can because it means that they are not taking up a space that I could be using. There are a lot of things that council members and (especially) congressmen do that make me angry, this is not one of them.

    • How about if you wanted to cross or turn onto that intersection, but couldn’t see oncoming traffic? There’s a reason why it’s illegal to park there in the first place. The fact that it’s a giant SUV just makes it even more dangerous.

      • Actually one might ask why in DC the minimum parking distance to an intersection is 40 feet, whereas in the adjacent suburbs it’s 25 feet.

        • “Actually one might ask why in DC the minimum parking distance to an intersection is 40 feet, whereas in the adjacent suburbs it’s 25 feet.” Because suburbs don’t really care about pedestrian safety?

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